Obama, the insulter in chief Move over, Don Rickles, Obama is claiming your turf. It seems to me that Bush never insulted Democrats, Obama completely comfortable with dissing his opponents

Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi 2012/06/13 13:27:39

Move over, Don Rickles, Barack Obama is claiming your turf. It seems to me that Bush never insulted Democrats, whereas Obama is completely comfortable with dissing his opponents. Daniel Halper in the Weekly Standard:

At a fundraiser in Maryland this afternoon, President Obama criticized Republicans, saying that "you can pretty much put their campaign on, on a tweet and have some characters to spare." (snip)

Social media site Twitter only allows messages no longer than 140-characters. Hence, Obama is suggesting that the Republicans are not running on much of a platform.

Both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have extensive plans that deal with the most important issues we face. President Obama has been AWOL on the very same issues-and his budgets have been so absurd that not even one Democrat has voted in favor of them in the past two years. Instead, he plays golf and flies to fundraisers. Not evenleadership from behind...just no leadership at all.

But then there's this:

Obama reportedly also told that crowd, "There's not a country that wouldn't trade places with us."

Isn't that exceptional? As in American exceptionlism.

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  • Dar 2012/06/13 13:42:46
    Let's face it...being a lying insulting twit is all Obama has.

    Reality and facts will eventually bury him...and he knows it.
  • Obama F... Dar 2012/06/13 13:44:18
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    The Obama campaign wanted to do a National bus tour. The trouble is that every time the bus starts moving, Obama throws somebody under it.
  • Dar Obama F... 2012/06/13 13:56:13
    Ain't that the truth...

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