Obama is Trafficking Guns to Syria to aid Al-Qaeda

snipe 2012/11/21 17:00:15
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  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/11/26 16:49:42
  • Marek 2012/11/24 07:16:35
    0bama is arming Al Qaeda thus aiding an enemy which is treason.
  • OGMGS1 2012/11/24 02:09:12
  • Marek OGMGS1 2012/11/24 07:21:26
    The Muslim Brotherhood is no better than Al Qaeda. They assassinated president Anwar Sadat. Ayman Al Zawahiri who was part of the assassination plot is now head of Al Qaeda courtesy of bin Laden getting himself killed.
  • OGMGS1 Marek 2012/11/24 17:48:36
    Each Muslim Brotherhood branch is different. I admit that the Egyptian MB is a bit weird, but not all that dangerous anymore. The Syrian MB barely even qualifies as Conservative, and did lead a violent revolt against Hafez al Assad in the 1980's but Reagan and his infinite wisdom chose not to help them.
  • Marek OGMGS1 2012/11/24 21:01:47
    Yeah, right, and thanks to obama the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is in charge. If President Reagan refused to support MB in Syria then he did the right thing. 0bama is in for MB no matter what they do, even when they murder his ambassador and three other people. I consider MB everywhere to be the same no matter the slight differences. Helping them is helping Al Qaeda and that just shows how screwed up American election process is. The guy who could not get a security clearance to work as janitor in the white house actually runs things.
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2012/11/22 21:46:23
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Our hands are tied. Even if we wanted to do something about this, we couldn't. As Americans, we're too tied up in our families, our homes, our possessions.......we could never jeopardize our lifestyles to speak out against issues that will probably never touch us in OUR lifetimes. To hell with everybody else.............

    Had it not been for our patriotic and brave ancestors, we wouldn't be here right now! But we're not made of the same things that they were made out of! No way. It's like comparing steel to plastic.
  • redhorse29 2012/11/22 08:53:36
    Dead no.
  • Barbara Hasler 2012/11/22 08:15:36
    Barbara Hasler
    Why am I not surprised? This is the first time I heard about this. Did he announce that he was EOing an arms deal to what I would call an enemy of America? I think it is time for a shake down in DC. The clowns have gone too far and covered up too much. Let's get to the bottom of it and have a perp walk to settle our stomachs!
  • NoBama Man 2012/11/22 05:28:46
    NoBama Man
    Nobodies even talking about this...

    Libya's deputy interior minister says gunmen assassinated the security chief of the eastern city of Benghazi overnight.

    Omar al-Khadrawi says National Security Chief Col. Farag al-Dersi was shot dead while returning from work on Wednesday.

    "Three men opened fire, killed him and then fled the scene," he said, adding that it was unclear who is behind the killing.

    Ya think he may have known something about the assassination of Ambassador Stevens, or why the consulate was raided.......naaaaaaaah...just another AMAZING coincidence.

    And as usual...those with ANY connection to the boy blunder..., are quietly eliminated in the background...and NOBODY suspects a thing....

  • kaZappoo 2012/11/22 05:16:03
    of course he is ,,,stevens knew about ,,,and was gonna expose this ...just like andrew Breibart ,,there silenced !
  • santa6642 2012/11/22 02:08:35
    That is our obamanation at work.
  • Katherine 2012/11/22 01:41:21

    Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood
    Libya: al-Qaeda
    Syria: al-Qaeda
    Palestine: Hamas
  • Katherine Katherine 2012/11/22 04:43:02
    Btw... Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran.

  • Embalmer Katherine 2012/11/22 15:38:25
  • Katherine Embalmer 2012/11/22 20:50:49
    A conflict of interest with the decision making of this administration.
  • Embalmer Katherine 2012/11/22 23:56:17
  • Steve Katherine 2012/12/05 15:52:59
    Just imagine what the next four years will bring us!
  • ed 2012/11/22 01:26:59
    I don't doubt it for one tenth of a second.
  • Dj Gill 2012/11/22 00:50:33
    Dj Gill
    *yawn* old news, dude.
  • Israel Dj Gill 2012/11/25 00:20:19
  • JT For Political Reform 2012/11/22 00:30:18
    JT For Political Reform
    I wonder if some of those missing weapons are now pouring down on Israel?
  • Mike 2012/11/21 23:47:00
    What do you think was used to attack the consulate Benghazi
  • dubbie 2012/11/21 22:28:02
    Not surprising , We all heard there will be no rest till those responsible for the killing of four Americans are brought to justice , The only one who doing time is the video maker , So I guess in their minds Its a closed case . Al Queda is on the run alright , Running in laughter
  • texasred 2012/11/21 22:14:08
    I don't doubt it one bit.
  • snipe texasred 2012/11/21 23:05:38
  • RJeffreySavlov 2012/11/21 21:40:45
    Another step towards impeachment. Arming an enemy which is destined to destroy America. What the dumb ass doesn't get is that he is on the top of their list.
  • joefj2 2012/11/21 21:26:52
    I see no reason not to believe C.GreenThat Obama is Trafficking Guns. We have no responce from the white house for over 70 days now since the Benghazi attack, which we were told by BARRY SOETORO himself he would get to the bottom of it. Barry Soetoro
    Barry Soetoro
    Barry Soetoro
  • JT For ... joefj2 2012/11/22 00:32:38
    JT For Political Reform
    He did get to the bottom of it. He shoved it in the bottom drawer while he was out politicking.
  • Retta joefj2 2012/11/27 16:04:56
    Good photoshop job. Bar codes in 1981? Not sure they existed then.
  • jammer 2012/11/21 21:18:03
    par for the course we trained and armed Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. United States is by far the largest arms dealer in the world.Maybe it's time to stop arming the world.
  • JT For ... jammer 2012/11/22 00:33:16
    JT For Political Reform
    It may be time to start arming ourselves.
  • Steve JT For ... 2012/12/05 15:56:05
    We're the only ones this administration wants to disarm!
  • Lanikai 2012/11/21 20:53:27
    I absolutely believe this is accurate. I also think this is the Middle East fast and furious, which netted 4 American dead to cover the facts up. And it has been one lie after another since then.
  • J.L.Worley 2012/11/21 19:31:47
    Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  • Retta 2012/11/21 19:28:54
    Get a life. You are a rumor-mongor and part of the nationwide problem of hate.
  • RED DAWN Retta 2012/11/21 19:32:19
  • Retta RED DAWN 2012/11/27 16:10:41
    Floyd Brown is a far-right-wing manager/loser-of-presidential campaigns. Don't believe everything you read on these partisan sites. The hate they spew and unfounded accusations they make are ridiculous. Time will tell.
  • JT For ... Retta 2012/11/22 00:34:04
    JT For Political Reform
    Spoken like a true Obot. LMAO!
  • Pedro D... Retta 2012/11/22 05:01:57
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Hate is trendy isn't it? When did you start using it? Is there a 3 letter acronym for it? Something that could be used on Twitter or a text message, maybe Facebook.

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