Obama Sealed or Transparent?

TeaParty Patriot 2012/03/07 17:09:00
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President Obama promised to make his presidency the most transparent in history. Obama promised to make transparency a touchstone of his presidency. Obama promised. Obama broke his promise. Why won't Obama make his sealed records available? Does Obama have something to hide?Obama Sealed Records
Obama TransparencyObama Transparency
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  • Kronan_1 2012/03/08 20:56:40
    Obama is Sealed
    Sealed or transparent,,, Seems kind of moot at this point doesn't it?
  • 4570GOVT 2012/03/07 18:56:16
    Obama is Sealed
    EVERY RECORD of Obama's Existence is SEALED ! Nothing before he entered the political scene in Chicago is available to ANYONE . Obama and his corrupt administration are the MOST SECRETIVE IN HISTORY ! He Is An International Man Of Mystery , a man with no past AND has spent over 3 Million Dollars in 3 Countries to keep it a SECRET !

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