Obama lawyer to yours truly: take down your video! Shall I comply?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/18 21:29:37
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The Obama eligibility case took a nasty turn today. Lawyers for the
Obama campaign demanded that videos of a New Jersey administrative-law
trial come down. Those same lawyers admitted that they had removed their
associate, Alexandra Hill, from the case.

The Obama eligibility case in New Jersey

Last Tuesday, the case of Purpura and Moran v. Obama, STE
4534-12, came to trial before Administrative Law Judge Jeff S. Masin.
Nick Purpura of Wall, NJ, and Ted Moran of Toms River, NJ, said that
Barack H. Obama should not appear on the ballot of the June 5 New Jersey Democratic Primary. They gave two reasons:

  1. Obama has never shown that he was born in Hawaii, or even who he is.
  2. Obama cannot qualify to be President because his father was a British colonial subject.

CNAV recorded the hearing. So, too, did Dan Haggerty of The
Baer-Haggerty Offensive, a radio program that runs each Wednesday
afternoon at Re-patriot Radio (WNJC, AM 1360).

Judge Masin concluded that Obama had not “failed in any obligation” to make any
showing, either of his identity or that he was a natural-born citizen.
Mario Apuzzo, attorney for Purpura and Moran, confirmed to CNAV that they will still appeal that conclusion.

But the part that has excited observers nationwide happened in the
second hour of the hearing. Alexandra M. Hill, of Genova, Burns,
Giantomasi and Webster, represented the Obama campaign at the hearing.
Apuzzo called Brian Wilcox, an Internet document expert, to the stand,
to attack the Obama birth certificate document that the White House
served to the Internet on April 27, 2011. Ms. Hill then said that the
PDF document was irrelevant to the case at hand, and conceded that Obama never once
gave his birth certificate, or any good copy of it, hard or soft, to
the New Jersey Secretary of State or the Division of Elections. Hill
then claimed that New Jersey law did not force Obama to give anything
to qualify himself for a primary ballot, and that New Jersey residents
could nominate Mickey Mouse if they could get enough signatures to
nominate him.

The Tea Party Tribune, and other media organs quoting them, construed
this as saying that Alexandra Hill “admitted that the Obama birth
certificate is a forgery.” That is not correct. But she clearly did
damage enough to the Obama eligibility argument, and embarrassed the
Obama campaign. Recent events have made this abundantly clear.

Obama lawyers demand: Take down those videos!
Mario Apuzzo, arguing the latest Obama eligibility challenge

Mario Apuzzo walks toward the Office of Administrative Law with his two clients. Photo: CNAV.

Jerome R. Corsi made the latest Obama eligibility issue famous with this story about the hearing. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, Alexandra Hill’s boss called Mario Apuzzo directly. CNAV heard first from Nick Purpura and then directly from Apuzzo.

Apuzzo received a call from a man identifying himself as Angelo Genova, the lead partner
of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi and Webster. Genova was agitated and
almost overwrought. He demanded to know why Apuzzo had videotaped the
proceedings (a thing Apuzzo did not do), and then said that he would
“move to strike the video from the record.” Genova also said that:

  • Alexandra M. Hill is not working on the case of Purpura and Moran v. Obama any longer. Angelo Genova has taken that case over and is handling it personally.
  • Death threats have come to the firm. Apuzzo told CNAV that Ms. Hill was the main target of these threats. Billy Baer also talked to Apuzzo, after CNAV
    called Dan Haggerty for comment. Apuzzo apparently told Baer that
    Genova never made clear whether the threatening person was threatening
    Ms. Hill alone or “the firm in general,” whatever that might mean.

Apuzzo offered to Genova to condemn the threats for the record, on his blog.
Genova hastily declined. He then dwelt at length on the making of the
video or videos and accused Apuzzo of making them without the court’s

For the record

CNAV has long suspected that the Obama eligibility case has
stalled because some person or persons is/are applying pressure to
witnesses and media organs to keep quiet. Now CNAV finds itself a direct target, as is the Baer-Haggerty Offensive.

CNAV emphasizes that Mario Apuzzo did not commission CNAV to record the video footage of the Obama eligibility hearing. Neither did he so commission Baer or Haggerty, as both men confirmed to CNAV today.

The New Jersey Administrative Code says that anyone may
record a public hearing. The judge may restrict such recording so that
it does not disrupt the hearing. On April 10, before the hearing began,
Judge Masin summoned Apuzzo and Hill to his chambers. There, as Apuzzo
said later, the judge asked about persons wanting to record the hearings
on video. Apuzzo knew that CNAV and Dan Haggerty had brought
cameras. He had also given an interview to Station WHYY-TV (Channel 12,
Philadelphia, PA), who told him they would come to the hearing. Judge
Masin said that he would allow video cameras, so long as their operators
mounted them on fixed tripod stands. Haggerty and CNAV agreed to this. (See also Commander Kerchner’s blog entry.)

CNAV and Haggerty recorded the entire hearing. WHYY-TV came in late, recorded for five minutes, then left.

Thus Judge Masin, acting according to law, let CNAV
and Dan Haggerty record the hearing. At least, both our sets of videos
are citizen observations of public hearings. They are also work products
of the press. Therefore, the US Constitution and
New Jersey law protect this content. For Genova to try to suppress this
content a week after the fact is the silliest moment in the entire
Obama eligibility saga. No court can “strike the content from the
record,” because the content is not part of any court record. Nor can
anyone enjoin a citizen journalist, or any other citizen, from recording a public hearing.

CNAV condemns, in the strongest possible terms, any threat that anyone makes against any
lawyer, journalist, or other person taking part in the political or
legal process, recording it for posterity, or simply watching it. This
applies especially to any threats that anyone might or might not have
made to Alexandra M. Hill or any member or employee of Genova, Burns,
Giantomasi and Webster.

But CNAV also knows its rights under the Constitution and New Jersey law. Therefore, CNAV will not remove any video footage
that it took at the New Jersey Obama eligibility hearing. Baer and
Haggerty confirmed that they will not remove their footage, either.

Herewith the footage that has Lawyer Genova's boxers in a wad:

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/18...

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  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/18 21:38:54
    No, I will NOT comply with this arrogant, unfounded, ridiculous, and downright silly demand that someone is making, and not even knowing whom to make it to. I was a citizen journalist, making a perfectly permissible recording of a public hearing under NJAC 1:1 Section D. What's more, the judge gave his permission, and I distinctly heard him give it. For this lawyer to start burning up the phone lines A WEEK AFTER THE FACT is the stupidest thing that any lawyer on the whole Obama eligibility controversy has ever done. (So don't talk to me about Orly Taitz! Whatever you think of her, she never tried to pull a stunt like this.)

    But the real stunner is that Alexandra Hill got thrown off the case. This after a bunch of O-bots called that firm to complain about her performance. Play my video and you'll see what I'm talking about, and what caused all the excitement.

    (And before anybody asks: no, I do NOT condone anyone making death threats against Miss Hill, and I don't care WHO IT IS.)

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  • ducdodger 2012/04/20 16:46:06
    Freedom of speech, applies here. Well except when it involves Obama. Keep on fighting
  • Flamingolady 2012/04/20 16:45:40
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/04/20 16:20:56
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH ! Transparency !!! The truth be known is what is at the base of this and Obama is a fraud !!!!! Let the truth be known Obama's father was never an American !!!!!
  • apachehellfire65 2012/04/20 16:05:46
    i would tell them to stick it!
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/20 15:35:36
    Walter Harris
    he is an american get over it
  • katywon Walter ... 2012/04/20 19:48:05
    My thoughts exactly. He is an American by his mother and being born in Hawaii. If I were a Hawaiian I would be getting annoyed by this.
  • BIGBlac... Walter ... 2012/04/22 16:09:25
  • bleep 2012/04/20 15:32:35
    Obama sucks. Fight the represive socialists. The laws supported by the unions are a double standard to america. As a matterof fact unions are a double standard period
  • JanHopkins 2012/04/20 15:25:47
    First ammendment.
  • Grandpa 2012/04/20 14:06:01
    This is not yet a dictatorship >. Or is it ??? >> Lawyer equals , someone who spent 8 plus years learning to sercomvent the law not how to protect the consitution >> No money in that >>> Look to the ACLU to know how low a lawyer will go to make a buck
  • Shigyrl but outspoken on my... 2012/04/20 13:27:45
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    This whole court deal is like a John Grisham novel. I feel like I am hearing about a story that combines "The Pelican Brief," and "The Firm" combined. People on here think this is a joke. Nazi germany, Stalinist Russia, or the Italy of Mussolini. These are some scary times. Liberal or conservative it should not matter. No president of this country should behave as Obama is right now.
  • Griegg 2012/04/20 12:52:30
    There is no reason for you to take it down.
  • All American 2012/04/20 11:13:50
    All American
    You have a right to express your opinion about public affairs.
  • dandieselonian 2012/04/20 09:44:00
    try not to worry too much he will win in november
  • Shigyrl... dandies... 2012/04/20 13:22:58
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    You know what is sad you really don't get what is happening. This has nothing to do with hating or liking Obama. This is about his administration using strong arm tactics of fear and intimidation just like Hitler. To hide the garbage that is happening. You just wait. People like you keep supporting such tactics. The day will come if he is not defeated that some of your rights will be attacked or denied. There will be no one left to fight. People like Obama eat their own.
  • Charlie... Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 14:39:03
  • WinterLynn Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 14:45:13
  • dandies... Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 14:49:19
    I hate it when a black person gets brainwashed against one of her own . Believe it or not Obama is a huge milestone for minorities in America .
  • Shigyrl... dandies... 2012/04/20 15:24:02
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Ummm I don't know you, and really don't care to. Let's get something straight Obama is not one of my own because he has melanin in his skin. He is also not one of my own as he does not share the same history that I have as a descendent of a slave. His father was of pure african blood. I am not and neither is anyone in my family. As far as milestones for minorities in this country. He is not even close to being the biggest. There have been great black americans long before Obama became the poster child for the black community. I am sick of idiots like you acting like black people had never accomplished anything in American society till this SOB hit the scene. That before him we were not aware we could attain any goal we set our minds to. In my family attending college is the rule not the exception. So you can take that be down for your color folks elsewhere. I am down for preserving the American dream my ancestors fought long and hard to be able to pursue without racial road blocks. That apparently Obama insist on bringing back with his overuse of the race card.
  • JanHopkins Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 15:28:42
    High five!
  • Shigyrl... JanHopkins 2012/04/20 15:34:07
  • Diane S... Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 16:24:25
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Exactly !!!!!!
  • katywon Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 20:01:03
    You have a right to feel the way you do and to express it. Voting should be an individual decision and not criticized. Just because a lot of us disagree with you doesn't mean you shouldn't use your own brain and make your own choices. There have been many brilliant effective black men and they have risen to the top someway,somehow. (women). too. Good luck to you.
  • Shigyrl... katywon 2012/04/20 22:36:16
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Thank you I appreciate that respectful response.
  • Gohmert... Shigyrl... 2012/04/21 00:40:54
    Gohmert Pyle
    What's sad is that these are the kind of people who use terms like "House Negro(sanitized)" and "Uncle Tom". Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I'll take Larry Elder over Obama any day.
  • Shigyrl... Gohmert... 2012/04/21 00:59:25
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Don't I know it. They like to use those terms to disguise an otherwise racist mentality.
  • dandies... Shigyrl... 2012/04/21 02:59:09
    You got it bad nothing left to say to your unfortunate ass.
  • Shigyrl... dandies... 2012/04/21 04:12:47
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    The only unfortunate ass on here is you. To presume to think you can tell me how I should think and view our president. Simply because he has a few similar genetic markers there is supposed to be a connection. I think that is ridiculous. Do you tell someone who is Italian they are the same as someone from Spain. No because they aren't.
  • dandies... Shigyrl... 2012/04/21 21:48:09
    The ratio is 5 to 1......I type one word you type 5 that means if I typed 500 words you would type 6000 , its clear you love to run your mouth off hell you get the motormouth award of the day . congrats motormouth .
  • Shigyrl... dandies... 2012/04/22 06:16:57 (edited)
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    Well my grandmother used to call me the mouth of the south. It is apparent by your blanket statements. You need a bit of re-education. Because your ignorance on certain subjects is terrible.
  • dandies... Shigyrl... 2012/04/23 06:57:40
    I advise you to never shut your mouth if you do your tongue will beat your brain to death .Well hell you are a nice look young woman I will give you that !
  • Tombo Shigyrl... 2012/04/21 20:22:06
    I like the way you talk...very good!
  • ☆ Queen... dandies... 2012/04/20 23:05:48
    ☆ QueenAline
    thumbs up
    i take it back....my mistake
  • apacheh... Shigyrl... 2012/04/20 16:08:32
    i would not waste my breath. numb nuts like that one are the type that will sing all the way to the camps.
  • Shigyrl... apacheh... 2012/04/20 17:00:54
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    I said my peace and I am going to leave it at that.
  • golem48 2012/04/20 07:48:57
    He is an unAmerican 0bamanation..
  • shadow76 2012/04/20 06:46:55
    He isn't dictator yet!
  • Helene 2012/04/20 06:06:45
    It's called transparency !
  • S* 2012/04/20 04:29:36
    I watched the video, and even in the text of this post it says that everyone got their panties in a wad over a misrepresentation ( read LIE) about Ms Hill admitting that the birth certificate is a forgery. Further, I did not see in the video, anything about taking a video down, so once again, we are dealing with hearsay, and innuendo.

    What is evident is, the people arguing the case against Ms. Hill were completely inept. The judge, in no uncertain terms, told them that they had no legal standing, there was no way he could rule upon what they were arguing, and they refused to understand or believe him. Seems rather pitiful to me, they are barking up the wrong tree. But if someone wants to continue the conspiracy theory, go right ahead, facts and judges do not seem to have much influence upon some people.
  • A Lionh... S* 2012/04/20 15:01:16
    A Lionheart
    Exactly what i saw as well.

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