Obama is already being called the “Black Plague”

Javimendo 2010/01/05 22:43:31
Collectivist cannibalism appears to be the soup du jour all over Washington of late. Liberal contemporaries are jumping off of the “Good Ship Lolli-Propaganda” as fast as they can locate a flotation device as their political survival seems more important than their belief in the nebulous nonsense of “hope and change”.. Word has it that Obama is already being called the “Black Plague” relative to the 2010 elections..

Liberals have been mysteriously deciding not to run for office and they just got finished trying to look like tough guys by picking on old “Pat” Napolitano over the Christmas Day attempt.. If they really meant what it was that they were saying and doing other than just trying to put on a show for the constituents, they would step over to the Republican column.. Yes, the liberals aren’t passing any “hope and change” mash notes to each other any more..

The “Hug a Thug” leftist mentality has now circled back around to Guantanamo Bay as the liberals are still puling and peeing themselves over the horrors of nude pyramids and the travesty of not enough prayer rugs for the terrorists housed there. The sublime has become the ridiculous as the talk of sending terrorist captives to Illinois seems to be on the back burner only to be replaced by the imbecilic idea of just “sending them home”.. After swapping spit with their liberal liberators, the “reformed” terrorists will skip out with a “Hope and Change” coloring book, a Rodham autographed purple pantsuit and burka combination for the bovine back home and a fresh pack of Fruit of the Looms complete with a sewing kit so they can get back to the work of being mindless Mooselims searching vainly for their seventy two virgins..

Obama sent John O. Brennan, Obama’s “top counterterrorism adviser”, to hit the Sunday morning talk shows in order to drum up support for the latest liberal bombshells.. Literally. Why Brennan would have signed on and sold out his dignity to shill for the liberal lunatics as a “counterterrorism adviser”, a group that thinks terrorism is motivated by poverty, is surprising. Brennan went forth and sang the party song but as a “counterterrorism adviser” he had to be gagging on the script demanded by his socialist supervisor..

In “Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen” (fox news), we learn that the transfers will continue “if the administration deems them warranted..” Here is a new term for the liberal vocabulary: “terrorist recidivism”.. What will Obama have his carnival of commies do to “prove” that the little terrorists are “reformed”? Will he demand a comfy “exit interview” with beanbag chairs all around and a warm cup of cocoa? “Mr. Abdullah Moofta al-Abdul Ali Ba Ba Muhammed Abdul Muhammed, were you offered sufficient opportunities to completely express your rage at the infidel through your finger painting classes? How about through your ‘Death to America’ interpretive dance classes? Did the cathartic cleansing calisthenics or the ‘the liberals really love me’ prayer rugs sufficiently quench your thirst for western imperialist blood?”

The inexperienced Obama, without a clue about this topic and so many others, is going to be in charge of this imbecilic idea of telling the terrorists that they are in “time out” and then sent home? “Catch and release” may be great for trout but it isn’t a great idea with terrorists..

One has to hope that Brennan doesn’t believe in the Demokratic dialogue that they are feeding him.. He said, “the Guantanamo facility must be closed. It has served as a propaganda tool for al-Qaeda..” If I may clarify, western culture (or that which is left since the left has been systematically assaulting it..) capitalism and western civilization are the propaganda tools for al-Qaeda, then stir in one bearded berserk “imam” and add the familiar text. Guantanamo Bay is nothing more than another propaganda tool for recruiting liberals here in America.

“We’re not going to, though, do anything that is going to put American security at risk..” Lets review: Take a terrorist, send him home with a note to his parents along with a pack of Obama fascist flash cards to review at his leisure.. “We’re not going to do anything that is going to put American security at risk..”

The liberals DO NOT have the safety and security of America and it’s citizens as a “priority”. As a matter of fact, the idea doesn’t even cross their radar screens. Their “priority” is protecting the snivel rights of those with rug burns on their foreheads and malice in their hearts so that they may complete their “missions” without impediment..

Obama can claim that this “idea” was one that he “inherited” from Bush as this loathsome practice took place during his administration as well. As the typically perspicacious liberal wizard, can’t Obama see that he should end this mistake as opposed to continuing it? This may be tricky because the liberals will do ANYTHING in order to get the people that they admire to like them.. Don’t forget that according to Brennan, “we do this in a very commonsense fashion”.. Nothing that Obama has done since January 21st of last year has had anything to do with “commonsense” and this calamity is no different..

Six terrorists released by Obama to Yemen have been “handed over to their families” in what had to be a wonderful liberal Kodak moment.. They also had a lawyer with them, one Ahmed al-Arman.. According to “Yemeni security officials”, (about as useless as Michael Moore’s conditioning coach..) “the six gave guarantees that they would not leave the country, would not associate with terror groups and would report regularly to the police..”

Oh boy, once the Yemeni’s start laying out the asinine aphrodisiac and the communist cat nip of “guarantees” for the socialist softies, the only thing that is left to do is to sign a “treaty” of some kind, award yourself another Noble Prize and terrorism will cease to be a threat to the world.. The liberals believed the Russians and their “guarantees” during the Cold War. The liberals love to “believe” any terrorist, communist or criminal.. Topping it all off, Obama continues “to work with the Yemeni government” which will be as productive as working with any of these faux governments who are simply running interference for the religious terrorists and their appeasers within their borders.

Close Guantanamo? The liberals don’t have access to the site, they can’t march and protest on the grounds. They can’t spit upon American soldiers who are doing their duty. The liberals have no access to their terrorist accomplices when they are tried militarily. No ACLU. No smelly bicycle riding Bolsheviks and their stupid lawyer tricks.. No CAIR or any other terrorist apologists. The liberals aren’t allowed in, THAT is why they want it closed and all of its contents moved to a more friendly domestic atmosphere..

Brennan said that “some of these individuals are going to be transferred back to Yemen at the right time and the right pace and in the right way..” Here is a clue for Brennan and his overseer, “the right time” would be now, “the right pace” would as fast as possible and “in the right way” would be in some very attractive pine boxes..

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  • rjmac7 2010/01/05 22:50:14
    I think that is an understatement, as The Black Plague killed many people, but Obama is killing Companies, Banks, Wall Street, Corporations, Cities, States and people as well

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  • bluediamond 2011/07/06 11:50:24
    People on my Facebook say this story on Obama is a virus, is this true?
  • ♥ Lady Darkness ♥ 2010/01/14 04:25:13
    ♥ Lady Darkness ♥
    bwahaahaha it's kinda true....more than kinda.
  • Bear 2010/01/07 18:28:13
    We would have done better with THIS guy as president.
    guy president

    HE'S not gray!
  • nightlight 2010/01/07 01:15:48
    It's almost amusing to hear a person like John O. Brennan speak with such confidence, self assurance, and self righteous authority as he belches out Obama's idiotic plans for Guantanamo and it's prisoners. After Obama is hanged, Brennan should be shot.
  • Deere G... nightlight 2010/01/07 02:46:49
    Very well said........Thank you.......
  • Sandy nightlight 2010/01/08 06:34:08
    Would that it all were so... (i.e. Obutthead hung...etc..)
  • hook 2010/01/06 20:05:29
    arrrgh!! arrrgh arrrgh
  • Mrs. V 2010/01/06 19:25:30
    Mrs. V
    That's a great moniker for Obama the Opaque.
  • Javimendo Mrs. V 2010/01/06 20:21:50
    Obama the Opaque - good one!
  • Old Timer 2010/01/06 17:53:27
    Old Timer
    They'll be dragging out the CARCASES IN NOVEMBER 2010!!!
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2010/01/06 13:53:53
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Give them a special plane ride home. plane ride home
  • Gun665 2010/01/06 13:52:39
  • Brenna 2010/01/06 10:20:10
    Just saw a minute ago Chris Dodd is not running for reelection. Oh, the blood is in the water!
  • Deere G... Brenna 2010/01/07 02:48:23
    He knows he's doomed.......The tea leaves that have been read are not in his favor.......
  • Bear Brenna 2010/01/07 18:04:12
  • Brenna Bear 2010/01/09 21:35:48
    They are dropping like flies! dropping flies
  • mike 2010/01/06 06:34:03
    if obama played chess my cat can beet him just pawing pieces
  • 12 Tone Melody 2010/01/06 06:31:04
    12 Tone Melody
    But does Obama play chess with Death as they tour Europe?
  • Conservative in California 2010/01/06 06:28:25
    Conservative in California
    kill all the terrorists now. Solves the Gitmo problem too!
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2010/01/06 06:00:19 (edited)
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Send them home in Leather covered Pine boxes. 'Swine' leather to be precise.
  • Sandy Bureauc... 2010/01/08 06:36:04
    If only they would give them the same diseases they gave our guys in Vietnam and Desert Storm... hmmmm
  • Lucy formerly of Finchley 2010/01/06 04:02:32
    Lucy formerly of Finchley
    The “Good Ship Lolli-Propaganda.”

    ship lolli-propaganda
  • DaytonaFrank 2010/01/06 03:06:48 (edited)
    The "Black Plague"

    I love it, and it totally fits!

    The destruction of America by one single disease.

    Voter stupidity.

    black plague love totally fits destruction america disease voter stupidity
  • super1samuel 2010/01/06 02:52:19
    First..i understand that some of us disagree strongly with Obama's policys. This being said..this is America. Most Obama fans will try to force feed their side down your throats..as this has already wonderfully happend to me in another thread of this area. But i took a stand because i believe what i believe.
    However, i got to be honest..calling Obama The Black Plague is going way to far. President Obama like others are doing what they can. However his way is not the only way. This is something President Obama doesn't understand. He is a bully and least qualified.
    Just to compare leader boards...i would be happier right now if Sarah Palin were President. At least she is consistant and stands up for herself even when it looks like she is wrong..She is even more qualified comparable to the elitest we have in office right now. She is quite the nice looking woman to.
    I'm sorry you guys get the oppitornity to read my entry over again...but i do have a right to state my opinion.
  • Deere G... super1s... 2010/01/07 02:55:51
    I have no problem with your opinion but calling Obama the Black plague is very fitting.....this man is trying to totally reform America on the backs of our veterans and our elderly and the taxpaying citizens.....he has masked a debt unheard of in just 11 short months......if this health care mess passes, it will kill this country.......we can not afford this health care boondoggle.....all the transparency he talked about in his campaign........8 different times he yelled C-SPAN!!.......We're gonna show the debate on C-span so you can see who the back door dealers are......you're gonna see what part, congressman or senator is blocking progress.........Oh sure he is......He has allowed Pelosi and Reid run his presidency.......they have ruined any chance he has to be elected. Not only that he may very well be the first lameduck president after only 2 years in office......He's the biggest electoral mistake in the history of this country........the Chicago Mafia is running his presidency......he is doomed.....
  • super1s... Deere G... 2010/01/07 03:14:23
    I understand to a degree why this is being done. But really how mature are we showing others to be when this happens to them. I understand Obama is doomed..and trust me i don't like him either...i just would think the world would expect us to act as an example not a judge. He will get one eventually. He will pay his price..if not in this lifetime..then in the afterlife.
  • Deere G... super1s... 2010/01/07 04:00:58
    I can respect your feelings, but he brought this all on himslef.......he promised transparency over and over, yet every thing now is being done in secrecy......
  • super1s... Deere G... 2010/01/07 04:19:49
    i do understand.
  • Deere G... super1s... 2010/01/07 04:34:52
    I thought you would......you appear to be a very logical and pragmatic thinking person.......
  • Bear super1s... 2010/01/07 18:05:52
    Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler had opinions, too...
  • super1s... Bear 2010/01/07 19:40:49 (edited)
    Your right..but unlike those guys i neither desire power...nor the intelligence to take over anything. So you can stop being offended anytime you would like. We are all free to our own opinions as its protected by the Constitution.
  • apachehellfire65 2010/01/06 02:52:15 (edited)

    they cant defend their actions and are now running for their lives.
  • Deere G... apacheh... 2010/01/07 02:58:34
  • super1s... Deere G... 2010/01/07 03:17:35
    Nice picture...this does is to me more correct then calling him the black plague..the titanic disaster is a nice twist to.
  • Deere G... super1s... 2010/01/07 04:02:59 (edited)
    He's trying to totally dismantle and reform this country and people are scared.......now they're getting very angry......they do not want socialism.....more like communism.......
  • super1s... Deere G... 2010/01/07 04:20:54
  • Deere G... super1s... 2010/01/07 04:35:33
  • apacheh... Deere G... 2010/01/07 04:03:13
    these planes are more obummers speed.
  • Carl 2010/01/06 02:39:56
    President Obama will go down in history on at least two points - the least qualified president ever elected and idealistic values that destroyed our economy.
  • Molly 2010/01/06 02:03:53
    Great Post.

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