Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2012/07/05 22:57:57
President Obama has once again been caught in a series of lies -- this time in his own autobiography.

The Fox story discusses dozens of "material" discrepencies between Obama's "Dreams From My Father" and a new biography entitled "Barack Obama: The Story."

These "discrepencies" are often fundamental in nature, bringing into question central aspects of Obama's story as sold to the American people in the run up to the 2008 election. One biographer called Obama's autobiography "a mixture of verifiable fact, recollection, recreation, invention, and artful shaping."

Of course, none of this matters to the Left. A Washington University Professor said, "It doesn't matter if [Obama] made up stuff.... What's important is how he wanted to construct his life."


In this video, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss discusses his trips around the world to conduct research for his new biography, Barack Obama: The Story. Maraniss visited Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii, Kansas, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles over the course of nearly four years.
http://youtu.be/wS8tWmMBWBs THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST.
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  • Claybern 2012/07/13 00:06:32
    When his lips move he is telling a lie.
  • Snowball 2012/07/10 04:29:20
    I just can't believe what his followers will look past! It's SO weird the low standard they place on him- really a HUGE sign of disrespect if you think about it - like they have to treat him like he's "special"...and he can't be held to the same standard as everyone else- it's like "if the glove doesn't fit, you must aquit" mentality---doesn't matter if DNA is there, and it's a match, it's all about making his presidency successful because we have to. Like we owe it to someone and by doing this somehow it'll make everything right, and all the ills from the past will be righted! It's bizzare.
  • Borat Obama 2012/07/08 03:00:54
    Borat Obama
    The left don't care. King Odumba's fiction autobiography is a cartoon. Autobiography of made up stuff. That is truly entertaining. He is stupidly funny. Don't buy the book.
  • none 2012/07/06 16:51:40
  • OPOA912 2012/07/06 15:28:30
  • Golden Panther 2012/07/06 15:09:05
    Golden Panther
    The biggest lie probably is the fact that his father Frank Marshall Davis, the notorious KGB Communist appointed by the KGB to infiltrate Honolulu for the purpose spreading the communist garbage.
  • Bevos 2012/07/06 12:20:23
    He can't even tell the truth aboput his own life. The book should have been called "The FANTASY Life of Barrack Obama"
  • Yo'Adri... Bevos 2012/07/06 12:27:37 (edited)
    The Fantasy of Barry Soetoro.
  • Bevos Yo'Adri... 2012/07/06 13:46:48
    That too.LOL
  • Yo'Adri... Bevos 2012/07/07 12:10:25
    When you make it up as you go along...it
    s hard to "remember" what you said to whom, and when you said it.!
  • Bevos Yo'Adri... 2012/07/07 12:39:17
    You would think he would have SOME shame at getting caught at LYING. I would be MORTIFIED if I had lied and it was put on the news. He just acts like it is an everyday thing. Which, of course, with him, IT IS!!!
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/07/06 04:31:29
    I thought everybody knew his book was a fairy tale.
    He probably had to use a teleprompter to write it.

    obama s fairy tales
  • Yo'Adri... retired... 2012/07/07 12:11:11
  • kevjon 2012/07/06 04:24:11
    Liberals sure live in a fantasy world and to think how vicious they get over a Republican having an affair....unbelievable.
  • kaZappoo 2012/07/06 04:16:08
    great post ....
  • Yo'Adri... kaZappoo 2012/07/06 12:28:25
    thanks Zapped.......
  • LibertyCaroline 2012/07/06 03:39:47
    Of course he lies, he's a puppet.
  • Yo'Adri... Liberty... 2012/07/06 12:29:01
    and he shall be called PINNOCCHIO!
  • wicked soda boy 2012/07/06 02:45:51
    wicked soda boy
    "It doesn't matter if [Obama] made up stuff.... What's important is how he wanted to construct his life."

    If that isn't the most disgusting comment I've ever heard about a US President, I don't know what is!!!!
  • lark 2012/07/06 02:28:23
    now let me be clear the man is a LIAR
  • Yo'Adri... lark 2012/07/07 12:12:40
    Remember NIXON and CLINTON saying: LET ME BE 'PERFECTLY CLEAR".......AND THEN THEY lied!
  • Red Buckeye 2012/07/06 02:24:18
    Red Buckeye
    Barry is a hollow, soulless, failure of a man. His only talent is telling lies.
  • bill 2012/07/06 01:58:25
    Great! Make up a good story get a fake birth certificate fake ss# and if you don't vote for him your racist then become president of the greatest nation of liberty and freedom! Now that is how you get a life
  • Yo'Adri... bill 2012/07/07 12:13:02
    ......in a NUTSHELL!
  • Bob S 2012/07/06 01:47:11
    Bob S
    So what's new. It is his way of life.
  • John Hall 2012/07/06 01:12:30
    John Hall
    I don't understand why anyone would vote for Obama if he lies writing his book what other lies will he tell .
  • BifDaddy 2012/07/06 00:57:43
    Obama lying again.....Anyone really surprised?

    If his lips are moving…He’s probably lying.

  • sammanilla 2012/07/06 00:55:51
  • Yo'Adri... sammanilla 2012/07/06 12:30:24
    Don't expect your phone to ring..........anytime soon!
  • sammanilla Yo'Adri... 2012/07/06 17:30:02
    That's the point. All we've been hearing day after day since January 2009 is "He lied again."

    Just a few minutes ago I was reading two AP reports online about continued job losses and unemployment while at the same time Obama was on tape on TV giving a speech about how many jobs were "added" last month, a bold-face lie. He cannot speak without lying.
  • Lisa 2012/07/06 00:45:58
    This man is a sociopath and schizophrenic. He was treated in college for mental problems, so lying is not a stretch for thus guy.
  • James R... Lisa 2012/07/06 01:11:07
    James Rowntree
    Check out NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Thats Obama. Scary.
  • Lisa James R... 2012/07/09 04:54:36
    Yes scary. Don't you just love his temper tantrums too?
  • James R... Lisa 2012/07/09 13:05:53
    James Rowntree
    Yes, those temper tantrums are symptomatic of Obamas NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Other dictators including Hitler, Stalin and Mao had the same problem. Very dangerous.
  • Yo'Adri... Lisa 2012/07/06 12:30:44
    and don't forget a "narcissist!"
  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/07/06 00:07:35
    Wow he's lying again there's something new, and why is he still in office?
  • Yo'Adri... OneOfTh... 2012/07/06 12:31:40
    All the pawns, and czars and leftie louie's are in place.....It's taken thirty years to set up for this
    "event" of the century.......The higher they get, the harder they'll fall.!
  • OneOfTh... Yo'Adri... 2012/07/06 12:35:59
    I can only say if bite the hand that "Supposedly" feeds us we get slapped, but Hell lets chop the damn thing off!
  • Yo'Adri... OneOfTh... 2012/07/06 16:13:23
  • ronbo51 2012/07/05 23:59:15 (edited)
    we cannot deny, he's number one on this one!
    liar king

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