Obama Tells Teachers Not To Reprimand Black Students

Ray Gun - PWCM~ JLA 2013/08/07 19:27:40

This proves to Me that 0bama is a racist and it also proves that he does not care at all for the black people in this Country , Black people should be outraged at this . They have got to see that this is not helping the black community at all .. 0bama has set race relations back to the stone age if you ask Me

Pres. Obama is asking public school teachers to “take it easy” on black students who misbehave.

On July 26, 2012, Obama signed an Executive Order to create the
African American Education Initiative. The order births a new federal
bureaucracy and effectively offers black students a green light to
misbehave at school.

Obama asked public school teachers to reduce the number of
disciplinary actions taken against black students. Specifically, it
calls on schools to “not rely on methods that result in disparate use of
disciplinary tools.”

The order, however, does not include any suggestions to improve black students’ inappropriate behavior.

Members of the new bureaucracy will work to pressure public school
systems into complying with the president’s order. To do that, public
schools must utilize a quota system.

That’s right, a quota system.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics
reports, “There is a huge crime rate disparity between blacks and other
racial groups.”

So, wouldn’t it make sense that black students were discipline more frequently?

DOJ’s report shows that homicide rates in black communities are nine
times higher than in white communities. Subsequently, 93 percent of
black homicide victims are killed by black perpetrators.

But Obama argues that disciplining black students isn’t fair because they “lack equal access” to quality education.

Let’s look at the facts.

Washington, D.C. spends the highest amount on average per student of
any U.S. state or territory. D.C. public schools also “educate” more
black students than anywhere else in the country. Despite D.C.’s
“overfunding” public schools, they are “widely touted as the worst
performing schools in the entire industrialized world.”

Obama’s motives for this initiative are clearly flawed.

Why would schools allow ANY student to misbehave, never mind only punishing certain students based on the color of their skin.

How do you feel about Obama favoring black students?

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  • Kurt 2013/08/07 19:42:24
    There is a reason Black students have trouble in school these days. They have poor role models sadly.

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  • Lee 2014/02/08 17:21:16 (edited)
    I work as a tutor at 2 of our local high schools. Recently several freshmen students showed up not having completed the pre-work required for the tutoring session. The teacher told the students to stay outside and complete the pre-work before they could come into the classroom. It was cold outside. One of the girls started complaining that it was cold claiming that she had a heart condition. Rather than completing her pre-work which would have taken 5-minutes at the most she kept coming back into the classroom yelling about her heart condition. The teacher kept sending her back outside. Then the girl came back in stating she was going to call her mother. Having had enough of this I told the girl so you're going to die because you didn't take the 5 or less minutes it would have taken to fill out the required pre-work before showing up for class. And you're going to call your mother and tell her that? What do you think she will say? Then the girl started screaming. The teacher had had enough. She told the girl to leave her class immediately and report to in school suspension. Yes, the girl was black. And yes, the teacher and I are white. The girl left. The teacher filled out the appropriate forms that she referred the girl to ISS and turned them in. I guess the girl didn't know she could have called the President of the United States to yell at the teacher and me for inappropriately harassing her because she happened to be black.
  • Lee Lee 2014/02/15 23:39:43
    Get this. The teacher told her classes several days later the Administration told her and she agreed that she couldn't require the students to stay outside to complete the uncompleted required pre-work because "she couldn't monitor them properly". She is in a portable building with an attached porch. All she has to do to monitor the students in her classroom and on the porch is leave the door open and stand in the right spot. Just one more example of bureaucrats caving in and coming up with some "brilliant" compromise they think will make everybody happy. God help us all!!
  • beachbum 2013/08/09 16:24:40
    This admin has reached a new level of lunacy.
  • Ray Gun... beachbum 2013/08/09 17:58:08
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    Yes they have . I am watching to see how low they will go it amazes me that people still support this president really the only ones that do are the gimme pigs
  • beachbum Ray Gun... 2013/08/09 18:10:26
    Pretty amazing, isn't it, that he has any supporters left at all.
  • deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO... 2013/08/09 07:29:39
    deidara.true,art-[SHP]- BTO-t- B
    If I send my child to school, and they are allowed to misbehave, and not study and pay attention, I will be at that school, and I will want to know why? Why does my child not matter.
  • redhorse29 2013/08/08 06:51:56
    Obama knows all. Obama knows everything. Obama just cannot keep his mouth shut.
    Obama cannot stop trying to tell everyone how to live, work, believe and survive.
  • Ray Gun... redhorse29 2013/08/09 15:37:41
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    0bama knows nothing and only cares about money and power
  • nononsenseguy 2013/08/08 06:50:53
    I am stunned he didn't say "Beat all white students like they owe you money". Anyone who can't see his racist and class warfare crap are morons.
  • Dgjot~PWCM~JLA 2013/08/08 06:28:39

    So Obummer thinks this is okay? These "kids" belong in a cage.
  • Ray Gun... Dgjot~P... 2013/08/09 15:38:54
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    I agree kids that act this way at such a young will just get worst as they grow up next stop for them will be the Federal Prison
  • black sheep 2013/08/08 04:12:42
    black sheep
    Obozzo never stops amazing me... As soon as you think he is done with the dumbist thinks.. he does it again and again and again... Lets IMPEACH HIS ASS already.
  • Ray Gun... black s... 2013/08/09 15:40:01
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    I sure agree with you and I would love to see 0bama kicked out of office that would be the best day of his presidency
  • black s... Ray Gun... 2013/08/10 16:31:03
    black sheep
    Hell ya...
  • White Panther 2013/08/08 03:53:22
    White Panther
    He is promoting the violence that whites are encountering in the streets.
  • Ray Gun... White P... 2013/08/09 15:42:07
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    yes he is 0bama wants to divide blacks and whites and start a race war we the people can not let this happen we must find away to stop 0bama dead in his tracks ... I have been seeing more and more Blacks walking away from 0bama is past 6 mo's and that is a good thing they are starting to wake up to his BS and lies
  • White P... Ray Gun... 2013/08/09 16:47:22
    White Panther
    I hope you are right, but I have not seen the same thing in VA. He could squat and crap on every one of them and they would still think he hung the moon.
  • Ray Gun... White P... 2013/08/09 17:59:06
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    It seems the gimme pigs are still on 0bamas side till the money runs out anyway
  • White P... Ray Gun... 2013/08/09 20:05:11
    White Panther
    He will just continue to print more money, and devalue yours.
  • Wyveryx 2013/08/08 03:37:19
    How does working the books change the fact that people will misbehave? Turning a blind eye or ignoring a problem, or even writing it off will not fix it.
  • Ray Gun... Wyveryx 2013/08/09 15:42:59
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    it is not 0bamas intent to fix it he only wants to divide and make more trouble
  • Wyveryx Ray Gun... 2013/08/09 20:21:09
    Sadly the evidence is overwhelmingly true, the pathetic part is that people still believe that he is trying to unite us.
  • kevjon 2013/08/08 03:31:30
    Thank God we live in a rural area and our kids and grandkids don't have to endure the problems that will arise from this. Why does he think black adults and black kids are lashing out on whites in recent months? It is because he has told them that they are being treated unequally and now with a ticket to do as they please by the president of the US just wait and see what happens.
    If you have kids in low income black areas I would get them out as soon as possible.
    What a disservice to the black community, If I were a black parent I would be furious.
  • Ray Gun... kevjon 2013/08/09 15:44:00
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    Amen .. I live is a rural area as well and black and whites and Mexican we all get along just fine
  • lotusflower 2013/08/08 03:19:40 (edited)
    IF Trayvon was correctly disciplined in school, or by his parents, he would still be alive today.

    The race baiter in chief wants blacks to remain the victims.
  • TheTruth1313 2013/08/08 03:09:47
    Did the vile obama actually say something this ignorant and racist?!?!? And, WOW, what a surprise, the lame stream media isn't tearing him a new one.
    Further proof of obama being another vile race baiter.
  • Ray Gun... TheTrut... 2013/08/08 04:57:38
    Ray Gun -  PWCM~ JLA
    You got that right
  • TheTrut... Ray Gun... 2013/08/08 06:11:53
    Thank you my friend
  • User Deactivated 2013/08/08 03:03:15
    User Deactivated

    I didn't have time to read it.
  • kevjon User De... 2013/08/08 04:05:08
    I just read quite a bit of it and only have to ask how much this will cost. I would also like to know what blacks would say if the next white president writes a similar law exclusively for whites. Sorry to use your space for this but you provided the link and I appreciate that. This is racist legislature and I'll bet it will do nothing to improve results.
  • debbie.byrd.378 2013/08/08 02:26:11
    I want to hear from school teachers on this one
  • Silverlocust 2013/08/08 02:21:39
    "Tells teachers not to reprimand students" - not true

    It's very easy to rush to a conclusion on the basis of an eight-word headline. Of course, if the headline supports their preconceived ideas, why bother to read any further?

    Here's the order in question if anyone cares to look > http://www.whitehouse.gov/the...
  • ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-< 2013/08/08 01:42:52
    ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-<
    No he didn't say this.
  • kevjon ¤Creepy... 2013/08/08 04:06:56
    Several people have posted the legislation, go read it for yourself before you jump to uneducated conclusions.
  • timberwolf 2013/08/08 01:32:22
    He's a F'n racist, so is that cow he's married too... the great divider, but then he would look like TM 35 yrs ago... what F'n Idiot...
  • Matthew Blacker (PWCM~JLA) 2013/08/08 01:26:47
    Matthew Blacker (PWCM~JLA)
    Another brilliant move by oblahblah. What a complete and utter ass.
  • Phyllis Murphy 2013/08/08 01:25:32
    Phyllis Murphy
    Oh brother! Guess he has never been in a hood classroom very much. Recently watched news clip where upper grade female was beating the hell out of her teacher, had her on the floor stomping and fisting her to the head...cops arrived and bedlam, the entire class room full of fighting fat mouthy students...Yey for your brilliance stupid Obama!
  • KilrQueen 2013/08/08 01:10:43
    Just another black racist amongst many!
  • Phyllis... KilrQueen 2013/08/08 01:30:38
    Phyllis Murphy
    I went to work at a local University when my as a faculty asst. back in 80's ...Surprise, surprise, black students were being shipped from Chicago as this was a small branch university of U.of I. Champaign, IL....The majority were not capable of putting together a sentence using the Kings' English and Math, forget it....Standards were lowered for many that muddled thru a bachelor's degree and then instead of having to have a 3.5 average for the MA Program, they got a pass at 2.5...Systematic dumbing down of American Educational Systems on all levels...Marxist, socialist devils!
  • The Gip... Phyllis... 2013/08/08 02:03:06 (edited)
    The Gipper~PWCM~JLA
    I have a friend who has her doctorate, taught/teaches statistics, and is a department chair at a university in Florida, who on several occasions has relayed virtually identical stories to me!

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