Obama: Love Or Hate?

~Brittany~GangstaPickles 2011/04/10 02:08:19
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  • Farnsworth 2011/04/10 05:23:24
    intensely dislike above normal parameters.
  • Dan Manacania 2011/04/10 02:28:39 (edited)
    Dan Manacania
    What isnt there to hate about the guy?

    He cant keep a promise.
    He extended the patriot act.
    He is extending operations at Guantanamo.
    He started a 3rd war, illegally.
    He has committed treason by providing aid and support to Al-Qaeda
    He signed Obamacare, which has been ruled unconstituional several times, and it will solve no problems with the current system, just force everyone to buy low quality insurace and lose freedoms.
    His administration has supported the sexual molestation of men, women and children by the TSA
    He has ignored pleas to stop the mexican drug cartels that have invaded portions of the south of this country.
    He supports organizations that are suspected of assisting in soliciting child prostitution.
    He violated the constitution several times, including Article 1, Section 8 that forbids him from holding a foreign office.

    And then he received an award for transparency... behind closed doors.

    I could go on, but its clear that there are a million reasons to not like the guy.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, another reason to hate the guy is the simple fact that he has no problem with the DHS labeling all people that protest against him as terrorists. I didnt participate, but I remember what happened after the very first tea party protest. The DHS released a document that did infact call all people that participated in a non-violent, non-disruptive protest as terrorists.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2011/04/10 02:27:55
    Alert DHS i clicked on HATE ...I hate oburkel as much as Oburkel hates america...and his followers DEFINE the words 'Useful Idiot'

    hate hate oburkel oburkel hates america followers define idiot Obama Kool Ade
  • 1LT B 2011/04/10 02:26:17
    1LT B
    I will refrain from speaking ill of my chain of command for the time being...

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