Obamacare 'Largest Middle-Class Tax Increase in History' . Did Obama lie about not raising taxes

DanaR 2009/12/17 21:43:18
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A conservative rising star on Capitol Hill says President Barack Obama and the Democrats are about to drop “the largest middle-class tax increase in American history” onto the backs of taxpayers in the form of unfunded mandates saddling small businesses with massive debts.
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., tells Newsmax TV’s Ashley Martella the Democrats care more about exercising their “one-party rule” in Washington than in heeding the Declaration of Independence’s insistence that government rules “with the consent of the governed.”

Recent polling shows only 34 percent of Americans support the healthcare reform legislation making its way through the halls of Congress and 61 percent oppose it, but the Democratic leadership has remained undeterred in the face of popular opposition
The Democrats have deep divisions among their varying constituencies over issues such as abortion and the public option, but they have a general desire to give the president what he wants. And Bachmann says she believes the bill cannot pass without provisions banning abortion coverage, which are present in the House bill and absent in the Senate legislation.

“The president wants the bill, he needs the bill, and he has made all sorts of promises, so that he’ll have one before Christmas,” Bachmann told Newsmax. “And I think the pressure will be unbearable on the Democrats in the Senate ─ perhaps on a few Republicans.”

Bachmann says approval for the current incarnation of healthcare reform continues to drop as Americans familiarize themselves with its content. The legislation imposes what she calls an “unconstitutional mandate” that would require those without health insurance to buy it even if they don’t want it. Businesses and individuals that do not buy health insurance would face heavy fines or even face imprisonment.

“This will likely become the largest middle-class tax increase in American history,” Bachmann said. “And it will be the next step to socialized medicine.”

She says the legislation will dramatically increase health insurance costs in her state.

“Some estimates have said that if an individual who lives in Minnesota … went out today to purchase a private health insurance plan with about a $1,000 deductible, that would cost a family about $12,000 a year,” Bachmann said. “However, Speaker Pelosi has very heavy expensive mandates in her healthcare bill.

“So take that $12,000 policy in Minnesota and multiply that by a factor of 1.73 ─ Speaker Pelosi’s mandate ─ that could cost an individual up to $20,000.”

The Democrats’ healthcare legislation, she says, compounds this increase by limiting subsidies to those families or individuals with incomes under $59,000. Consequently, those making above the limit end up having to purchase an expensive healthcare policy in the private market using after-tax income.”

“This is a very expensive burden that we’re putting on the American people,” she said. “In effect, this mandate is a tax, a new health tax on the American people. “It puts a lot of uncertainty into Americans’ lives, and people will need to make a decision.

“Do they want to buy healthcare, which they will be forced to do, or do they make their car payment, or do they put their child through college, or do they pay their mortgage?”

Should the legislation become law, Americans would have to pay “heavy” taxes to support the program for four years before they would see any healthcare benefits.

Bachmann says time still remains for people to contact their senator to voice their opposition to the legislation, but the window for doing so could end before Christmas if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gets his way.

A future Republican-controlled Congress would have a difficult time rolling back the legislation if it becomes law unless they enjoy majorities comparable to those currently enjoyed by the Democrats. Bachmann sees that as highly improbable.

And a potential lawsuit challenging mandatory health insurance could take as long as five years before reaching the Supreme Court.

“This is a really bad bill done very quickly ─ done behind closed doors ─ with virtually zero Republican input,” she said. “The president made a big deal about saying he was going to have all of the healthcare debate out in the open with C-SPAN cameras running.

“That hasn’t happened for 10 seconds, and the American people are really steamed about it.”

Bachmann also expressed her displeasure with the financial services bill sponsored by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, which recently passed the House in spite of unified Republican opposition and no votes from 27 Democrats.

She says the legislation, should it become law, would institutionalize last year’s overwhelmingly unpopular TARP bailouts and give Obama the ability to authorize new bailouts without congressional approval.

“It will likely cost in excess of 1 million job losses in the United States, and … you have the takeover of one more industry ─ in this case the financial services industry,” Bachmann said. “Some experts have estimated this would give government control or ownership of 10-15 percent of the economy … on top of the 30 percent of the economy the government has taken ownership or control of.”

This past year, she says, will be remembered as “the year of the government takeover of private industry.”

“Barney Frank and financial-service meltdown has been synonymous,” Bachmann said. “If you [want to] look at the architect of ruin of our financial meltdown, you have to look at the banking chairman, Chris Dodd of Conn., and Barney Frank, our chairman from the state of Mass.’

Bachmann says Frank has consistently been “an apologist” for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the now government-owned secondary mortgage lenders that have been at the “epicenter” of the financial services crisis.

“The federal government has said, ‘Take all the risks you want; make all the bad loans you want,’” Bachmann said. “That’s Freddie and Fannie, and now the federal government has taken the worst of the financial meltdown, and they’ve institutionalized it.”

However, she takes heart from the defeat of House legislation that would have allowed a judge to unilaterally rewrite the terms of mortgage loans. Bachmann says it would have been “insanity” to allow that to happen at a time of serious financial instability.

She also told Martella Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ bill aimed at legalizing the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States further shows the Democrats don’t want to listen to the American people. The same legislation was overwhelmingly opposed by the public the last time it came up for a vote in 2007.

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  • Rich 2009/12/17 21:50:01
    If you think ANYTHING this man has done in the last year won't raise everybody's taxes, you really need to pull your head out of where it's been hiding and open your eyes!

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  • wise up 2009/12/21 14:30:03
    wise up
    Its always the same with people like you..... what if.....your wrong again Obama did this he's going to do this, but as time goes on those things you talk about don't happen.so then you make up some more crap and here we go again....more lying on your part and you think your a Christian thou shall not lie.......................or bear false witness think about that.....start looking at the truth the last 8 yrs. of Bush where a mess
  • DanaR wise up 2009/12/22 15:28:58
  • wise up DanaR 2009/12/22 15:51:53
    wise up
    what tax increase...where..... we need one to pay for these war's
  • DanaR wise up 2009/12/22 15:55:44
  • wise up DanaR 2009/12/22 18:51:30
    wise up
    what tax increase!
  • DanaR wise up 2009/12/23 15:57:46
  • wise up DanaR 2009/12/23 16:22:08
    wise up
    What do you know about freedom and liberty? I didn't agree with Bush but I was still loyal to the office...Obama love's this country get back on your med's I can tell your on some....relax things will work out fine all things change over time...
  • Duke 2009/12/21 00:17:54
    One question. Were his lips moving? If so, he was lying. I believe is he ever tries to tell the truth his tongue will burst into flames!
  • wise up Duke 2009/12/22 18:58:18
    wise up
    like your head if you ever try to think for yourself...
  • DanaR wise up 2009/12/23 15:58:55
  • gibyob 2009/12/18 19:16:08
    Why tell the truth when a lie is so convienent? They think we are all stupid.
  • Michael 2009/12/18 17:36:10
    Do you remember an old Eddie Murphy's movie, "The Distinguished Gentleman"?

    Black guy became a politician by accident. He had a nice smile, and his speech was verbatim:

    "Hope... Hope for change... Change for the future... Future for our children... Don't ask your country... People have decided..."

    The end.

    What do you know? He was elected in Congress of course by stupid Americans voters.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2009/12/18 10:15:03
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Every time Odumdum opens his mouth he lies!
  • Edward 2009/12/17 23:34:19
    yes he lied lied
  • Judi 2009/12/17 22:58:58
    But, you know they are saying and will say it is for our own good, it will really save money in the long run, and somehow they will say it is not really a tax. Fiscal responsibility is out the door. Every time they spend a dollar it adds to the deficit and will result in interest on top of principle on top of principle plus interest for as far as one can see. No matter what they are saying, healthcare, cap and tax, the EPA out of control mission, TARP, stimulus, etc. are more about government gaining control and keeping the voters that voted for this group owing them in some way or another whether unions, trial lawyers, ACORN, etc.
  • Smokey 2009/12/17 22:32:29
    Sounds kind of fimilar to me.... "Read my lips..... NO NEW TAXES!" sounds fimilar read lips taxes
  • FightForFreedom 2009/12/17 21:53:36
  • Rich 2009/12/17 21:50:01
    If you think ANYTHING this man has done in the last year won't raise everybody's taxes, you really need to pull your head out of where it's been hiding and open your eyes!
  • Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm 2009/12/17 21:45:56
    Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
    He opened his mouth and words came out.
  • DanaR 2009/12/17 21:43:58

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