Obama Cuts Military Healthcare: Austerity or Insult?

Fef 2012/02/27 21:58:04
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President Obama's promise of less expensive has failed to deliver. Private insurance rates have skyrocketed to comply with the requirements of "free" services and benefits like free contraceptives for nuns. Now Obama wants to raise the cost of healthcare costs to the military, but only uniformed soldiers and not the unionized civilians. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched. The proposal is causing a major rift within the Pentagon, according to U.S. officials. Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare’s state-run insurance exchanges.A congressional aide described the cuts as far-reaching and unbalanced with the national budget. “We all recognize that we are in a time of austerity... But defense has made up to this point 50 percent of deficit reduction cuts that we agreed to, but is only 20 percent of the budget.”
If Obama wanted real austerity (policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided), he would apply the higher costs to the unionized civilians. Obama's targeting of the fighting force and his disproportionately high targeting of the military insults the men and women who defend America's freedoms.

Read More: http://freebeacon.com/trashing-tricare/

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  • voice_m... Joe C Sr 2012/03/01 20:21:30
    libby the military are governemnt employees. so you think it is an insult to who that the military family plan is changing? libby the military is on obamacare. so why do you want to end the health care plan the military is on?
  • us Joe C Sr 2012/03/27 18:23:10
    I agree 100%, Especially Democrats who pass the bill, did not read the bill, and obama who made back room deals. He should be the first on his healthcare plan.
  • Mark 2012/02/29 00:08:28
    False propaganda .
  • voice_m... Mark 2012/03/01 20:22:48
    i know nothing is changing but libs have always insulted those of us that follow facts
  • Mark voice_m... 2012/03/01 23:32:46 (edited)
    Even us real conservatives that have followed these politicians since '79 .

    Oh , and for those that think certain people hate being in the military ,... it's because we are the only ones drafted .

    Remember all the songs : war pigs ; I ain't no senators' son ; etc. = the false con$ervatives are NOT the ones that actually go out and die for our country ,... which WW II was the last war NOT sending us , for the financial gain of the false con$ervatives .
  • voice_m... Mark 2012/03/02 00:19:43
    thanks libby for showing you can post about anything but this issue. but as i have said hundreds of time on this site libs can not deal with facts, but when nothing is changing for the military libs can not do anything but run from the issue
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/02/28 23:48:02
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    He hates the military, just like the Clintons do.
  • pizzaman7 2012/02/28 23:45:35
    Liberals hate the military. Time and time again they cut them to the bone leaving this country exposed...then something happens and engagement of some sort occurs. If we fight back we are "war mongers". They don't understand the concept of peace through strength.

    Liberals think the can be diplomatic towards evil people. They never learn. They can't understand that someone is or has made sacrifices so they can sit in the cafe and drink their latte !

    This has to be approved by Congress yet so may not happen.
  • babibumer pizzaman7 2012/02/29 17:29:24
    Liberals do not HATE the military - but it is way overrated. Our military is 15 times larger than the next military force and they are our allies! What conservatives don't understand is that show of force is not the only method of getting along on this planet. With our arsenal and troops numbers, I'd dare say that we wouldn't have any trouble completely destroying a truly "evil" force in the blink of an eye if allowed to do so. So - no - we don't have to be the policemen of the world and sacrifice our young people for a prick-measuring contest.
  • pizzaman7 babibumer 2012/03/02 05:19:20
    may be you don't hate the military but many of your comrades do. I run into them all the time.

    I agree that we do not need to police the world. I favor less conflicts. we should not have been involved in Libya as it is up to them to resolve what is going on there. I don't think we should be involved in Syria. these are areas we don't understand. we get involved and then the muslim brotherhood takes over and then we have a radical anti-western state on our hands worse than what we started with.

    at the same token Iran having nuclear weapons is not good. I like it that we are in the straight of Hormuz. I recognize that there is evil in the world. too many people put their heads in the sand. I would prefer a diplomatc solution for sure.

    there has to be a balance somewhere. China has a growing military and Russia is getting strong again. having nukes makes a nice balance. going down to 300 nukes might not be a good idea. as soon as someone thinks they have an advantage there could be trouble.

    how about this....peace through strength !!!!
  • babibumer pizzaman7 2012/04/03 18:40:25
    Agree with most you've said! ;)
  • srini 2012/02/28 23:41:40
    No deed by 0bama so far exceeds in "goodness" PET's 1982 gesture (to Canada) from Mt. Logan!

    (that gesture was certainly a factor in the Grits' 1984 loss).
  • teachaman~PWCM~JLA 2012/02/28 23:29:55
    his very existance as POTUS is an insult to all veterans, especially Democrat veterans ... he personifies those against whom we swore to defend our nation and its Constitution - "all her enemies, foreign and domestic" ...
  • FumbDuck 2012/02/28 23:04:15
    I was only a little angry until I seen this post. I say let's get a short rope, find a tall tree, and apply for a burial permit for Obama.
  • RayG 2012/02/28 22:50:23
    Insult of the highest order...from a community organizer who never served a day in uniform
  • Thom Payne 2012/02/28 22:49:11
    Thom Payne
    Is this really Obama's doing or the 'lets cut spending' GOPerCONs?
  • 3kidsandamom 2012/02/28 22:45:58
    The Americans who our government should be paying to cover healthcare for are those willing to sacrifice it all for this country! To pay for those who don't want to pay for themselves while taking away from those who protect this country is asinine and must be stopped, our military deserves their healthcare coverage, they have earned it!
  • marcuss....PHART 2012/02/28 22:33:45
    Im quite sure most sensible Americans would be against this. The best way to fix this problem is requiring FEDERAL EMPLOYEES begin to pay a percentage of their health care like MOST Americans have to.
  • hat man 2012/02/28 22:28:18
    hat man
    Not that the military does much in 'defending' the country.
  • God ble... hat man 2012/02/29 01:14:02
    God bless American freedom
    we do seem to be spending our time defending whatever the Sauds/OPEC/UAE ( still slave owners circa 650 AD ) want us to defend for them ( American slavery in action ) .. usually oil field interests .
  • AL 2012/02/28 22:03:18
    I guess Obama just wanted to make sure he had the tax pater money to help his union thugs instead? After all they do give him the big bucks to run for office now don't they?
  • Wolfstar 2012/02/28 21:34:54
    BHO loathes the military. Apologizes to his muslim brethren for book burnings instead of demanding justice for the murders of U.S. military ... and now this. Way beyond insult.
  • Grandpa 2012/02/28 20:59:21
    That fool should not be allowed to control anything that relates to the miltarys well being >> He has "NEVER" served anyone but himself < Arroggot self centered BS artist like Bernie Madoff >> Sorry Bernie
  • Cal 2012/02/28 20:35:48
    Wrong on a million and one different levels. Obama is the worst President we have had to date and we need him out already.
  • mich52 Cal 2012/02/28 21:13:46
  • Cal mich52 2012/02/29 02:41:31
    I knew it was the fault of congress too. However Obama, the Commander and Chief of the military, who is suppose to stick up for us being our highest command, facilitated it and allowed it. He could have vetoed, he should have vetoed it. Nope....he threw us under the bus! He's just as guilty!
  • mich52 Cal 2012/02/29 07:59:46
  • Idiot r... mich52 2012/02/29 04:07:22
    Idiot repubs
    It seems the author has a problem assigning blame where it belongs.
  • Frank Idiot r... 2012/02/29 04:33:47
    Why don't you tell us where it belongs then????????????????
  • mich52 Idiot r... 2012/02/29 08:02:59
  • MacBlackadder21 2012/02/28 19:54:40
    It is wrong of then because your troops go out there and risk your arses to keep you safe like they do in mine ( United Kingdom)
  • Mr Wayne 2012/02/28 19:45:39
    Mr Wayne
    Perhaps you could shut DOWN sodahead on election day to insure that people will peel their asses off their office chairs and go vote (even if it's because they don't have anything else to do).
  • marcuss... Mr Wayne 2012/02/28 22:01:59
    I would not think for a second that anyone here on Sodahead that are from the United States and can think for themselves will be missing their chance to rid the white house of the Marxist 0WEbama.
  • Unusual... marcuss... 2012/02/28 22:23:11
    Stock market closes today over 13,000, first time since May 2008...unemployment numbers are slowly dropping...job number are increasing...production of durable goods are on the rise...

    Except for home prices, and the rise of gas because of Iran and rest of the Middle East, things are getting better.

    Add to that the poll yesterday that says Obama leads both Romney and Santorum by double digits...

    Obama will be re-elected in November...no problem.
  • marcuss... Unusual... 2012/02/28 22:38:02
    The dollar buys DRASTICLY LESS now than it did 12 months ago. That will be the issue on election day. Thats if you can afford the fuel to drive to the polls.

    Been to the grocery store lately?
  • Unusual... marcuss... 2012/02/28 23:06:51
    Drastically less?

    Like 50% less?

    40% less?

    30% less?

    More like 5 - 10%, and while not good, certainly isn't "drastic."

    As for getting to the polls...I'm sure conservatives and Republicans will pinch and save all their pennies to buy gas in November...not that it'll do them any good.

    If they're smart, they take the scenic route...they'll always be able to say they had a nice drive to the polls on that Tuesday, but not much came of it in regards to their candidate being elected.
  • marcuss... Unusual... 2012/02/29 15:45:04
    It is drastic when you are a older American on a fixed income. You clowns are heartless bastards.

    LOL with the prices of every single thing you buy increasing because of policy from the 0WEbama administration he is toast. By election day gas will be $6.50 a gallon at the cheap gas stations.
  • Unusual... marcuss... 2012/02/29 15:59:43
    Where were you in summer of 2008...were you complaining about the $4.05 a gallon gas price under Bush? Do you actually believe the President controls the price of gas?

    Everyone knows gas pricing, for the most part, is set globally, and not by the US. And certainly not by the President.

    If you don't know that, I suggest you study up on it a bit, and come back better prepared next time.
  • marcuss... Unusual... 2012/02/29 17:32:34
    Where was I? I was working on a constuction site in Totowa NJ. I stayed in a hotel 2 miles away working 12 hours a day 7 days a week. GOD I miss the Bush years.

    I filled my tank every 3 weeks and was shocked Bush had to fight with the DEMOCRATS on expanding oil drilling.


    Why do you clowns always try to change history?
  • Unusual... marcuss... 2012/02/29 17:47:49
    Oh, so you didn't mind the $4.05 a gallon price almost 5 years ago, but are complaining now about it reaching $4.00 again?

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