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Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 07:31:59
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What's the weirdest rumor you've heard about President Barack Obama?
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  • Max7 2009/10/01 21:54:19
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    Which one? There is so many, the weirdest one is that he is he Anti-Christ
  • David 2009/08/02 02:37:09 (edited)
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    That his birth certificate is a forgery and that he was really born in Kenya.

    Why is this wierd? Because the implication is that his American mom went to Kenya to give birth which she knew would make him not a citizen, and since it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense, and since there is ABSOLUTELY no proof, i find it the wierdest rumor out there.
  • sarcasm 2009/06/01 06:37:06
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    That he is a decent human being!
  • zack 2009/05/31 05:05:14
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    I think a saw a magazine the other day claiming he was gay or something like that I can't remember.
  • missnoee 2009/05/31 02:59:37
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    There's too many and I forget them as fast as I hear them because I know the people that say them, spread them, believe them are just ignorant haters, so I don't waste my
    thoughts on them ............ out of sight, out of mind.
  • Tiger Annie. AMERICAN. . w... 2009/05/29 18:54:28
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    Tiger Annie.  AMERICAN. . waving the flag!
    Everything about this man isn't rumor. . .just wait you'll see.
  • -- 2009/05/29 12:55:06
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    he grows his nails on his pinky fingers to snort coke leave comment grows nails pinky fingers snort coke
    ^^^^^^^^obama snortin a line of coke^^^^ he says the bubbles tickle his nose lmao
  • blueskyseas 2009/05/29 11:51:03
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    That he is not an American citizen.
  • santa6642 2009/05/28 23:14:43
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    the obamanation. it"s alive.
  • ladypuppylove 2009/05/28 21:47:30
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    anything will do it does not matter wheather it's the true or not
  • Jen-Jen ladypup... 2009/05/28 21:49:16
    I know. But the truth will always matter to me.
  • ladypup... Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 21:52:35
    me as well if it is the truth that is a known fact not what the media says or he said she said
  • Jen-Jen ladypup... 2009/05/28 21:56:11
    You truly are ..
  • ladypup... Jen-Jen 2009/05/29 14:11:41
  • Justagirl 2009/05/28 21:09:56
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    That he got a blow-job and an 8-ball in the back of a limo from Larry Sinclair. oh, he had something to do with the murder of the gay choir master from his church.
  • Kino 2009/05/28 20:01:16 (edited)
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    That he's actually the Vulcan from Star Trek Voyager, which is truthfully all the reason I need to vote for him;

    leave comment vulcan star trek voyager leave comment vulcan star trek voyager

    Finally, some logic on Capitol Hill!
  • Jen-Jen Kino 2009/05/28 20:08:23
  • nails 2009/05/28 19:49:05
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    That he cares about all Americans.
  • Lizard 2009/05/28 19:48:53
  • Jen-Jen Lizard 2009/05/28 19:50:38
  • CJ ~ is Leaving SodaHead! 2009/05/28 19:35:52
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    CJ ~ is Leaving SodaHead!
    Oh, let's see, the weirdest would have to be that he is a secret-Muslin who is controlled by Soros and/or the Bilderberg/AKA Jewish Cabal.

    Actually, qll these rumors and accusations are contradictory and ridiculous: he's a "secret" Muslim, he's controlled by Jews, he's the anti-christ, he's a socialist or fascist or Marxist or Nazi, or SoFaziCom, he's out to destroy the U.S., he's creating forced labor camps, he's creating youth re-education camps, etc., etc. etc.

    He is the President of the United States and THAT is what drives these silly, specious slanders.
  • Lizard CJ ~ is... 2009/05/28 19:50:12
  • Jen-Jen Lizard 2009/05/28 19:51:55
    No, but the world is doing it for him.
  • CJ ~ is... Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 20:18:44
    CJ ~ is Leaving SodaHead!
    Agree! A very small minority in the U.S. seems to be the source of all the slander and specious rumor-mongering. I don't think it's winning them many converts, at least not the kind they want!
  • Jen-Jen CJ ~ is... 2009/05/28 20:40:36
    Their trying to make his supports cave, but all their doing is making them stronger.
  • CJ ~ is... Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 21:05:50
    CJ ~ is Leaving SodaHead!
    Agree! I think they are suffering from a fatal case of:

    suffering fatal case
  • Jen-Jen CJ ~ is... 2009/05/28 21:09:13
    I love it .. thank you!
  • Sissy 2009/05/28 19:14:02
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    That he was not born in America, that he is a terrorist, has no birth certificate, is unAmerican, unPatriotic and a Muslim......other than that, I've heard nothing at all. lol
  • Sister Jean 2009/05/28 19:08:04
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    Sister Jean
    why spread them here? leave comment spread
  • Jen-Jen Sister ... 2009/05/28 19:10:36
    Good point ... Just trying to give others a place to vent.
  • USAmom 2009/05/28 19:05:41
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    That he isn't really in charge or that he really wasn't born an American citizen. leave comment charge born american citizen
  • ypd91 2009/05/28 16:42:11
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    that he is muslim
  • melly~thwarting Satan since... 2009/05/28 15:07:55
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    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    I heard he controls the weather and wrote the screenplay to GLITTER.
    Wait, I made that up.
  • Sissy melly~t... 2009/05/28 19:15:05
  • ardman411 melly~t... 2009/11/23 16:37:55
    I thought the writers to Gilmore Girls made that up. Anyways, I heard that Obama eats babies and intend to convert America into Nazi Germany.
  • moomoof 2009/05/28 15:04:00
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    That he is gay well it isnt a rumor...my grandpa is kinda
    oh i heard it on tv by a pastor too
    i find it funny that would be an impeachable offense XD
    how is being gay illegal

    oh that he cause the financial problems we have now as if bush's reign had nothing to do with it

    oh i heard he was a robot like terminator

    that he wasnt born here

    that he is the anti christ and the messiah its like he has a split personality
  • Jen-Jen moomoof 2009/05/28 15:06:16
    I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!
  • moomoof Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 15:07:32
    none of those are real lol
  • Jen-Jen moomoof 2009/05/28 15:12:22
    I know there not.
  • moomoof Jen-Jen 2009/05/28 15:13:49
    lol xD good cause many people think they are real

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