Obama's bad economy has disproportionately hurt African-Americans ... so why are so many many African-Americans voting for him?

KoAm 2012/07/13 00:00:36
“The unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average incomes, median family wealth, are all worse in the black community. In June, when the overall unemployment rate remained stuck at 8.2 percent, the unemployment rate for African-Americans actually went up from 13.6 percent to 14.4 percent. Americans of every background are asking when this economy will finally recover. And you in particular are entitled to an answer."

-- Mitt Romney, in his recent speech to the NAACP
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  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/07/13 13:30:39
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    color !!!!!
  • A Founding Father 2012/07/13 05:25:07
    A Founding Father
    You obviously don't know any unemployed persons. People remember when their unemployment commenced, and no amount of fabricated spin and silly stories can
    cause one to forget the date of termination and why the job ended. The economy of
    the United States collapsed in the third quarter of 2008 after two full years of decline.
    By November 2008 the nation was shedding 750,000 jobs a month, after a full year of
    constant layoffs and closing factories. Humpty Dumpy fell off the wall and broke into a
    million pieces and all the Kings men have been working diligently since January 2009 to put Humpty back together again. Those who pushed Humpty off the wall have openly
    declared their intention to sit and laugh at the efforts to restore the economy. The black
    citizens, and all unemployed, know who killed Humpty and they will remember when they vote in November that the Republican Party has declined to help even a bit to relieve the suffering and pain of this terrible recession and unemployment.
  • gary 2012/07/13 04:54:44
  • mwg0735 2012/07/13 04:25:51
  • darcie lamar 2012/07/13 03:05:13
    darcie lamar
    Color above country. Just remember this quote margarite thatcher quotes the only problem with socialism is
  • Soup Man 2012/07/13 01:41:05
    Soup Man
    Go figure
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/07/13 01:20:18
    Because the more gullible Blacks are told 'it's the fault of the White Man' and they believe it...SOOO they are going to go to the last Ditch for 'Da Brutha"
  • Max 2012/07/13 00:48:20
    What you talking about Willis? As long as I got my SNAP, the brother is cool.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/07/13 00:26:35
    Because 90 something percent of black will always vote for the guy with a big fat (D) at the end of their name. Its called the liberal plantation. Democrats use Black church leaders and Black community leaders (who are in their pocket) to keep them democrat. They use the captive audiance of places like the church to soapbox them. They also use welfare programs to keep them dependant on government and the party. The Democrats have kept the Black community in the ghetto for HOW many decades now? The Democrat party IS the party of Slavery after all.
  • greatwhyte2 2012/07/13 00:11:39
    because hes blk didnt have to go far for that one
  • Rusty Bubbles 2012/07/13 00:04:37 (edited)
    Rusty Bubbles
    They're not

    I thought he was historic
  • HOMBRE 2012/07/13 00:03:32
    Got me?

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