ObamaNation or Obamination?

m 2008/10/23 05:07:26
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I am a regular person who've been following presidential election this year. A lot of stuff came out of nominees mouths. Some of them I understand and some don't.

I understand that additional sanctions won't work against Iran and they will keep developing nuclear weapons. I understand Europeans will not bring more troops to Afghanistan. I understand we all don't need to learn Spanish, give children sex education in kindergarten, or ban all guns. I understand we need to drill for oil off shore. I understand we don't need higher taxes in struggling economy for individuals or corporations. I understand we don't need socialized medicine when people wait for months to see doctors, and some die before they get this chance. I understand it is morally wrong to leave newborn babies surviving abortions to die. I understand there are not enough people making over 250K to support half of the programs Barack Obama proposes, and next people seeing tax increase would be those families making over 100k or 70K. I understand that eliminating income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 will lead to massive elderly divorces in attempt to save on taxes. I understand that wealth shouldn't be spread around, it should be earned since people don't learn the value of earned when everything given to them. I understand America wasn't built as a giant welfare system. I understand I had nothing to do with slavery and don't deserve to pay slavery descendants for their ancestors sufferings.

I don't understand one thing. Why people listen to Barack Obama, yet they don't really hear the message? Is the economy downturn so bad we are ready to screw up the country and appoint an individual who served few years in Senate? Whose domestic and foreign policies are utter nonsense? Whose friends circle range from terrorists to frauds?

Do people dislike McCain because he suffered for America, or is it because he chose a woman VP? Is it because his son serve for our country in Iraq? Or is it because he has too much experience in foreign affairs and domestic issues? Maybe it is because he wants to cut on government earmarks and give power to the people? Or it is because he wants to keep taxes low?

You tell me
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