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Obama calls Americans "teabag, anti-government people"

- "Mr. Obama, during his private pep talk to Democrats, recognized Mr. Owens election and then posed a question to the other lawmakers. According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon...“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care?"... Read full article »
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  • Joe the... Bear 2009/12/03 03:03:29
    Joe the licensed pipefitter
    And you all thought Che was dead. Who's laughing now?
  • Mcgee 2009/11/20 18:28:51
    Watch what happens to your freedoms to elect surgery, fix ailments, and be totally healthy when Obamacare is put in place. I predict the end of such luxuries as McDonald's (not that I like them), Dairy Queen (are there any more?) and sweets (Cheese Cake Factory!!) because the government decides it's bad for you, cost too much to repair you and you can't take personal responsibility for yourself! The government that is doing such a smack-up great job with "Social" security (oxymoron) is going to take care of you?
  • Todd~AFCL Mcgee 2009/12/07 01:52:52
    They can't even get the post office or Amtrak right!!
  • coup de grâce 2009/11/19 13:04:13
  • debadow coup de... 2009/11/22 19:39:16
    Just because we don't agree with what ever Obama says.
  • BARRY0619 debadow 2009/12/03 21:03:19
    Ignore Chitlinkraut, he's clueless and not worth your time.
  • barbaracb BARRY0619 2009/12/13 01:06:49
    So true.
  • randall g coup de... 2009/11/24 10:45:03
    randall g
    Really? How so?
  • aebe coup de... 2009/11/25 05:49:08
    It is not conservatives that have murdered,and fight to continue to do so,unborn children.
    Democrats started the war in Vietnam;a democrat named Clinton pissed off Bin Ladin,by shooting cruise missiles at him,missing Osama,and killing civilians.
  • Bear aebe 2009/11/28 01:16:54
    Chitlin is a worthless, gutless chickenshit moonbat for blocking me. Don't pay any attention to the commie-ass wannabe tovarisch.
  • Sunny Bear 2009/12/02 20:25:18
    Don't feel bad. I was blocked, too. I feel honored. I obviously said something that he/she couldn't argue with.
  • dee Bear 2009/12/07 18:25:18
    Hoo-yah, Bear!!!!! Right on.
  • Sonja coup de... 2009/11/27 05:47:53
    That's not appropriate at all. If your angry you should probably wait until you calm down before you say such ignorant things. Nobody in their right mind could actually believe what you just said.
  • debadow Sonja 2009/11/30 09:00:01
    But Obama supports late term abortion.
  • Sunny coup de... 2009/11/30 04:07:47 (edited)
    I don't know how to fly a plane occupied by innocents into buildings occupied with thousands of people causing them to fall and kill and injure emergency responders and innocent bystanders. I guess that would make me different.
  • Frog coup de... 2009/12/06 16:27:34
    What planet are you from? Thats without doubt the dumbest thing I've read today, but have heart, its still early.
  • dee coup de... 2009/12/07 18:22:02 (edited)
    IDIOT!!!!!! The fact you see no difference is because you have your head up your ass.
  • lostworld coup de... 2009/12/13 19:50:23
    Then you need to get off your DEAD ASS and look at whats going on in the real world.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2009/11/19 12:39:36
  • debadow Torchma... 2009/11/22 19:40:17
    A lot has happened to the Democrat party since Jackie Kennedy

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