Obama got away with running for President the first time around without being elligible, so the question is will we allow it to happen the second time around? Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Al C. 2011/11/21 23:34:45
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  • darcie lamar 2011/11/21 23:49:45
    None of the above
    darcie lamar
    Obama has never stopped running for POTUS. He has never been vetted properly. There are many reasons to question his eligibility. If we do question we are labeled as racist, rednecks or crazy. Take your pick. Meanwhile Rome is burning.

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  • santanasmooth 2011/11/22 13:08:48
    None of the above
    He was vetted like any other president, you fools should concentrate o9n the real issues.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/22 20:41:37
    Al C.
    If that were the case he wouldn't be President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/23 04:01:51
    not true but keep beating a dead horse, it will make you guys easier to beat
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 00:57:15 (edited)
    Al C.
    The fact that he's illegal is a real issue and he won't get away with it this time around!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 04:14:07
    you keep dreaming
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 04:17:41
    Al C.
    Keep supporting the imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 04:19:13
    Makes no difference too me, but keep wasting your time if that makes you feel important.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 04:26:08
    Al C.
    He usurped the office and everyone knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 04:29:37
    no only fools like the birthers believe it.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 09:42:24 (edited)
    Al C.
    You'd have to be an idiot not too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 12:26:47
    lol when you meds kick in you will see it doesn't matter he is in your not. Weather he is just a one term or not, they will never let the info out . I hope you guys keep harping about this makes you look like complete morons.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 12:30:25
    Al C.
    When you say "they'll never let the info out" it tells me you know he's illegal too??????????????
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 12:40:46
    No on that small chance they would never let the info out. They vetted him you guys lost you put the John McCain against him, quit whining if you don't like him go after the policies. This birther crap makes you look weak. That works for me though so keep it up.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 12:46:28 (edited)
    Al C.
    The information is already out and Judge Carter stated it best when he dismissed the case from his court, stating, "It's not up to the courts to remove a sitting President, it's up to Congress, or they can ammend the Constitutoion to keep him"!
    The only problem being the Demonrats in Congress are just as crooked as Odumbo is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 12:47:35
    your bias and delusion are duly noted
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 12:55:25
    Al C.
    What ever happened to our elected officials who swore an oath to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution, or does that matter to you????????????????
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 13:00:39
    Not really, but he is upholding it , you guys just don't like that it's not one of you
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 13:09:44 (edited)
    Al C.
    If the Constitution doesn't matter to people like you then it won't be long before we'll have no freedom. Don't you realize that the more contol the government has over our lives the less freedom we have? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the only documents that protect those freedoms so defend them or you can follow Obama right to hell where he resides???????????????
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 13:13:26
    You getting senile there, you so called freedom has been eroding for 8 years before Obama even came on the scene. If you think it's going to get better just because you have a republican in place your dreaming.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 13:17:03
    Al C.
    More Government means less freedom, plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 13:22:13
    You ignored my statement, who is going to restore your freedom that you claim to have lost or are loosing?
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 13:38:19
    Al C.
    Not Obama that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 16:13:29
    so you got nothing. that cool
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 16:33:07
    Al C.
    Obama's a fool and not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 16:36:47
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 16:38:58 (edited)
    Al C.
    Obama couldn't solve a problem if the solution came up and bit him right in the ass, so any of the current Republicans running could do a better job with their eyes closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 16:48:34
    Again your just running your mouth, I've given you ample opportunity to make a case why you guys are the better choice.
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 16:55:17
    Al C.
    1. Less spending
    2. Smaller government.
    3. Cut the deficit.
    4. Balance the budget.
    5. Energy independence.
    6. Close down the borders.
    7. Stop Iran from going nuclear.
    8. Stimulate the economy.
    9. Put people back to work.
    10. Create affortable healthcare.
    Note to Santana: everything Odumbo's failed to do!!!!!!!!
  • santana... Al C. 2011/11/24 16:59:52
    lol An you have no idea how too do any of them. number ten was a joke right?
  • Al C. santana... 2011/11/24 17:50:49 (edited)
    Al C.
    No joke, affortable healthcare is more than possible by simply passing tort reform along with allowing people to purchase insurance across State lines which Democrats refuse support because they're in bed with both insurance companies and trial lawyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 11B1P 2011/11/22 12:52:37
    None of the above
    I sure as hell wouldnt vote for him.
  • mwg0735 2011/11/22 04:54:25
  • Al C. mwg0735 2011/11/22 10:28:59
    Al C.
    I hope you're right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dubbie 2011/11/22 01:48:23
    None of the above
    Give the next generation a chance, vote no
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2011/11/22 01:34:41
    Over my dead body!
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    every one I see and talk to on here KNOW I am working to unseat that userper
  • Tin Man 2011/11/22 00:27:28
    None of the above
    Tin Man
    Impeachment sure sounds like the best idea to me too. As sound judgment, legal and logical as well.
  • Al C. Tin Man 2011/11/22 01:31:00
    Al C.
    I'll second that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Patriot Unit 2011/11/22 00:25:40
    None of the above
    Patriot Unit
    Well, when did he stop running for, or from being president. He has done nothing less sense day one. If those who voted for him the first time vote again for him, then they will get exactly what they allowed to be created. Socialism, laced with Progressive-ism, and Communism.
  • Al C. Patriot... 2011/11/22 01:32:56 (edited)
    Al C.
    Unfortunately there is no shortage of dumb-ass people in this country who will vote the idiot despite the horrendous job he's doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ron the Realist 2011/11/22 00:18:45
    He did it once; he'll do it again!
    Ron the Realist
    Here's a Youtube link that expresses unsaid phrases perfectly.

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