Obama To Nominate Chuck Hagel As New Defense Secretary: Good Choice?

SodaHead Politics 2013/01/06 21:24:22
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On Monday, President Obama is expected to announce Chuck Hagel as his pick to succeed Defense secretary Leon Panetta. Hagel is a Republican and former U.S. senator from Nebraska. Many are predicting that Hagel, who opposed his party on the Iraq War, will face a difficult road to confirmation.

Since Hagel’s vetting for the job was reported five weeks ago, a number of Democratic interest groups and prominent Republicans have voiced strong opposition. Yet, there are many good reasons for Obama to nominate Hagel to lead the Pentagon as the new Secretary of Defense.

A Democratic aide told the New Jersey Star-Ledger: "Chuck Hagel is a decorated war hero who would be the first enlisted soldier and Vietnam veteran to go on to serve as secretary of defense. He had the courage to break with his party during the Iraq War, and would help bring the war in Afghanistan to an end while building the military we need for the future. He has been a champion for troops, veterans and military families through his service at the VA and USO, and his leadership on behalf of the post-9/11 GI Bill. The president knows him well, has traveled with him to Iraq and Afghanistan, trusts him and believes he represents the proud tradition of a strong, bipartisan foreign policy in the United States."

What do you think SodaHeads? Is Chuck Hagel a good choice for Defense secretary?

Chuck Hagel

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  • Michael S. 2013/01/23 00:27:34 (edited)
    Michael S.
    From what I know of Hagel, he's a much better choice than I would have expected from Obama. I surely don't trust him or agree with him on everything, but he seems to take a much more reasoned, sane, and measured approach to war than we have seen from the US government over the past decade. This just might be one of the first things Obama has ever done right.
  • Wolf 2013/01/12 15:39:42
    Total Incompetent---
  • wildcat 2013/01/09 01:48:58
    He should win confirmation
  • flrdsgns 2013/01/09 00:15:29
    Hagel is qualified, no doubt about that, I don't know if I would choose him, but if the President wants him as Sec of Defense, then that is his perogative I hope he is confirmed quickly.

    It will be interesting to see Republicans smear a fellow republican, just becaue they hate Obama.
  • kitkat42 2013/01/08 21:39:52
    I believe he is.
  • Giantfan 2013/01/08 21:35:56
    I always liked Hagel so I hope he gets it.
  • Zippcodey 2013/01/08 04:18:44 (edited)
    Hagel is another Catholic being put in top offices. He graduated from St. Bonaventure High School (now Scotus Central Catholic High School) in Columbus, Nebraska and is currently a professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and co-chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

    Hagel belongs to the Bilderberg Group and a CFR member.

    He was a Senator under the Republican Party ticket, yet, he seemed to lean Democrat.

    It is said he is anti-Israel, which seems to fit.

    Hagel was rumored to be a possible Obama pick for the Vice Presidential candidacy in his 2008 presidential election ticket. On June 20, 2008, Hagel said he would consider running with Obama if offered the VP spot. At the time he also was mentioned as a potential United States Secretary of Defense to succeed incumbent Robert Gates in the Obama administration.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/08 21:39:27
    He's not more democrat than republican take it from a democrat on that but he is much more moderate then the fanatics they have in there now. It's true he was considered for VP but from what I heard he didn't want it. And no he is not anti Israel but he's not a hawk either and that's what republicans don't like about him.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/09 19:54:54
    Sure he wanted it, he is in with the whole bunch of Satanist out for the demise of this country and Israel.

    You believe what you want, we shall see who is right. All these guys come from the same circle and climb the same ladder.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/09 20:39:36
    That we do. We are logical, peaceful and unlike you we aren't paranoid.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/09 21:54:20
    Lol, I'm not paranoid, I know what is coming down and I know what the end result they want.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/10 03:35:39
    Republicans and conservatives aren't paranoid? That's a news flash.....
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/10 04:53:07
    Whatever you want to think guy. Truth is truth, don't have to be paranoid to know and study it.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/10 14:18:50
    Truth who's truth. Fox's, Limbaugh's, the Koch Brothers? Not the most moral of people there are they? Liar's, greedy and polluters. Then you have the Bachmann's who think you can pray away the gay and The Todd Akin's who think a woman's body can shut down and not get pregnant from a rape or Richard Mourdock who said getting pregnant from being raped is God's will. Then you have that crazy man West who was so paranoid he saw socialists and communists all over the congress. Then you have Bob McDonnell and the republicans in Virginia who think raping a woman with a vaginal probe before allowing a legal abortion is the right way to go.
    You conservatives are not only paranoid but crazy also. Oh yes and the climate change that is happening, you don't believe in science either you'd rather listen to Beck and Limbaugh on the subject because those two high school graduates know more than climate scientists do about climate change. Again this is why we look down on conservatives and see them as intellectually challenged "at best".
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/10 16:14:57
    You just proved you are a liberal idiot.

    Fox only deals with issues and does not tell the whole truth.. they back CFR members for President and Congress and those who belong to secret societies. Rush Limbaugh speaks only of issues and once again like Fox, does not tell you the whole truth. Like a guy called Rush and was talking about the Skull and Bones, which George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Kerry belong to. Rush pushed the guy off like oh Skull and Bones is nothing.

    Homosexuality is a lifestyle, the Pope told them to come out of the closet, the government is pushing their agendas, so it is against scriptures and those who know the truth about it will never accept it.

    Communism, Marxism, Fascism are all forms of Socialism, our Congress and President and Vice-President are pushing the Vatican's Social Agenda/Reform, to bring us under U.N. authority and over to a one world order.

    Climate change is another agenda of the One World Order and Vatican, it's just another way of controlling people, just like Unions and why Obama is pushing them is for controlling people.

    There are nuts in every organization, so it does not mean those who know the truth agree with them just because they are under the conservative banner.

    You can look down at conservatives all you want. Liberals do not know what they are in for, they just want the government to take care of them so the government can control them from birth onward.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/11 03:28:01
    Wow you have it all figured out. If only you were in charge the world would be straightened out asap. The world order will be and is being run by the wealthy and powerful especially banks and politicians and to be honest both republicans and democrats are involved in this plot but more conservatives than liberals are involved at this time to be accurate. The pope's opinion means nothing to me even though I am a catholic we have almost nothing in common. Communism, socialism, Fascism and Marxism and capitalism are all parts of life and directions one person or government or another takes to grab as much power for themselves as possible. One is no better or worse than the other. The final objective is dominance of the masses by a few. Calling me a liberal idiot only shows your immaturity nothing more. When I say the right is paranoid I say it because they are proving it every day not because I'm trying to be insulting to them. i was in my younger years a very conservative person but I was never anything like the right is today, thankfully.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/11 04:42:48
    The Pope has more to do with you than you think. He is over all Christianity and he knows it.. It is pagan to the core.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/11 14:18:03
    Again the pope and I and the Catholic church and and I don't see eye to eye. Not at all. I am pro choice, pro contraception, pro married priests, pro women priests, pro gay marriage. Everything the very conservative stuck in the Dark Ages Catholic church doesn't believe in. I stay a Catholic for my wife or else I'd have been long gone.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/11 15:43:07
    Oh, scriptures speak against homosexuality and you are for it. Just proves what Christianity is over and over again. They legalized alcohol, gambling, abortion, now legalizing homosexual marriage, legalizing dope, and they want to legalize prostitution. Really makes sense. 57 percent of priests are homosexuals and pedophiles. One sick world.

    The Papacy throws out smoke screens, they don't let the left hand know what. Rome is Satan's seat and the Pope sits on his throne.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/11 16:17:59 (edited)
    The scriptures speak against almost everything including "do not judge lest ye be judged". It also spoke against loose sex and different sexual acts not just homosexual acts. It spoke against killing of any kind. It spook against greed and the worship of money (false gods). I can go on and on. Everyday you and I and every other living adult human being breaks the commands of some scripture commands.
    It's not just the catholic church it's every church and religion and ideology every political faction and every person that is breaking the laws of God or man. Religion is just an organized need for some people, those who don't believe live by the same standards in life whether they are considered religious beliefs or not. The only difference being one believes in God and one doesn't but a lie is still a lie and murder is still murder no matter if you believe in God or not.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/11 16:31:45
    Lol, people like you sure love the judging and not judging thing. Scriptures have already done the judging, when will you people realize that?

    Wake-up this is Satan's world. ALL religions and denominations will come under the authority of the Pope for the One World Order and One World Relgioin, which will be Christianity.

    That's why Yahweh will come with vengence, and not riding a white horse and jumping on a cloud and floating down. He is coming in spacecraft and will judge this world.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/11 18:07:36
    I'm not worried about who controls the world, really. I'm an individual and no one can ever take away my beliefs or way of thinking besides me. As for the sapcecraft if only I could live long enough to see that. I've been a sifi nut all my life "V".....
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/11 22:51:05
    Well, if you are Catholic you already have a good start, for Pope rule.

    The star of Bethlehem was a spacecraft, stars are fixed, they don't move and lead you to the very house Immanuel was living in. Then read what the Magi did when they seen it, it was no star.

    Elijah's chariot was a spacecraft. Ezekiel speaks of spacecraft all through the book.

    Spacecraft followed Israel and gave them shade and protected them and gave them light at night during the 40 years in the desert.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/12 03:30:50
    I read alot of those theories when I was younger or that the star was a super nova etc. You know the stories. Whatever. Just because there are more advanced civilaziations which there has to be because we here are idiots, doesn't mean there is no creator. The universe is many billions of years old so chances are there are older and more advanced people or beings then us. At least I hope so.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/12 03:38:54
    There is a Creator named Yahweh, and He is coming back in spacecraft. Satan was kicked out of heaven for good to this earth and the spacecraft being seen now are his.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/12 03:46:18
    If anyone doesn't think Satan rules the world just look around. Starvation, wars, murders, stealing, lying, hateing, greed. You name it.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/12 03:50:35
    This is Satan's world, it has been since the true believers were all killed off during the days of Peter and Paul.

    We inherited the lies of our forefathers who did not believe at that time, the truth will be taught during the Tribulation Period, then Yahweh returns.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/12 04:07:09
    I doubt I'll be around when that happens.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/12 04:42:18
    They are about 15 years behind on the One World Order, and why you see things really being pushed to get it done. Then a 7 year Tribulation Period, then Yahweh's return. So I think it will be within the next 15 to 30 years and not past that time.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/12 17:03:23
    Well I'm a believer in Jesus and he said no one knows the end time but the Father, not even me. That's what I go by....
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/13 00:39:57
    The Papacy gave you the name Jesus Christ to believe in.

    Scriptures state you won't know the time or day, but you will know the season and actually says what brings His return.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/13 01:34:00
    If you believe the bible or if you believe Jesus. I'll take the word of Jesus over John.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/13 01:54:26
    For one BIBLE is a pagan deity, look it up. Jesus is a pagan deity, which means the Healing Zeus.

    Now you know why you believe what believe, it all came from Rome and the Papacy. Constantine was the first POPE over Christianity. Took the truth and made it sun worship.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/13 01:59:17
    Again I don't care about the popes, past, present or future or the meaning of the name Jesus or my name or your name or anyones name. Every name has a meaning to it thought up by some person at some time. I understand what your saying I just don't care. No offense meant.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/13 02:04:13
    You will though when the Pope gets his power back like during the Holy Roman Empire and Dark Ages.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. When you see the Pope sitting in Jerusalem, the end of what we know fo this world is over.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/13 02:21:04
    ok that will never happen. The pope is losing power. Catholics are losing people faster than any major religion in the world and many Catholics are like me we just don't respect the pope or his obsolete beliefs anymore.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/13 02:45:24
    Catholic is not a religion, it is a denomination of Christianity only one of over 38,000.

    The Papacy and Vatican is who's behind all that is going on in the world today.

    You are like all of the denominations of Christianity, not thinking that the Pope is over all of it and them.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/13 03:57:40
    The catholic pope is not in charge of other denominations and even if he was it doesn't affect my thinking one bit. You are worrying about something you have no control over like worrying about when the our sun will super nova.
  • Zippcodey Giantfan 2013/01/13 06:54:38
    I study for truth, you exist.
  • Giantfan Zippcodey 2013/01/13 15:16:14
    And what happens when we die? Anything? Is it the end for good or do we move on somewhere? All good questions with no good answers.
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