Obama urging defense contractors ‘to disobey the law’ by not warning of layoffs?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/08/01 13:39:59

On Monday, the Department of Labor sent a letter to all state workforce agencies, administrators and liaisons, hoping to deter defense contractors from notifying employees of diminishing government funding, and urging them to forget about telling employees about the potential for massive layoffs “right before Election Day.”

As lawmakers on Capitol Hill work to deliver a solution to a looming deadline that could “sequester” billions from the defense budget, the Obama administration is advising defense contractors to forget about the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act – ensuring employers that the standards in the law need not apply to them.

“Such federal announcements would be sudden and dramatic, and in such cases, consistent with the WARN Act, employers would not have to provide the full period of notice,” the letter stated.

While defense contractors and GOP lawmakers have been probing the White House for guidance on the sequestration, the Department of Labor’s only suggestion is to delay notification until after the November 6 election.

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  • Karen E 2012/08/01 13:42:22
    Karen E
    wellllllll howdy, looks like it would have a negative impact on his election? the frikking lying azzes..........

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  • jackolantyrn356 2012/08/01 22:10:36
    Obama really wants to hurt the Worklers at Christm,as and other times of the yer. H is a Marxist and maybe Muslim too.
  • SickOfBigGov 2012/08/01 15:46:31 (edited)
    I really just need to wrap my brain around this folly. The POS is flying his nice big comfortable fancy gas-guzzling jet into a city where a majority of the people's livelihood is largely dependent on military contracts that will be massively cut. Now, he wants to keep 'hush-hush' about how these cuts are going to impact them? Let's see how he plays this. Will it be the 'See, you CAN'T be successful without my governments help' card?. Or 'See, the Republicans hate the middle class and are responsible for these cuts and I came here to help you out' card? Or 'These people are just too stupid to figure out I've just FCKd them over and they'll still vote for me' card... I just can't WAIT to hear the garbage that is about the spew out of his mouth.
  • JanHopkins 2012/08/01 14:59:56
    Just wonderful. More unsuspecting victims of hope and change.
  • SickOfBigGov 2012/08/01 13:59:13
    Another illegal decree by the King. What sort of Americans still support this guy?
  • Semper Fi SickOfB... 2012/08/01 14:43:18
    Semper Fi
    Way too many Kool-Aid drinkers out there, SOBG! Way too many, and we are as divided as we were during the Civil War.
  • Concerned Citizen 2012/08/01 13:45:17
    Concerned Citizen
    Gee,....so much for ovomit's transparent administration,....now suppressing the facts and truth to protect his own political butt.
  • Karen E 2012/08/01 13:42:22
    Karen E
    wellllllll howdy, looks like it would have a negative impact on his election? the frikking lying azzes..........

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