Obama "The economy is just fine"

mwg0735 2012/06/10 17:32:53
Go on enough vacations and you will be clueless on the economy. While people are looking for something to eat Obammy is spending all his time with George Loony in California.

This guy is a fruit loop. November can't come fast enough LOL

Love this photo. Veterans know this guy as Baghdad Bob.
Obama  The economy is just fine
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  • dispatcher 2012/06/11 19:05:35
  • TheTruth1313 2012/06/10 19:10:46
    It is time to get this lying socialist piece-of-trash Obama the hell out of office. The country could not survive another 4 years of this menace. Especially when he will not be encumbered with to worry of being re-elected.
  • mwg0735 TheTrut... 2012/06/11 02:04:23
  • TheTrut... mwg0735 2012/06/12 07:25:35
    It truly is a frightening thought.
  • mwg0735 TheTrut... 2012/06/12 16:09:53
  • Obama Failed Soda Head Chie... 2012/06/10 18:21:03
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    Obama "The economy is just fine

    foot in mouth
  • Bella 2012/06/10 17:49:32
    The private sector IS doing relatively well record profits, $2 trillion in cash profits and 4 million jobs created in last 28 month
  • mwg0735 Bella 2012/06/10 18:09:22
  • Bella mwg0735 2012/06/10 23:18:13 (edited)
    LOL you don't like facts
  • mwg0735 Bella 2012/06/11 02:06:49
  • Bella mwg0735 2012/06/11 18:14:51 (edited)
    Romney and conservatives are looking Foreward to American losing their jobs, it's part of their "I hope America fails" mantra. Romney's hoping for teachers, cops and firefighters to enter the unemployment lines in order to make the numbers go up before the election. Not worried, we've had steady growth under this president, despite the Party of NO. One house is paid off and one has a mortgage. LOL
  • mwg0735 Bella 2012/06/12 03:02:53
  • keeper 2012/06/10 17:45:42
    That sure says it all... Remove the trash in November!!!
    november trash
  • shadow76 2012/06/10 17:44:37
    His economy is just fine living off our money like he is a king. The rest of us are hurting but that doesn't matter.
  • mwg0735 shadow76 2012/06/10 18:11:05
  • shadow76 mwg0735 2012/06/10 18:25:43
    Alot of people sill can' find jobs either.
  • mwg0735 shadow76 2012/06/11 02:08:23
  • shadow76 mwg0735 2012/06/11 02:15:51 (edited)
    The Prez has his head where the sun don't shine too!

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