ObamaCare as seen by Ben Stein

Tennessean 2012/10/09 22:31:03

ObamaCare as
seen by Ben Stein

Quote of The Day From Ben Stein

"Fathom the
hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are
insured... but not everyone must prove they are a

Now add this,
"Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will
receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because
they are citizens."
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  • kevracer 2012/10/09 22:52:14
    why was the mandate under Romneycare celebrated by conservatives?
  • Tennessean kevracer 2012/10/10 01:04:52
    The main difference is that health care is a state function, not a federal one.

    If anyone should know what powers were granted the federal government, and which ones belong to the states, under our Constitution, the person that wrote it should.

    James Madison, considered the Father of the Constitution, stated the following::

    "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation and foreign commerce."

    "The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments, in times of peace and security."

    “With respect to the words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.”

    “It is very certain that [the commerce clause] grew out of the abuse of the power by the importing States in taxing the non-importing, and was intended as a negative and preventive provision against injustice among the States themselves, rather than as a power to be used for the positive purposes of the General Government.”
  • kevracer Tennessean 2012/10/10 01:08:37
    Despite James Madison's opinion the Supreme Court found it constitutional

    Constiutionality aside, explain to me the pratical difference to the consumer of a state mandate versus a federal mandate.
  • Tennessean kevracer 2012/10/10 01:16:40 (edited)
    Each state should be able to decide what will work for them, because one size does not fit all.

    If you believe judges today know more about our Constitution that the very person that wrote it, there is no reason to even discuss it.
  • kevracer Tennessean 2012/10/10 19:37:44
    James Madison was one of many delegates who worked together to write the Constitution
  • Tennessean kevracer 2012/10/10 23:52:16
    Although the Constitution was conceived, discussed and based on the ideas of the Founding Fathers, James Madison, one of theFounding Fathers, wrote the document on which it is based.

    Although Madison was not the sole person involved in the construction of the Constitution, since he was one of the people present through all the discussions at the Convention, wrote many of the Federalist Papers which explained the Constitution to the people, and was one of those whos ideas were incorporated into the Constitution, does it not make sense that he would know more about its intent than any politician or Supreme Court Justice, living today?

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