Obamas class warfare, anti gun, anti American, anti constitutional actions are not his fault. He was raised to believe these things. He can't help himself. Do you think its Obama's fault or voters fault?

David 2012/12/20 17:55:14
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We are in a downward economic and cultural spiral caused by statists.

Everyone except for democrats know that you have to reduce taxes on everyone to grow government income and reduce the deficit. Everyone but democrats know that concealed carry permits and eliminating gun free zones will reduce violence.

The fact that he was elected shows the evil and immorallity of voters. I think Obama voters are evil for electing a statist that is imposing his agenda on us. They feel they are deserving of sharing in other peoples success by stealing from them. This shows how evil and immoral they are.
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  • Denai, The Li't Sasquatch 2012/12/20 18:36:43
    Obama is at fault.
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    Obama knows how to turn a phrase and he has people hoping that all he has said will come to pass. They have not figured out yet, that so far everything he said, that obtained their vote, will not come to pass. They are so bewitched by his ideas that they either ignore or simply do not see what is right in front to them to see.
  • VoteOut 2012/12/20 18:02:33
    Obama is at fault.
    he just living his dream
  • THE One... VoteOut 2012/12/20 20:02:48
  • David 2012/12/20 17:59:02
    Voters are evil and immoral. They want santa claus goverment that gives them ...
    voters hate america

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