Obama Once Again Desecrates the American Flag.

jr 2012/09/20 14:04:21
The self aggrandizing demonstrated here should sicken any American that understands what our flag stands for.

"This flag, which we honor and under which we serve, is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a nation. It has no other character than that which we give it from generation to generation. The choices are ours. It floats in majestic silence above the hosts that execute those choices, whether in peace or war. And yet, through silence it speaks to us---speaks to us of the past, or of the men and women who went before us, and of the records they wrote upon it."
Woodrow Wilson

On Obama-Biden website, we find the desecrated flag for sale


Back in March of 2012 we see a previous desecration

obama flag

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  • pizzaman7 2012/09/24 18:12:15
    Has anyone seen a president with his own on-line store ? This is sick. He is very narcissistic.
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2012/09/23 06:33:48 (edited)
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    No surprise, just another of Obummer's despicable, anti-American, Commie, disgraceful, fascist, ad nauseum, vile traitor acts!!

    Obama is a socialist
  • Maddog studiob... 2012/09/24 15:34:24
    LOL! I think it's safe to assume that you don't care for BHO! (My feelings, exactly!)
  • Navajogirl 2012/09/22 05:17:00
    This egomaniac called Obama is a dishonor for this country. What a lack of respect for our flag.
  • Cat 2012/09/22 02:48:58
    Even Lincoln had flags made up with his picture superimposed on them.
    Stick to the real issues.
  • pizzaman7 Cat 2012/09/24 18:14:54
    Yes, you are right, like high unemployment, high gas prices and rising cost of food and other goods, the ever growing national debt that has now exceeded $16 Trillion, record poverty and people on food stamps, a divided nation, rising foreclosures, and the list goes on and on.
  • Cat pizzaman7 2012/09/24 19:01:05
    Right on brother!
  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2012/09/22 02:47:40
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    Troops have fought and died under our flag, and this is a disgrace. Our pledge of allegence to Obama, of the Divided States of America, and to the Republic for which it stood, one nation undone, without liberty and freedom for all. Obama on the flag
  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/09/21 23:43:17
  • Marlene Wilkins 2012/09/21 23:16:00
    Marlene Wilkins
    Even HITLER & STALIN didn't go this far....
    To call him a raging egomaniac and narcissist would be a massive understatement.
  • uguess 2012/09/21 22:09:41

  • Charge 2012/09/21 18:39:20
    If Obama is re-elected this may be the last presidential election.
    Notice how the fifty states have been removed for the single symbol of the Obama administration.
    Look familiar?
    lybia embassy blood
  • nofrills 2012/09/21 17:42:50
    This prez..only interest is his self grandiose...and his lotttery lifestyle..and the rest is PLAIN HUMBUG...flag inclu..so get use to it..or kick out on nov...simply..the ONLY TIME IS ON NOV6 or you will have to complain for 4yrs and WHO WINS?will be obama and his wife to carry out their shameless and disgracful spending..on themselves!!
  • Maddog 2012/09/21 16:10:12
    Just one of a thousand reasons to run this Marxist scum out of office!
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2012/09/21 16:08:03 (edited)
    Do you know what is desecrating the US flag is:

    USA flag1

    USA 2

    USA 3

    However it seems to be normal patriotic behaviour!

    Both flags were and are never been President Obama's idea!

    Why dissorting the facts?

    Adress the REAL desecrealtion of the US-flag by US-citizens themself.
    That would be more constructive!
  • wedge56 2012/09/21 16:01:03
    No one else has ever manipulated or created an artistic representation of the flag for their campaign. It's never happened. These are all fakes.

    btn1 btn2 btn3 btn4 btn5 btn6 btn7 btn7
  • JennaMeadows7694 2012/09/21 15:51:12
    As someone said in another posting about this, Romney is defacing toothpaste brands.. Grow up people. Obama did not paint this flag you moronotards (My own word). And it isn't even any where near the same as the american flag, unless of course you can't count at all!
  • Jlmpatro 2012/09/21 15:29:58 (edited)
    The flag, anthem and currency are three national symbols and therefore should not be mistreated.
  • nofrills Jlmpatro 2012/09/21 17:45:14
    well it sounds good on PAPER but here u have a prezwho was NEVER taught to respect these three VIP of America..blame it on his 'rogue mother' thus you have only ONE option to stop this prez from contin.his total lack of respect..is TO VOTE HIM OUT on nov.
  • us 2012/09/21 15:06:37
    Shame on him, He should not change our American FLag, that flag is the We the People of United States of America, who fought for that flag, to defend this country here, when there where wars here. SHAME ON HIM. Shame on All the democratics.
  • dawn 2012/09/21 14:08:58
    Yes, & these Obama commie supporters are just that--commie Obama supporters, NOT America supporters. They're all haters & enemies of this Country & their new flag proves it beyond a doubt. I spit on the ground at these turncoat traitors.
  • shadow76 dawn 2012/09/21 14:51:38
    You go girl!
  • Marie-J... dawn 2012/09/21 16:17:40
    Truth seems to be something that isn't in you vocabulary!

    Almost every word you write here is misinformation and lacks all obejctivity.

    american haters
  • wedge56 2012/09/21 12:08:21
    I came back to thumb through this thread again this morning because a nice warm cup of false outrage is just what I need to get myself going in the a.m.
  • Mr.Steve 2012/09/21 12:05:41 (edited)
  • Indigo Minded 2012/09/21 11:44:18 (edited)
    Indigo Minded
    Last I checked the American flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. This campaign symbol which bears a likeness to our flag only has 9 stripes and an O. Is it flying over the white house? *Exits Psychiatric Ward.*

    common sense
  • nofrills Indigo ... 2012/09/21 17:46:43
    this prez intends to change more than the FLAG...he will change the CONSTITUTION, and the way you eat,dress,vote and honour the EMPEROR..and the empress..
  • Indigo ... nofrills 2012/09/23 11:37:00 (edited)
    Indigo Minded
    This was said 2 years ago. If you wish to remain relevant, you must find new material for this next term. Lets review accusations of last 4 shall we. Radical Muslim, Homosexual, socialist, Marxist, lizard person, alien, antichrist, Satan, black nationalist, racist, druggie, incompetent, uppity negro, coward, arrogant, weak, naive, sympathizer, and skinny.

    What's worse than anti-Christ really?

    Mitt Romney peeks

  • nofrills Indigo ... 2012/09/23 16:27:30
    whatever..u say!ty,!..we have a COUNTRY TO SAVE FROM IMMENIENT DANGER.
    Onward we go WITH MITT..
  • Indigo ... nofrills 2012/09/23 17:03:36
    Indigo Minded
    That's like saying Cigarettes are bad for you...then closes garage door with car running. Sticking to your guns tho...till the end huh?
  • nofrills Indigo ... 2012/09/23 17:39:15
    no sticking to 'loyalty' to a country which houses,feeds and protects us!!!..something you and the diviate libbys won't know..
    SO will have to block you coz u'r NOT on protecting and preserving America...
  • Indigo ... Indigo ... 2012/09/24 11:38:17
    Indigo Minded
    Oh no....I got blocked by the guy below this comment box. Depressed.
  • DDogbreath 2012/09/21 09:57:28 (edited)
    Where did you thimk he got the idea from?

    Let me be the one to fill you in.

  • Mr Chin 2012/09/21 09:22:36
    Mr Chin
    I don't think he wants to behave like an American. Here is his crotch grab during the Pledge of Allegiance.
    obama crorch pledge allegiance
  • ed 2012/09/21 08:43:25
    He doesn't care about our FLAG and another thing every time the muslims burn our FLAG IT'S OBAMA'S FAULT.
  • Lisa 2012/09/21 08:20:51
    Just one more reason to add to my list for voting this ass out. and getting this country back to the way our founding fathers intended.
  • nofrills Lisa 2012/09/21 17:47:35
    well the only time WE THE PPL can do this is comes nov..or we will have to contend with more of the crap..
  • Lisa nofrills 2012/09/21 23:51:36
    Well I am glad someone agrees with me. I will vote for Romney? ryan Nov6, if I have to crawl on my hands and Knees, in 6 feet of snow!!!! I will chance frost bite, HAHA!
  • nofrills Lisa 2012/09/22 04:55:28
    you truly love your country...Wish Romney well..
    MITT for POTUS..
  • studiob... Lisa 2012/09/23 05:24:39
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