Obama, This Mans Blood is on your Hands!

Frank Marshall Davis 2011/07/12 23:42:36

Jaime Zapata, U.S. Customs and
Immigration Enforcement Agent
Shot Dead in Mexico (CBS)

(CBS/AP) Two U.S. agents shot in Mexico, one fatally, were ambushed, CBS News has learned. Sources say the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, driving a Chevy Suburban with diplomatic plates, were followed Tuesday by two vehicles on a toll highway headed from Mexico City to Monterrey, before as many as ten gunmen attacked.

Agent Jaime Zapata was killed.

At one point, law enforcement sources say, one vehicle passed the agent's Suburban and cut it off. The Suburban was trapped between the two cars loaded with up to ten gunmen, who surrounded the Americans, although it is unclear if the gunmen knew there were U.S. agents in the car.

One of the agents rolled down his window and both agents were shot. He rolled the window back up and other gunmen opened fire on the armored vehicle with high powered weapons, sources told CBS News.

The gunmen fled and the agents were able to call for help on a cell phone. ICE agent Victor Avila suffered gunshot wounds to the leg but survived the ambush. He has been returned to the United States.


Obama, How dare you cost a man his life just because you wanted to make yourself look better for re-election!

We have a law in Oklahoma that says if you partake in a crime which results in someone dying even though you were not directly involed in that person death that you are guilty of Murder.

The Government can charge, convict and sentence a man to life in prison for killing a person who came into his place of employment armed with a gun with intent to commit robbery, they certainly should charge Obama with murder as well.

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  • TaterSalad 2011/07/13 02:22:22
    Subject: ATF / Operation "Gun Runner" - Indictments to follow and soon!

    1 ...........by direction of the President of the United States: http://weaselzippers.us/2011/... - Proof that the President knew and approved this operation.

    2. When will Barack Obama and Eric Holder be indicted for these actions? This is worse than "Watergate". Border agents and civilians from both sides of the border have been killed with these weapons!
    Get the facts on "Operation Gun Runner" right from the horses mouth........ATF itself! (forums) http://cleanupatf.org/forums/

    3. The reason "why" Obama/Holder run these guns across the border: http://www.westernjournalism....

    4. Eric Holder: http://therealrevo.com/blog/?...
  • Cogs 2011/07/13 00:55:44 (edited)
    What does Obama have to do with two random ICE guys getting iced in Mexico City?
    Government agents work in quite a few countries, it's not automatically the president's fault when someone gets killed by local criminals.
  • Frank M... Cogs 2011/07/13 01:26:34
    Frank Marshall Davis
    Maybe this will help explain it:

  • The Sane One 2011/07/13 00:03:40 (edited)
  • TaterSalad The San... 2011/07/13 02:24:52
    Hey numbnuts.......these AFT & DEA agents have offices in Mexico and co-ordinate field operations and information between the two countries.

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