Obama presides over 14.4 percent unemployment rate of black voters. Why would they vote for him?

☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2012/07/11 13:32:37
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  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2012/07/11 15:52:13 (edited)
    Hmm..... Good question.
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    95% voted for Obama and 90% of Black voters usually vote Democrat; 92% voted for Al Gore, 90% for Clinton and so on.

    In addition only about 65% out of 42 million voted; so out of that 65%, 95% voted for Obama.

    Oh, and by the way; Asians, Jews, Hispanics and College kids all showed more voter turnout for the Democrats in 2008, than before.

    Why did White voters vote for Bush, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson, FDR etc....let's not play these games?

    vote bush nixon jimmy carter woodrow wilson fdr play games

    According to the US Census Bureau, 68.1% of all Black men and 62.3% of Black women over the age of 16 are in the civilian labor force, compared to 73% of white men, and 59.9% of white women. With racial discrimination and other challenges, more of us are still working than sitting at home.
    While the majority of poor people in America are Black, the majority of Black people are NOT poor. Of the 42 million Blacks in this nation, 8.1 million have incomes below the poverty line.

    In addition; most who live below the poverty line still work.

    beating a dead horse gif

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  • crossboy56 2012/07/16 15:18:47
    Hmm..... Good question.
    Compaired to the 50% of black and latin middle-class unemployed during the 16 years of the Republican admonitrations.I know that President O'bama is on the right path
  • Lee 2012/07/14 01:30:01
    Hmm..... Good question.
    Mitt Romney wears Magic Underwear.

    He thinks it protects him from evil. And that brings up the question:

    Do we really want a President who wears magic underwear?

    Do we want the country to go in that direction?

    thinks protects evil brings president wears magic underwear country direction
  • AL Lee 2012/07/20 03:28:29 (edited)
    Bigoted much are you?I'm afraid you personal bigotry is starting to show here partner
  • Lee AL 2012/07/21 13:50:34 (edited)
    How so?

    Is it bigoted to point out the FACT that Mitt Romney wears magic underwear.

    YOU are bigoted to think that an enlightened American should not be allowed to express himself.

  • AL Lee 2012/07/22 06:33:51
    Yes it is Bigoted to single out any group for what they believe in fact! After all Hitler started out doing the very same thing you're doing right now! Yet he progressed in killing millions of them later in fact! It always starts out making fun of them first!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/22 14:55:33 (edited)
    Well then, you have defined yourself as a bigot . . . . BIGOT.

    "Yes it is Bigoted to single out any group for what they believe in fact!"

    America singled out Hitler and the Nazis for what they believed in.

    The Nazis believed in world conquest, the annihalation of entire races, and in world Aryan domination.

    Does it make the United States a bigoted nation because we singled out the Nazis, and fought them?

    Of course not.

    Your definition is stupid and you're an idiot.

    But that doesn't make me a bigot . . . BIGOT.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/23 02:31:22
    LMAO! And just what "GROUP" have I been bigoted against then?
  • Lee AL 2012/07/23 04:25:39
    You are bigoted against the group of us perceptive people who have misgivings about the fact that Romney wears magic underwear . . . BIGOT.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/23 04:45:02
    I sure hope you're starting to enjoy your mental ward now anyway!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/23 13:49:38
    Why are you so bigoted?
  • AL Lee 2012/07/23 22:50:53 (edited)
    LMAO! Against who? Since my own two grandsons just happen to be half white just like Clown Price Obozo is himself! You see, I don't base my own views on race at all-I base them on how I feel about the issues instead!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/24 02:29:13
    Apparently you're bigoted against intelligent and discerning people.

    Why are you so bigoted?
  • AL Lee 2012/07/24 05:00:55
    LMAO! Nice try Lee! Find any more racist under you bed lately as well?
  • Lee AL 2012/07/24 14:18:33
    Now you're calling me a racist too?


    Because I'm a Caucasian who supports the Dems and Obama?

    Please explain your bizarre reasoning.

    By the way . . . Obama doesn't wear magic underwear.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/24 23:23:42 (edited)
    No I'm not calling you a racist Lee! I'm just trying to protect you from all those damn racist hiding under your bed is all! Please be carful opening up your now closet as well you hear! After all you never know where they're going to pop up next Lee!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/25 13:13:51 (edited)
    That's all right.

    If anyone comes into my home uninvited, they're likely to leave in a body bag . . . And that equal one less RWNJ racist, terrorist piece of slime, doesn't it?

    See how things work out in the long run?

  • AL Lee 2012/07/26 05:11:31
    Word of advise Lee! Take out the ones hiding under you bed first o.K. Lee! LMAO!Yet please try to sober up first! WE sure wouldn't what anyone to think you went all James Holmes on us,now would we!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/26 13:35:04 (edited)
    I don't have any hiding under my bed.

    But I have a couple chained up in the basement.

    It's fun to watch them fight when I throw them a handful of dry dog food.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/27 05:33:32
    Damn:Are you sure you're not just a little paranoid now instead? LMAO! Because if you're not-you sound like you're either just plain insane - or you're surrounded by racist instead!Maybe you should think about calling the new black Panthers for some help in that case! You know how they HATE racist right?
  • Lee AL 2012/07/27 14:44:44 (edited)
    I don't need any help.

    As a well armed American patriot, I am willing and able to exercise my second amendment rights and defend myself and my country from the depredations of Right Wing Traitors and Terrorists.

    God Bless the Second Amendment.

    And thank God for the Wisdom of President Obama and the Democrats.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/28 06:15:23
    Patriot? LMAO! Being a useful little idiot for Obama really isn't the same thing as being a real Patriot LEE! It just means you're just crazy enough to believe him is all!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/28 08:48:52 (edited)

    Obama isn't the one who wears magic underwear.

    Mitt Romney does.

    And Saint Mitt Ain't Sh*t.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/28 08:55:19
    Sure glad you're not one of those damn bigots you hate so much Lee!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/28 09:00:05
    I'm glad I'm not either.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/28 09:09:11 (edited)
    LOL! If it acts like a damn bigot and talks like a damn bigot-its a damn bigot LEE! And you're clear cut proof of that fact youself! And oh yes, how is it you know so much about what other people wear as underwear anyway? Because your spculations just aren't passing the SMELL test here LEE! Are you gay as well perhaps?
  • Lee AL 2012/07/28 09:12:53 (edited)
    No I'm not gay.

    But I am fascinated by the fact that the next leader of the free world could be a man who firmly believes that his underwear protects him from evil.



    What does being gay have to do with underwear anyway?
  • AL Lee 2012/07/29 06:19:55 (edited)
    WOW! Are you sure you just don't have an underwear feddish now perhaps?Because if thats the case, maybe you can get a few of your liberal perverted friends to send you a few of their dirty under shorts in that case-
  • Lee AL 2012/07/29 11:56:13
    No Al, not at all.

    How do you think world leaders will react to Saint Mitt and his magic underwear?

    Putin will laughing his ass off. In fact every world leader will snickering about the weirdo Right Wing American POTUS up on the podium . . . Wearing his magic underwear like a super-hero costume underneath his tailored suit.
  • AL Lee 2012/07/30 06:20:56
    Unless they have a perverted under wear feddish like you do-I don't see why they would even care really!
  • Lee AL 2012/07/30 10:20:38
    Come on Al . . . the Guy wears magic underwear.

    How long would it be before the guy starts cavorting and prancing around the White House with just his Underwear and a cape?

    We don't need Saint Mitt Romney to make a laughing stock of America.

    We had enough of that with GW.
  • AL Lee 2012/08/03 06:43:04
    You left wingers really crack me up! Seems you could care less if your gay friends wear a bra and womens panties-yet you get all upset over Romneys under wear anyway
  • Lee AL 2012/08/03 11:47:44
    Is Romney Gay? Really?

    I never would have known.

    But that doesn't matter to me.

    He thinks his underwear is magic, and that bothers me.

    I want a President whose mind is not dominated by Occult beliefs.
  • AL Lee 2012/08/23 09:28:55 (edited)
    Why did you even want to know if Romneys gay in the first place! Do you need a male Date yourself perhaps?
  • Lee AL 2012/08/23 13:44:09
    You brought it up . . . Not me.

    By the way, why is your fearful leader scared Sh*tless of releasing his tax records.

    What do YOU think he's hiding?

    You'd have to be a fool to vote for Mitt Bundy.
  • AL Lee 2012/10/08 03:58:57
    LMAO! Where the hell have you been lately anyway? He has already released his last two years of taxes-that shows he's alot more generous in his giving by percentage-then both obama and Biden put together in fact!
  • Lee AL 2012/10/08 11:53:26 (edited)

    He's released his taxes only for 2011, which show that he paid in a half million more in taxes than he had to.


    That proves either one of two things:

    Either Romney was trying to make a show of his refusal to take advantage of tax breaks for election purposes. . . .


    The self-described financial wizard was too stupid to fill out his tax forms correctly.

    In either case, Romney looks bad.

    Why should we vote for a so-called financial expert to run this nation's economy who can't even figure out this own finances?
  • AL Lee 2012/10/08 22:37:24
    Let me see if I have this right then! So now you're upset because Romney paid To much for Taxes instead?Oh please,LMAO!
  • Lee AL 2012/10/09 01:43:38
    I'm not upset. I already knew that Saint Mitt who Ain't Sh*t is just a loud-mouthed worthless bastard.

    That's why idiotic RWNJ's like you are happy to vote for him.

    He's your kind of people.
  • AL Lee 2012/10/09 06:09:33
    LMAO!Let me see if I have this right- First you liberal Idiots where bitching about Romney NOT paying his fair share, yet NOW you same idiots are bitching about him paying too much then?
  • AL Lee 2012/10/09 06:18:01
    WOW!And just what do you mean by MY KIND OF PEOPLE anyway? Can it be you're own bigotry is showing again perhaps?
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