Obama et al (socialism) vs conservative view of economics Spending out of control.. no way to repay... at what cost to the country?

iamnothere 2011/05/02 14:54:40
It is just possible that this sort of video is what it takes to break thru the thick skulls of mush that we call our kids

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  • Quazimoto 2011/05/02 18:23:57
    For some reason the educated idiots in Washington think they can buy or spend the country's way out of bankruptcy. What a great education Yale and Harvard offer.
  • iamnothere Quazimoto 2011/05/02 18:47:07
    yes everything except common sense
  • Tat 2011/05/02 15:51:54
    Well, you see who won. Not because he won the fight, but because the government said so. This is the reason "We the People" are not heard.
    Socialism will not work, it never has and never will. All the National Socialists seem to forget a pretty big truth. Socialism is never permanent, it is always followed by some form of communism, oligarchy or dictatorship.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/05/02 15:29:13
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    The problem has to be dealt with or our country will go bankrupt.
  • Lynn 2011/05/02 15:19:54
    The only way to save America is to end the entitlment mentality.

    Social safety nets are fine. Social aid as a way of life is killing the US.
  • lulzifer 2011/05/02 15:07:57
    Socialism is the public and collective ownership and administration of the means of production (buildings, factories, machines, tools).
    Obama has neither supported, advocated, nor implemented anything along these lines, and therefore he can not be called a socialist by anyone who knows what the word means.
  • mchappell2 lulzifer 2011/05/02 15:17:00
    BS Sir....How soon you forget GM...Doesn't matter if they bought their share or not....They got involved...Oh...Don't forget Chrysler either
  • iamnothere lulzifer 2011/05/02 15:25:50
    odd how the Government under your buddy.. has made the US the biggest owner of GM.. how we are the biggest owner of Chrysler.. (even though we gave a big chunk to Fiat)
    Funny how under his regime we now have 10 times more regulations. Obamacare controlling how we will loose our quality of life.. and health.. how long have you had your head in the sand?? and why dont you actually look at reality rather than the the Alphabet networks for your propaganda?
  • lulzifer iamnothere 2011/05/02 16:01:33
    "obamacare" you like to call it, makes neither the hospitals nor insurance companies government property. On the contrary, it forces you to get private insurance and be at their mercy.
  • iamnothere lulzifer 2011/05/02 17:35:15
    what it is has another name.. but I doubt seriously from your comments.. that you would understand ... it is always the socialists (progressives) goal to use it.. One only has to look at history..

  • lulzifer iamnothere 2011/05/02 17:45:47
    Socialism is not fascism, and "progressives" (whatever that slur means to you) are not socialists.
    I am not suprised that you don't know that.
  • iamnothere lulzifer 2011/05/02 18:01:10
    no but government control of business is.. Regulations under this slime bucket have increased 10 fold..a "fascist regime" is foremost an authoritarian form of government, although not all authoritarian regimes are fascist. Authoritarianism is thus a defining characteristic, but most scholars will say that more distinguishing traits are needed to make an authoritarian regime

    Control is the magic word here.. and that is what your bubba in the white house is doing
  • Bevos iamnothere 2011/05/03 13:01:54
    lutzifer is in Germany and is not affected by anything Obama does and does not care one whit about our plight over here w/Obama. Methinks he just wants someone to argue with.
  • iamnothere Bevos 2011/05/04 10:34:54
    i believe you are correct
  • Charlie... lulzifer 2011/05/02 16:05:37
    Great point! Its ashame that the truth is often ignored to support one's wrong ideas!
  • Barfly lulzifer 2011/05/02 16:23:26
    What is your definition of his statement and one of his othe Czars " our goal is to redistribute U.S. wealth. Would you call that Robin Hoodism, our just pur STUPIDITY?????????????
  • lulzifer Barfly 2011/05/02 16:42:17
    That is not "my" definition, it is the actual definition of Socialism. "redistribution of wealth" is not, contrary what propaganda would have you believe.
  • Barfly lulzifer 2011/05/02 17:16:23
    So what propaganda was Obama spewing so elegantly on TV as I watched as listened when he said this??
  • lulzifer Barfly 2011/05/02 17:20:53
    When he said what?
  • iamnothere lulzifer 2011/05/02 17:36:28
    sad that you spout and still dont pay attention
  • lulzifer iamnothere 2011/05/02 17:43:56
    The man says a lot of things, and it is not my obligation to sift through everything he says.
    The sad thing is that you make claims that he said something, yet you refuse to tell what it was he said.
  • iamnothere lulzifer 2011/05/02 18:06:01
    it is not your obligation.. but when you spout off about things that you know nothing about.. you do show your ignorance of the topic.. I only ask that if you are going to comment.. do us all a favor and educate yourself.. we know you are fully capable and do appreciate well substantiated information
  • lulzifer iamnothere 2011/05/02 18:14:59
    Well, excuse me, but the definition of socialism I stated is accurate.
  • Barfly lulzifer 2011/05/02 18:23:12 (edited)
    That his goal was to redistribute the wealth of americans, what would you identify that ideology as? I call it Robin Hoodism!
  • lulzifer Barfly 2011/05/02 18:28:33
    Sure you can call it that, would be an accurate metaphor.
    But socialism, it is not.
  • Barfly lulzifer 2011/05/02 18:41:30
    Thanks for clarifying that!
  • mchappell2 Barfly 2011/05/03 00:51:11
    He is from Germany...Just ignore the dummy
  • Bevos lulzifer 2011/05/03 13:04:50
  • kmay 2011/05/02 15:00:29 (edited)
    To quote another

    "'IT'S THE ENTITLEMENTS STUPID". That's what needs to be cut.....draconian-ly. As the rest of the world is already discovering, you cannot keep voting to give yourselves more and more and more, and still be able to pay for it."

    Here's Why The US Is Screwed
  • kmay kmay 2011/05/02 15:04:02 (edited)
  • CUDDLY ... kmay 2011/05/02 15:18:44

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