Obama Says America More Respected Around World Under His Presidency?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/02/16 18:04:10
– Among President Barack Obama’s proudest accomplishments are making America respected by other countries, he told campaign contributors Wednesday in Los Angeles.

“One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping to restore a sense of respect for America around the world -- a belief that we are not just defined by the size of our military, despite the incredible feats of our military and the incredible sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, but we’re also defined by our values, and our respect for rule of law, and our willingness to help countries in need,” Obama said. “We’ve got to preserve that, and we’ve got to build on that.”

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  • darcie lamar 2012/02/16 18:23:34 (edited)
    darcie lamar
    Right, we now have a debt that is soaring toward 16 trillion, we owe communist countries money, our housing foreclosures are at record high. Millions more of us are on food stamps, billions of our money has gone to "green" companies that go bankrupt. The Obama's act as if they are royalty. Our country is broke, our people are belittled by this impostor. If Obama thinks we look better to other countries, he needs a reality check. He should be concerned about what Americans think. reality check for obama

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  • Phantom dispatcher 2012/02/17 17:42:42
    Sarah Palin in an airplane, doesn't count.
  • dispatcher Phantom 2012/02/17 17:57:18
    who ever mentioned her, if you want totalk PIGS look at this !! wookie obama
  • Phantom dispatcher 2012/02/17 22:59:35
    When you mentioned pigs, Sarah just naturally popped into my mind.
    Now just who is this fine looking black woman?
  • DebraJMSmith 2012/02/16 21:29:18
    Is he serious???
  • robert 2012/02/16 21:02:06
  • mariner 2012/02/16 20:54:13
    hhmmmmmmmmmmm, doubtful!!!
  • Karen E 2012/02/16 20:20:28
    Karen E
    and unicorns fart rainbows in his little world...... unicorn fart rainbows
  • Wahvlvke Karen E 2012/02/16 22:21:08
    I love it.
  • culpepper 2012/02/16 20:19:48
    He's right- it is
  • ed 2012/02/16 20:07:31
    I have heard it all now,has he got a big head or what? obama s big head
  • Cold Warrior 2012/02/16 20:01:50
    Cold Warrior
    Uhhh, seriously? What liberal lah-lah land does this guy live in???
    North Korea, Iran, the Taliban, Al Quada are all emboldened by Obama's weak leadership, as our allies wonder who we'll screw over next.

    oh no

  • tiffany... Cold Wa... 2012/02/16 23:23:36
    Mee Too throwing up
  • ✞Knight of Honor 2012/02/16 19:56:55
    ✞Knight of Honor
    More than Bush or Clinton; the world hated Bush, and Clinton was publicly charged with the affair.
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2012/02/16 19:52:53
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Now....he is delusional. lol
  • mariner Treasur... 2012/02/16 20:57:26
    oh you can't talk about him like that - I am sure he is a very nice man indeed and is in fact right on top of all his issues!!! he he he he!!!
  • Treasur... mariner 2012/02/17 03:14:28
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    LOL :)
  • Cliff 2012/02/16 19:48:43
  • angelbaby 2012/02/16 19:41:49
    I really think the man lives in a bubble!!
  • ed angelbaby 2012/02/16 20:11:36
  • angelbaby ed 2012/02/16 21:12:21
    ROFLMAO!!! The man has brain damage if he believes he has restored respect!!
  • ed angelbaby 2012/02/16 21:45:17
    our bowing president obama
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2012/02/16 19:09:54
    The guy is definitely a word-smith of lies and deceit.
  • Romanknite 2012/02/16 19:05:02
    I believe we are more respected around the world. I can also assure you that if any of these republicans get in office we will be right back to being disrespected around the world.like we were before Obama took office. Will these republicans respect the culture of other countries? some countries bow, some countries kiss, as much as you republicans whinned about Obama respecting other cultures, there's no way you're going to respect them. So I think we are more respected now than we were under the last administration.
  • ed Romanknite 2012/02/16 21:46:50
    to late obama has already done all that and by his self at that okay the democratic party has helped some.
  • Romanknite ed 2012/02/17 00:29:47
    Exactly, Obama showed much respect to these foreign cultures, all by his self. And if a republican becomes president he will totally disrespect all foreign cultures and nations. Because they are too arrogant and disrespectful even towards America, especially to women.
  • ed Romanknite 2012/02/18 13:00:35
    you are wrong about that but I would hope that our aid to countries that hate us is cut off
  • Romanknite ed 2012/02/18 13:45:03
    What am I wrong on? Will republicans respect other countries? really.
  • ed Romanknite 2012/02/18 18:44:46
    yeah really
  • Romanknite ed 2012/02/19 20:34:09
    Well, if that is your belief then hang on to it.
  • tiffany... Romanknite 2012/02/16 23:37:16
    How can say that with a straight face? If you really believe that , then i feel sorry for you.
  • Romanknite tiffany... 2012/02/17 00:36:05
    You know it's true. The Japanese bow, their customs is not shaking hand. And you republicans made a big deal about President Obama showing respect and bowing to their culture. That wasn't wrong, that was respect. Are republicans going to do that? NO! why, because they are to self centered and arrogant along with disrespectful
  • SneakyPete 2012/02/16 18:55:34
    No any way, shape or form are we mopre repspected around the world. Going down hill fast..
  • ed SneakyPete 2012/02/18 18:45:24
    thanks to obama
  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/02/16 18:52:37
    Elaine Magliacane
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
    people will eventually come to believe it.
    The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State
    can shield the people from the political, economic and/or
    military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally
    important for the State to use all of its powers to
    repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of
    the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the
    greatest enemy of the State.”
    -- Joseph Goebbels..
  • tiffany... Elaine ... 2012/02/16 23:42:18
  • RastaFan 2012/02/16 18:50:45
    Too funny. The only ones whose level of respect has been upped are tin-horn despots, Islamo-fundie totalitarianists, flat-out Marxists or African gangster regimes.

    And in a just world, Barack Obama would not be allowed to utter a word about respect for rule of law. He's perverted the very concept to unreached levels for a President. He makes a mockery of our laws.
  • tiffany... RastaFan 2012/02/16 23:50:16
    So true, look at him getting the Nobel peace prize.It does not mean anything any more.to me when i hear nobel peace prize...i think oh is that the lil treat in my cracker jax box or is that the one you get if you might do some thing.
  • Sport_Geoff 2012/02/16 18:48:59
  • johnc 2012/02/16 18:48:01
    Obama also says the recession is over, is it?

    Obama says the rich should pay thier fair share in taxes, so why didn't he?

    Obama says blacks and latinos have to help him defeat his enemies, does that mean whites, and asians are his enemies?

    as clinton said of Obamas words, "JUST WORDS" I agree with clintons statement here.
  • Romanknite johnc 2012/02/16 18:54:35
    Obama says blacks and latinos have to help him defeat his enemies, does that mean whites, and asians are his enemies? You had to hear something that far out only on fox news, the sean hannity comedy show. Because Obama never said that, and you know it.

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