Obama, Gore, tied to Chicago carbon exchange!!!

The connections to Wall Street are worth further investigation. Derivatives bankers? Also, one thing the author of this article neglected to mention is that Al Gore’s business partner in this endeavour is Henry Paulson: http://www.blnz.com/news/2008/05/13/Money_Connections_Behind_... and Goldman Sachs: http://statismwatch.ca/2008/09/13/goldman-sachs-alumni-hold-r... Yes, that Henry Paulson - the former Treasury Secretary and architect of the bankster bailouts under former President Bush.

A combination of interesting mainstream and alternative media reports reveal compelling links between president Obama and a privately owned carbon trading group, which also has direct ties with elitist groups such as the Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission.

Judi McLeod’s excellent article for Canada Free Press, which she expanded from a Fox News piece, highlights how years before he became president, Obama helped directly fund a carbon trading exchange that will likely play a critical role in the proposed cap-and-trade carbon reduction program.

The charity was the Joyce Foundation on whose board of directors Obama served and which gave nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were “instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, which now calls itself “North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.”

Essentially Obama helped fund the profiteers of the carbon taxation program that he is now seeking to steer through Congress.

McLeod also notes that The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has direct ties to both Al Gore and Maurice Strong, two figures intimately involved with a long standing movement to use the theory of man made global warming as a mechanism for profit and social engineering.

Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offset opportunities, is the largest shareholder of CCX.

While Maurice Strong, who is regularly credited as founding father of the modern environmental movement, serves on the board of directors of CCX. Strong was a leading initiate of the Earth Summit in the early 90s, where the theory of global warming caused by CO2 generated by human activity was most notably advanced.

While McLeod’s article highlights the cronyism and corporate dealings behind this set up, we should also add the fact that both Gore and Strong come from a stable of elite groups that have long sought to use the environmental movement to advance their agendas.

Strong, who was groomed by David Rockefeller to eventually serve as Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome.

Gore too comes from the Club of Rome clique.

Lets take a look at the connections these groups have to the environmental movement.

In 1990, writes veteran reporter Jim Tucker, the Bilderbergers adopted climate change as the preferred model to impose global government and reintroduce serfdom. “Like the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group discovered the issue of environmental deterioration. Bilderbergers embraced a report from the Trilateral Commission that year on the environment, because the potential profit in cleaning up the mess would be immense.”

The following year, the Club of Rome think tank published The First Global Revolution, a book suggesting a draconian neo-Malthusianism approach will solve the world’s “problems”, in fact a problem the global elite has with humanity.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill,” the book states. “All these dangers are caused by human intervention,” and thus the “real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

Richard Haass, the current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, expanded on this topic in his article, State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era. According to Haass, a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming and terrorism, both invented as the Club of Rome suggested.

“Some governments are prepared to give up elements of sovereignty to address the threat of global climate change,” writes Haass. “The goal should be to redefine sovereignty for the era of globalization, to find a balance between a world of fully sovereign states and an international system of either world government or anarchy.”

In the past, the Club of Rome has resorted to deceptive tactics in order to support their plans. In 1972, the Club of Rome, along with an MIT team released a report called Limits to growth. The report stated that we were to reach an environmental holocaust by the year 2000 due to overpopulation and other environmental problems. Support for their conclusions was gathered by results from a computer model. Aurelio Peccei, one of the founders of the Club of Rome, later confessed that the computer program had been written to give the desired results.

As we reported two years ago, During the secretive Trilateral Commission group meeting in March 2007, elitists gathered to formulate policy on how best they could exploit global warming fearmongering to ratchet up taxes and control over how westerners live their lives.

Why is this so concerning? Because groups such as the Club of Rome are contracted out by our own governments and the UN to prepare ‘Policy Guidance Documents’ which they use in formulating their policies and programs. How come the Club of Rome gets the gig? Simply because many high ranking UN and government officials are also CoR members, or have direct corporate ties to members. The same goes for the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

A recently unearthed documentary that sought to expose this agenda at its inception is George Hunt’s excellent research piece on the environmental movement.

Considering the information unearthed concerning Obama’s links to all of this, it is not surprising that he is now pushing the “cap-and-trade” carbon tax program, which in reality represents a war on the middle and working classes.

Prior to the election, Obama called for drastically reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent, a move that would inflict a new Great Depression, cost millions of jobs, and sink America to near third world status.

The 80 per cent figure is a huge leap towards the ultimate goal, expressed by the Carnegie Institute last year and afforded sober credibility by the corporate media - a complete reduction down to zero carbon emissions.

As we have previously noted, such a move would lead to the near complete reversal of hundreds of years of technological progress and man’s return to the stone age.

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  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2009/06/23 17:32:57 (edited)
    Thanks Ripped. I was waiting for todays "revelation about Obama" to come out. Every day it is something else. When will it ever end? When will Americans wake up to what is happening in America?

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  • Dan Right 2009/07/11 05:54:31
    Dan Right
    Even Revelle, God rest his soul, changed his mind about global warming. Revelle is said to be the grandfather of the movement. Al Gore learned about this scam while studing in Harvard.

    Here's a fact that they don't tell you. The polar ice caps on Mars are melting at the same rate as the Earths. Did we cause that too? They are talking about controling CO2 emmissions CO2 represents .04% thats 4 100ths of 1 % of the Earths total atmosphere. This is maddness!
  • DavE 2009/06/30 08:18:18
    Grrrrr. Thanks for sharing this information.
    These are our enemies, creating schemes to make billions by stealing from us. But they aren't enemies of the current state, are they? It's all part of the Obama government's blend of marxism/socialism/fascism. His hope and change new world order. If we don't get politicians out of government starting 2010 and replace them with people who know, understand and live the principles our great nation was founded on, all will be lost. These traitors are the real axis of evil today and need some feedback and social engineering from our side.
  • Andy 2009/06/30 02:30:40
    sign the kyoto protocol
  • bonehead15329 2009/06/30 01:00:49
    What??? You mean our Dear Leader and Al Gore are in it for the,,, m-m-money??? What a shock!!! (NOT)

    Man made global warming is a total farce, and a huge scam. I hope at least 51 of our U.S. Senators realize that.
  • Mike 2009/06/29 20:29:29
    I think a lot of us knew he had to have connections that he would have to pay back their support. connections pay support

    .Carbon Tax....big money.

    ....Gangster Government!
  • BadDog 2009/06/29 20:06:26
    This has been talked about before on SH...
  • BadDog 2009/06/29 20:01:19
    It's not just OB, it's all the past presidents back to HW Bush. To the Trilateral Comm and the Bilderberg Group the world is a big game of chess, and we are merely pawns. Live with it or go into national politics. comm bilderberg group world game chess pawns live national politics
  • TisMe 2009/06/29 16:56:33
    With all this 'evidence' against Obama growing, it's a miracle the corrupt man-child isn't being prosecuted to date.
    evidence obama growing miracle corrupt man-child prosecuted date
  • frengirl 2009/06/29 16:40:49
    I'm beginning to think that's their goal, to downgrade this country to one of the pooresr. China will not have to abide by these restrictions so will be able to loan us more money. If those mentioned in the article were actually involved in this collusion I would not be surprised. They will do anything it takes to make a few? bucks at our expense. I am sick to death of them all
  • TisMe frengirl 2009/06/29 17:00:59 (edited)
    I'm sick of them ALL READY too! Can you imagine '4 more years of Bush at it's worse' (since he ran on Bush bashing). In noting the difference in their characters, Bush has NOT said one nasty thing about Obama to date -- and he has a lot to bash that guy about!
  • frengirl TisMe 2009/06/29 17:40:12
    I think you would have to describe his reticence to CLASS
  • BadDog frengirl 2009/06/29 20:03:47
    When China becomes a little more rich and less communist, they will be 'allowed' to join the Bilderburg Group.
  • Friday 2009/06/29 16:24:09
    Are the terms "Politician" and "Incest" related? Silly question! Politicians always sleep with their Sisters and Brothers! "Crap & Tax" is a classic example of enriching the insider and screwing the sheepeople! just "incest" in our politically correct world!

    VOTE THE "TURD HERD" OUT!! insider screwing sheepeople incest politically correct world vote turd herd
  • TisMe Friday 2009/06/29 17:01:37
    'Turd' is too nice a turd, but I get the drift.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2009/06/29 16:14:53
    Wow...shocking...actually, not really, I saw this coming with the cap and tax bill
  • Charge 2009/06/29 16:08:56
    Thanks for the post... The fleecing of America continues.
  • Nozzghoull 2009/06/29 10:13:20
    Thanks Ripped. I heard a great deal of this on Jerry Doyle's radio show. Was there any doubt lol...
  • Dwight Mann 2009/06/29 10:07:59
    Dwight Mann
    It certainly sounds like a conflict of interest on Fauxbamas part to me.

    sounds conflict fauxbamas
  • santa6642 2009/06/29 00:47:57
    the obamanation is a known liar and finnally the truth is leaking out, I hope the dam breaks soon and the whole store about the corruption that bho is involved in will be known.Including BS leader ozone gore.
  • Old Soldier 2009/06/28 15:50:22 (edited)
    Old Soldier
    In truth, this all started years ago with the "The Community Reinvestment Act" which was singed into law, by Carter, on which was built the Democrat ventures, Fanny Mae, and Freddy Mac. Community Reinvestment Act sounds real good doesn't it. And perhaps a simple "bumpkin" like Carter could not see the corruptive doors this "act" would open. Clinton made it into the economy killing "act" that brought on the U.S. financial meltdown. When Clinton allowed the banks in New york to invest in my community, which, by the way, are not part of my community here in Florida, he mad it into an abomation.

    A community is a group of neighbors, usually within a small area, which can contain a few square miles, but there is no way that Rome is in my community. Therefore, when Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement, and linked it to the Community investment Act, he created a world wide monster. Now, perhaps you will understand why I call all politicians "Educated Idiots". Those that arn't, but allowed these abomations grow, they elevated themselves to that status. If the general population agreed with the politicians, Dito to them as well.

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