Obama signs the National Defense Authorization Act. Why is this good?

\V/ 2012/05/12 23:01:01
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  • ConLibFraud 2012/05/12 23:14:56
    Please don`t forget that he needed congress to pass this treasonous act! Again proving there is only 1 party!!!!

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  • gaylehelen 2012/06/28 21:44:24
    I have a large magnet on my refrigerator with the Bill of Rights.
    It keeps getting smaller.
  • \V/ gaylehelen 2012/06/28 21:54:13
  • TheR 2012/06/28 04:04:50 (edited)
  • \V/ 2012/06/28 02:31:43 (edited)
  • S and S 2012/06/17 01:20:28
  • halfbreed 2012/06/16 20:37:38
    It is not good
  • Little Angel 2012/06/16 20:29:04
    Little Angel

    There is nothing good about this new Bill and it looks like our Government
    has decided to ignore the Constitution Of The United States Of America!
    They will do as they please as long as the citizens of our Country do nothing
    about it. The real solution would be to get rid of the Democrats & Republicans
    and give another Political Party a chance to clean up the mess.
  • Steve 2012/05/27 15:14:11
    Funny how Obama got blamed for this. The offensive language was put in there by Republicans. The White House objected strongly, and the wording got watered down.

    Vetoing a major authorization bill is one way to create chaos in our military, which is trying to win a war, remember. Obama didn't actually have much choice.

    Obama's signing statement ensured continuing constitutional protections for US citizens.
  • \V/ Steve 2012/05/27 19:49:54
  • \V/ Steve 2012/05/27 19:53:58
  • Freight85 Steve 2012/06/17 18:21:35
    I can't believe my blanking eyes....did you write that Obamas signing the NDAA continues protections for US citizens. WTF. Are you a teenager with a crush?
  • \V/ Freight85 2012/06/18 06:46:09
  • Kiara 2012/05/27 14:09:56
    I do not see anything good about this and of course he had to sign it.
    I have not seen very many things that Obama has done that would
    really be a benefit or in the best interests of the Americans.
    do nothing good obama
  • Kurbdog 2012/05/16 19:42:29
  • sjalan 2012/05/13 05:03:51
    Let's not forget where all this REALLY started.

    It is a consolidation of all the different Executive Orders of Ronald Reagan starting back in the 1980's with the REX 84 FEMA program and continued upto the last EO's of modification by President Bush II in May of 2007. In those 2007 EO's a process was set up to consolidate all of the items addressed by over 30 EO's and laws into a single law. The Repubulicans have for a very long time put this together working within the concept of a Corporate/religious/political alliance to create a fascist state.

    Hope you like the good news of your possible leader in Romney. A wishey washey whiner totally unfit to lead.
  • \V/ sjalan 2012/05/13 05:10:58 (edited)
  • sjalan \V/ 2012/05/13 05:14:08
    I hate to say this but the reality is that he didn't have much choice at all. This has been going on for over 40 years and if you look carefully for the real facts of the REX84 program you will see it is very much like the actions taken by the Nazi's of WWII Germany.
  • \V/ sjalan 2012/05/13 16:44:36
  • Freight85 \V/ 2012/06/17 18:15:44
    It's a wrap....any president republican or democrat that has any balls and its run the Kennedy tape.
  • MediaMike sjalan 2012/06/28 03:44:43
    Reagan was President for ONE MONTH before he was shot and Bush effectively took over as pResident as required by Rockefeller. http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~wbo... George H.W. Bush has been the effective pResident ever since.
  • sjalan MediaMike 2012/06/30 05:41:57
  • MediaMike sjalan 2012/07/01 15:50:11
    Clinton worked WITH BUSH Sr. when he was head of the CIA. They are pals. W? Obviously taking orders from Daddy through Cheney. Obama/Clinton? Like that's not part of the same Bush/Clinton team of the 80s? Get real.
  • \V/ MediaMike 2012/07/01 18:23:59
  • gaylehelen sjalan 2012/06/28 21:43:29
    Finally, someone who doesn't think Reagan is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    You made my day.
  • sjalan gaylehelen 2012/06/30 05:44:07
    Reagan did more damage to the State of California and then to the nation than any other single president in the history of the country except Bush II.

    And Obama doesn't hold a candle to the stuff that Reagan and Bush II did. Combined in current dollars they both together created more US national Debt than Obama.
  • \V/ sjalan 2012/06/30 16:50:06
  • sjalan \V/ 2012/07/01 03:43:37
    Bush II revamped the MAJOR EO's that kept the REX 84 Program in place in May of 2007. In 2011 the NDAA was passed by congress that which took ALL of those parts of the REX 84 program and the EO's that had accumulated over the years as separate programs and combined them all into one.

    The REX 84 program originated under Reagan with Oliver North (yep Contra Oli) and was expanded by every President except Clinton and Bush I. Bush I NEVER touched the thing but Bush II sure did. What you have in the NDAA was the cumulation and compliantion of Bush II's tinkering with the REX 84 Program.
  • MediaMike sjalan 2012/07/01 15:53:57
    That is mathematically laughable. Reagan didn't increase the debt. Bush, acting as President after Reagan was shot undid the work Reagan had started when, instead of holding Congress's feet to the fire to CUT SPENDING, (necessary after the tax cuts to balance the budget), he RAISED TAXES and MODESTLY INCREASED SPENDING.

    Bush the W increased the debt by 3 TRILLION, more than all previous Presidents combined. OBAMA followed suit (breaking every promise he made to get "elected") by increasing the debt SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS, more than ALL previous Presidents COMBINED and he isn't done yet.

    Get your math straight before you comment.
  • TuringsChild 2012/05/13 03:41:16
    It's good for the Authoritarians who wish to rule over Americans as the Elites they believe themselves to be.
  • Tink123 Turings... 2012/05/13 16:37:40
    Wow - you just said a mouthful with that. This right here sums it all up... "who wish to rule." That's it right there - the whole thing in a nutshell.
  • Jasmine 2012/05/13 02:18:20
    Little by little, the government keeps taking away our civil liberties and granting the power structure more ability to act without cause or recourse. This is a truly frightening.
  • Tink123 2012/05/12 23:22:10
    It's not good, it's horrible.
  • ConLibFraud 2012/05/12 23:14:56
    Please don`t forget that he needed congress to pass this treasonous act! Again proving there is only 1 party!!!!
  • \V/ ConLibF... 2012/05/13 02:29:57
  • MediaMike ConLibF... 2012/07/01 15:55:02
    The RIGHT WING and the LEFT WING are attached to the same bird of prey.
  • ConLibF... MediaMike 2012/07/01 17:45:12
    Exactly my friend!!!
  • Maria 2012/05/12 23:12:02
    Obama’s New Year’s Gift to the American People

    To say that January 1st 2012 is “A Sad Day for America” is a gross understatement.

    The signing of NDAA (HR 1540) into law is tantamount to the militarization of law enforcement, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act and the Inauguration in 2012 of Police State USA.

    As in Weimar Germany, fundamental rights and freedoms are repealed under the pretext that democracy is threatened and must be protected.

    The NDAA is “Obama’s New Year’s Gift” to the American People. …
  • \V/ Maria 2012/05/13 02:41:41
  • John Boy \V/ 2012/05/13 05:45:25
    John Boy
    Problem is that most of the dems dont care about the truth !!! They just blindly follow and support Obamas destruction of America !!!
  • Freight85 John Boy 2012/06/17 18:12:39
    The PROBLEM is not recognizing how to look past the democrats (democrips) and republicans (rebloodblicans) to see the devils that control these gangs.

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