Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel's Netanyahu, what gives him the right?

zlgriff~PWCM~JLA 2010/04/29 14:49:48
I think....
My  thoughts on this are....
Netanyahu would clean up the floor with obama...
obama is king of the world, therefore has the right to trample over all other countries
i think obama...
I think Netanyahu.....
None of the above
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Bibi be gone: Obama team plotting overthrow of Israel's Netanyahu

WASHINGTON — The administration of President Barack Obama has launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Sources in the administration and Congress asserted that the White House and State Department have sought to destabilize Netanyahu's government by forcing him to agree to an indefinite freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and most of Jerusalem as well as the establishment of a Palestinian state by 2012. They said the campaign sought to replace Netanyahu with opposition leader and former foreign minister Tsipi Livni.

"Bibi is extremely vulnerable to pressure," a source familiar with the White House effort said. "We know this from his first term in office and believe he will collapse this time as well."

The sources said the administration's strategy aimed to de-legitimize Netanyahu in his government and right-wing constituency. They said Obama and his aides have sought to portray Netanyahu as a weak and unstable politician who will destroy relations with Washington as Israel seeks U.S. support for a military option against Iran.

Tsipi Livni
"There seems to be a general belief in the circle around the president that the democratically-elected government in Israel is drunk at the wheel," Steven Rosen, a veteran pro-Israeli lobbyist now with the Middle East Forum, said. "They clearly will use pressure tactics to bring Israel around."

In April 2010, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk began a series of attacks on Netanyahu in the Israeli media. Indyk, a former assistant secretary of state under then-President Bill Clinton, has called for the toppling of Netanyahu while his right-wing partners accept a more pliant prime minister.

"Indyk was sent by Obama and encouraged by his American Jewish supporters, particularly [former Rep.] Robert Wexler, to do this," the source said.

In January 2010, Wexler resigned from Congress to become head of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation. The center was founded by Obama supporter Daniel Abraham and a delegation met Netanyahu in February.

The sources said the administration's campaign has included invitations to Defense Minister Ehud Barak to the White House, where he met with Obama on April 26. Barak has been regarded as the most pro-U.S. minister in Netanyahu's Cabinet and has been lobbying ministers to accept Obama's proposals.

"It's not going to be easy to turn this thing around," Rosen told a briefing on April 21. "Some of my friends in Jerusalem believe this crisis will go on for an extended period."

The anti-Netanyahu fervor has alarmed pro-Israeli members in Congress, particularly from the Democratic Party. Several of the Democrats have reported a sharp drop in funds by Jewish donors for congressional elections in November.

"This [campaign against Netanyahu] is counterproductive and has to stop," Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat who has threatened to issue a condemnation of the White House, said.

Some in the pro-Israeli community detect an anti-Semitic tinge to the White House campaign, despite the involvement of Jewish aides. On April 21, National Security Advisor James Jones stunned an audience at the pro-Israel Washington Institute when he told a joke of a Jewish merchant who tricked a thirsty Taliban fighter into buying a tie.

"I wish that I had not made this off the cuff joke at the top of my remarks," Jones later said. "I apologize to anyone who was offended by it. It also distracted from the larger message I carried that day: That the United States' commitment to Israel's security is sacrosanct."

Former State Department official Aaron Miller said Obama has surrounded himself with aides who blame Netanyahu for the suspension of the Arab-Israeli peace process. Miller said many of the aides had encountered Netanyahu during his first tenure as prime minister from 1996 to 1999.

"They had seen the Benjamin Netanyahu movie before and were determined not to let their chance at Middle East peace end the same way," Miller said in the magazine Foreign Policy. "Confronted with Netanyahu again, Obama and his team needed no encouragement to talk tough on the growing Israeli settlements in the West Bank, an issue that experts inside and outside government were clamoring for Obama to raise as the first step in his renewed push for peace. Fresh from his victory on health care, he's [Obama] king of the world again and in no mood to let the king of Israel frustrate his plans."

Read More: http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/WTARC/201...

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  • Nobamaforu 2010/04/29 15:19:13
    I think....
    He should apply that strategy toward Ahmadinejad instead but that would be going against a fellow Muslim. apply strategy ahmadinejad fellow muslim

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  • puppydog3 2010/04/29 18:13:05
    i think obama...
    has overstayed his welcome in these parts.
  • DG.= Political Athiest = An... 2010/04/29 16:36:51 (edited)
    None of the above
    DG.= Political Athiest = Anarchist
    A "psychological warfare campaign" against Israel?! LOL- the very CREATORS of the psychological industry?!!!! That will go over like a LED ZEPPLIN!
    psychological warfare campaign israel lol- kings queens psychological industry zepplin

    Obama is play acting. If he wasn't pro-Israel he never would have been put in the office of POTUS! He had to go through a thorough AIPAC screening to get to where is today without a legitimate birth certificate. This is all an attempt to fool the masses for when he invades Iran- the object is to keep the people of the WORLD from revolting.
  • Hammer 2010/04/29 16:24:13
  • jim 2010/04/29 15:48:49
    I think....
    They should topple Israel along with Netanyahoo.....then the whole world can take turns treating the Israelis like animals.... the same way Israel has been treating the Palestinians for all these years! No need to build a nation. Just give it back to the Palestinians. Then the world will no longer have to listen to the lies about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria Etc, Etc. They can send AIPAC packing too. they will no longer be needed to twist the arms of American politicians into giving away 5 billion dollars a year of hard working Americans tax dollars to a "nation" that stabs America in the back in the first place. It really would be for the best.
  • GeorgeAVO jim 2010/04/29 16:36:34 (edited)
    "then the whole world can take turns treating the Israelis like animals"

    world turns treating israelis animals

    How many times did your mom drop you on your head?
  • Louisa ... jim 2010/04/29 16:39:37
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    I will be the first one to admit that my knowledge of the Middle East is scant. I'm definitely not a history buff!

    I am pro-Israel probably because I grew up around a very large Jewish community and found the people to be no different than anyone else. Also, having been raised Catholic we were taught the biblical history of the Jews etc.....very little of which I actually remember.

    So I have no hatred of Jews or Israel and I don't understand why you feel the way you do. Could you explain? Also, what is the truth about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc? And how does Israel stab us in the back?

    I think the main reason that I am pro-Israel is that when I look at a map of the Middle East, Israel is absolutely dwarfed by the surrounding countries. That makes me wonder why the Jews can't keep their itty, bitty little piece of land. They have to live somewhere!

    I don't know how large this map is going to be, but you may be able to see Israel as the little red dot on the eastern shoreline of the Dead Sea. It's such a minuscule piece of the Middle East that I don't understand what the fuss is.

    eastern shoreline dead sea minuscule piece middle east understand fuss
  • jim Louisa ... 2010/04/29 16:55:02
    Yes...it's so cute. You can't see the Ebola virus either, but it's a real nasty way to go.

    cute ebola virus real nasty

    Maybe this will zoom up on the situation at hand.
  • GeorgeAVO jim 2010/04/29 17:20:06
    I sure would like to hear the "Lies about Iran & Syria"
  • jim GeorgeAVO 2010/04/29 20:42:16 (edited)
    OK George.....
    Israels squawking about Iran building a nuclear war head....Iran can’t enrich uranium to 95%. That means Iran cannot produce weapons grade materials. They just want it enriched to the point where it can be used to produce ELECTRICITY.
    Western intelligence and even mainstream geopolitical and foreign policy analysts agree that it is in Iran’s best interest to work with the US to stabilize and secure the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, which lie on opposite sides of Iran. Yet for some reason, US foreign policy will not allow this cooperation to take place.....Can you say AIPAC??
    Israel lies about Syria to try and justify an attack there as well. Israel is spreading rumors that Syria is providing Hezbollah in Lebanon with Scud missiles.

    And as far as America getting stabbed in the back is concerned...

    V V V V V Hey George....Thanks for the Block, coward. This isn't a "Jewish thing" with me. It's about a nations criminal behavior, so you can shove your "anti-Semite card" up your wazoo as well.
    V V V V V V
  • GeorgeAVO jim 2010/04/29 21:23:40
    "Iran can’t enrich uranium to 95%. That means Iran cannot produce weapons grade materials."

    Now your some sort of Atomic expert with vast inside knowledge of the Iranian Nuclear program?... More like, your a straight up anti-Semite who believes the ayatollahs in Iran are peaceful.... just like that lobotomy patient, Jimmy Carter, who helped put them into power in the first place then stood by paralyzed for over 400 days while they held 52 American hostages doing nothing because he is a worthless piece of Liberalism.

    Too bad the side affects of your Liberal appeasement disease cant be confined only to your house... good bye Jimmy
  • GeorgeAVO jim 2010/04/30 00:28:58
    Maybe your direct connection to Ahmadinejad is screwing up your internet connection.

    direct connection ahmadinejad screwing internet connection
  • jim GeorgeAVO 2010/04/30 01:38:11
    So it's a picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I don't watch TV. I don't have a mind that has been programmed by the corporate mainstream news to have a negative reaction to a picture of an Arab or a Muslim or anything Islamic. I wonder who would want us to hate Islam? Just because I point out the corruption of the Israeli government, it doesn't make me anti-Semitic. When I point out the corruption of the US government, it doesn't make me anti-American. I’m not saying the Iranian government isn’t total corrupt scum. It is. But the American people are being lied to about Iran in a way that is grooming the public into a hateful mindset for war. A war that has the neo-cons actually thinking about using nuclear weapons in. Total insanity. Iran is not a threat to America. It is, however, a threat to Israels idea of security. Do you want thousands more Americans dieing for their peace of mind yet again? We are being used to fight their wars in the middle east. Period.
  • Louisa ... jim 2010/04/29 19:40:41
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Israel declared independence in 1948 and immediately there was a war with neighboring countries. The UN recognizes Israel as an independent state.

    After their war with the neighbors, what did the map of Israel look like? Like it does today? Or has Israel been steadily taking more land since 1948?
  • jim Louisa ... 2010/04/29 20:15:41
    Israel has been steadily taking more land since 1948. The latest "land grab" was Israel's "cast lead", or more appropriately "The Gaza Massacre" which occurred Dec. 27-2009 to Jan.11 - 2010. There are different reports depending on where you get the info, but approximately 1,000 Palestinians were murdered....most of which were civilians including a large number of women and children, not Hamas!

  • Louisa ... jim 2010/04/29 20:20:39
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Thanks for an answer! So the Palestinians were living in Gaza and Israel attacked them? Did Israel get to keep Gaza? If Israel was taking land that was not in the 1948 agreement, why didn't (or maybe they did) the United Nations step in and say :"no,no,no"?
  • jim Louisa ... 2010/04/29 20:56:23
    Israel is constantly building "illegal settlements" on Palestinian land. Very recently the U.S. government asked them to stop and per usual Israel threw a tantrum and demanded an "apology" from the U.S Government for even thinking about it. Israel believes it is their "right" to steal land that belongs to the Palestinians. But you have a good question regarding the U.N. stance.
    But I can tell you that the US blocked any action the UN wanted to make.

  • STU~PWC... jim 2010/04/29 17:03:06
    Most honored Jim,

    Obama, in his infinite wisdom, made a decision to cut off all funding for the fight against Shiite terrorism, on the grounds that the US is subject mainly to Sunni terrorism. WE stabbed Israel in the back.

    And what lies about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. are you talking about? Iran and Syria are the two most prolific supporters of world terrorism, Afghanistan (and possibly Pakistan) is at peril of being taken over by the Taliban, and Iraq is cozying up to Iran. All in all, each one of these countries is a time bomb waiting to explode.

    I admit the Palestinians got a very raw deal from the Balfour Declaration, but we have to deal with the world as it is now, not 65 years ago.

    With highest regards, Stu
  • jim STU~PWC... 2010/04/29 17:21:01
    The Balfour Declaration didn't command the IDF to wholesale slaughter of the Palestinians. You are twisting history.
    This is an excerpt from the 2nd paragraph of Balfour's letter to Rothchild:
    "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."
  • STU~PWC... jim 2010/04/29 17:26:48
    I admit that there have been incidences of wholesale slaughter, especially under madman Ariel Sharon. But most attacks on the Palestinians were retaliatory (under other Israeli administrations).
  • GeorgeAVO jim 2010/04/29 18:19:29
    "Just give it back to the Palestinians. Then the world will no longer have to listen to the lies about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria Etc, Etc"

    Still waiting to hear the Iran & syria lies told by Israel... you cant find them or what?
  • Allbiz ... jim 2010/04/29 17:27:24
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Jim, maybe you didn't notice, but Obama stabbed Israel in the back when he withdrew support against the Shi'ites. You can't hate a country for standing up for its rights.
  • Nobamaforu jim 2010/04/29 17:33:34
    "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism. "

    Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee member Zahir Muhsein - 1977
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2010/04/29 15:22:49
    i think obama...
    I think Obama wants to replace a hard liner with a softie to appease his pals in Iran and Syria.
  • zlgriff... STU~PWC... 2010/04/29 15:24:25
    that's a very good observation, you're no doubt correct! i never saw a man in my life who had to have it his way all the freakin' time or he threw a fit...it's quite a disgusting spectacle
  • Gun665 2010/04/29 15:21:23
  • Nobamaforu 2010/04/29 15:19:13
    I think....
    He should apply that strategy toward Ahmadinejad instead but that would be going against a fellow Muslim. apply strategy ahmadinejad fellow muslim
  • zlgriff... Nobamaforu 2010/04/29 15:19:57
    too true!

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