Obama foreign policy

iamnothere 2012/09/23 13:38:07
obama foreign policy

obama foreign policy

obama foreign policy

obama foreign policy

obama foreign policy

obama foreign policy
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  • Lordphoton999 *AFCL* 2012/09/23 20:51:26
    Lordphoton999 *AFCL*
    What do you expect from a man that has no experience whatsoever to run this great nation? 1234
  • ruthannhausman 2012/09/23 19:43:41
    All of your posted cartoons are extremely amusing -- until I think about the fact that they're all too true. Then it's just plain sad. But good collection, excellent points made in an entertaining and civil way. Congrats to that!
  • iamnothere ruthann... 2012/09/23 19:57:03
    agreed one does not need to be uncivil
  • ruthann... iamnothere 2012/09/23 20:29:08
    Yay, civilization may yet endure throughout all these trials and tribulations. I'm happy to hear that. I have to admit that sometimes I get tired of reading or getting beat down by someone who chooses to insult my intelligence or call me some odious names, especially when they don't even know me, and my knee-jerk reaction takes over and I blast back. But I am working hard on eliminating that reaction because it accomplishes absolutely nothing. I want to know that there is at least a smattering of hope that conversations I have with people, for instance on SH, can actually persuade someone to change his or her mind about an important subject. Unfortunately, when one lets loose with uncomplimentary rhetoric, the audience goes away and the opportunity to make a difference likewise disappears.

    So, basically, I haven't 100% gotten there, but I sure am working hard on trying to talk with strangers who disagree with me and actually getting an intelligent back-and-forth going so that we can all see both sides of the coin before jumping to a decision. It's a healthy challenge. Meanwhile, however, I will stumble, I'm sure, and revert back to my Neanderthal days. Hopefully not often, though. :)
  • iamnothere ruthann... 2012/09/23 20:37:52
    I try to use this philosophy.. hard on the problems easy on the people.. sometimes I just so frustrated.. when offering ideas and commentary and all I get back is something like you are wrong but nothing to substantiate their viewpoint
  • ruthann... iamnothere 2012/09/25 09:31:29
    Yep, I know just what you mean. Extremely frustrating, I agree wholeheartedly!
  • Farnsworth 2012/09/23 15:19:05
    Ha! to funny and to true
  • mrdog 2012/09/23 15:05:22
    Communist... forward...bark
  • krayzrick 2012/09/23 13:54:35
    Everything Obama does, he does to help along HIS agenda, which is to bring down America. If you haven't figured that out yet, your just stupid...
  • iamnothere krayzrick 2012/09/23 13:58:12
    seems at this point 47% are stupid
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/09/23 13:40:10
    Muslim outreach to the detriment of America and Americans ............ that's it folks ..............
  • Who wants a cupcake? 2012/09/23 13:39:57
  • Red_Horse 2012/09/23 13:38:50

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