Obama Kills Fly During CNBC Interview. Is Barack Obama a secret ninja?

socallocal 2009/06/17 16:14:00
Yes, the way Barack Obama killed that fly proves it
No, Barack Obama is many things but not a ninja
I think Barack Obama's swift fly swat...
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President Barack Obama swiftly swatted a fly that was bothering him during a meeting with CNBC's John Harwood. Showing off his lightning fast reflexes, one has to wonder if he practices for times like those. Is Barack Obama actually a secret ninja?
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  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 16:52:03
    hello it is a PROFILE!
    and once again a little too late.
    so YOU FAIL!
    how is that being a hypocrite.
    SMFH, you really have no clue.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:11:49
    Your a hypocrite because you say keep cussing off the web yet you continue to cuss. What a dumb mother fucker you are.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:13:14
    what cussing have a done.
    show me it.
    i see no proof of me cursing.
    lmao, wow.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:15:55
    1.) SMFH
    3 times. Have fun
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:18:11 (edited)
    wtf? lol. you are seriously uneducated, stay in school, or go back.
    did write the whole f word out?.. no...
    while you did.
    you know i could report you and you could get kicked out for cussing out.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:20:24
    And you wouldn't for abbreviating it? And no I wouldn't get kicked out you dumb ass liberal man thing! But ya know...You're not even worth my time. And I'm in school ya dumb bitch. Where we have to think for ourselves and not what the dumb government has us to believe. you should try it. you'll probably have a panic attack and go jump off a bridge dumb Tranny.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:23:10
    oh really. i actually GRADUATED from school. HS that is.
    and i am going to college.
    and yes you would.
    you are VIOLATING the TOS!
    go read it if you haven't.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:24:54
    Lol. I'm still in HS. And in all AP classes so before you start saying that I need to stay in school you need to know that I am in school. And I don't understand the difference between wtf? and smfh.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:27:43
    you are still in hs and you are 20?!
    oh i am sorry.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:32:22 (edited)
    no..fake age. I'm 16...not that bad off.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:35:06
    lol. wow. don't lie about age, people don't like that.
    and stop the insulting, do you see me insulting you?
    no, i said you are a HYPOCRITE because you said sh*t about Obama.
    do you know him?
    i don't, that is why i don't criticize.
    you seemed ignorant so i replied asking wtf with the name calling.
    if you haven't noticed, this poll is not meant to be taken serious, it was intended for fun.
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:36:20
    A little back. You struck nerve. What do you expect?
    I don't know him but I know how he's ruined the country.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:39:01
    he just started.
    and why comment a poll intended for fun with such a RUDE comment?
  • James Nat™ 2009/06/19 17:40:31
    I coulda put alot worse.
  • Nat™ James 2009/06/19 17:42:11
    yes, and i would of criticized you more.
    so tell me, what will you put since you know him so well?
  • Rich James 2009/06/18 19:52:30
    smarter than putin
  • texasfisherdude 2009/06/18 17:25:31
    No, Barack Obama is many things but not a ninja
    secret ninja? I thought he was a secret mooooooslim
  • Shayes ™ 2009/06/18 17:11:58 (edited)
    I think Barack Obama's swift fly swat...
    Shayes ™
    I thought it was kind of cool but I'd be really impressed when he catches it with chopsticks. I wouldn't ever want to shake his hand though!

    barack obamas swift fly swat cool impressed catches chopsticks
  • Patriotic American 2009/06/18 17:10:57
    Yes, the way Barack Obama killed that fly proves it
    Patriotic American
    The fly was a metaphor for republican. I just love the way the RNC Rush, Newt, and Cheney are in a complete meltdown 25% republicant approval!
  • ALPEAUX 2009/06/18 17:08:18
    I think Barack Obama's swift fly swat...
    NOT A NINJA.....BUT he does have a black-belt in FLY-FU!

  • K®!§ 2009/06/18 16:58:46
    Yes, the way Barack Obama killed that fly proves it
    Lol. that is funny. How many presidents have u seen with mad skills like that??? He pwned that fly...
  • Buddy 2009/06/18 16:56:55
    Yes, the way Barack Obama killed that fly proves it
    I thought Obama was against capital punishment and torture.
  • Shayes ™ Buddy 2009/06/18 17:14:07
  • bookworm42 Buddy 2009/06/18 17:55:53

    He was just helping Spidy out!
  • Hobbit 2009/06/18 16:55:28
    No, Barack Obama is many things but not a ninja
    I can do that too. Whoopie. So I guess I am a sneaky ninja too. HAHAHAHAHA
  • dzynrbob 2009/06/18 16:52:08
    I think Barack Obama's swift fly swat...
    ...pissed off PETA.......so I strongly support him in killing that fly. And you liberals didn't think I could support him in anything. How shallow and close-minded you folks are?
  • bookworm42 dzynrbob 2009/06/18 17:58:36
    Hey now! I to am happy he pissed PETA off and I could be considered a liberal on some issues. What are you trying to do? Start a fight over something that alot of people can actually agree on?
  • dzynrbob bookworm42 2009/06/18 21:15:42
    Of course................KIDDING... sorta, maybe, almost
  • bookworm42 dzynrbob 2009/06/18 22:16:46

    All righty than!
  • MsTLynne dzynrbob 2009/06/18 19:18:06 (edited)
  • dzynrbob MsTLynne 2009/06/18 22:20:30
    Yes, they've gone way past common sense for treatment of animals into animal worship................by the way there IS an alternate organization that's much more reasonable.................the Human Society. Liberals and conservatives alike extoll the virtures of this front line organization who seeks to educate folks on responsible pet ownership and just common sense.

    The only PETA organizagtion that uses common sense is People Eating Tasty Animals.
  • xxxx 2009/06/18 16:47:16 (edited)
    I think Barack Obama's swift fly swat...
    Who the F*ck cares... Enough already. It's overkill.

    I have a sense of humor. Why not get him while he's in the John... barack obamas swift fly swat fck cares overkill humor john

    Oh wait... His sh*t doesn't stink because he's the 2nd coming...
  • Shayes ™ xxxx 2009/06/18 17:15:12
    Shayes ™
    Oh Daaaaaang! LOL!
  • xxxx Shayes ™ 2009/06/18 17:17:55 (edited)
  • Shayes ™ xxxx 2009/06/18 17:25:20
    Shayes ™

  • xxxx Shayes ™ 2009/06/18 18:18:34
    Thanks... someone got "offended" by Obamafro so I put up Obama & Bob the Builder & Don King... offended obamafro obama bob builder don king
  • Shayes ™ xxxx 2009/06/18 18:25:00
    Shayes ™
    I'm a black woman and I'm not offended. I thought the fro was funny. :D
  • xxxx Shayes ™ 2009/06/18 18:28:52
    Thank you... I'm just trying to show how absurd all of this is. You notice how much the "right" is hit daily by all the libs. The libs can dish it but they can't take it.

    I am a very serious person, our country's going to He** and people are still being distracted from the bigger picture. God Bless... check out my blogs/questions. Peace countrys people distracted bigger picture god bless check blogsquestions peace
  • MUGEN :... xxxx 2009/06/18 18:02:49
    MUGEN :: 無限
    posting racist pics i see...
  • xxxx MUGEN :... 2009/06/18 18:15:51
    What? Obama with an afro? Boy are you overly sensitive. Maybe you'd like to see Don King... obama afro boy overly sensitive don king

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