Obama and the Russians planning a coup?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/01 21:20:34
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Let’s pray this story was an elaborate hoax. But ever since the story
broke about the U.S. and Russian military exercises here in the United
States, I’ve been trying to understand how Congress and the American
people are not up in arms? Surely this is not just an act of stupidity.
If true we are experiencing an intolerable act of treason. It is a dress
rehearsal for a “Red Dawn.”

An open mike on Red Dawn?

Obama’s words,

I’ll have more flexibility after the next election.

should frighten every American. Only an idiot or Quisling would allow
such exercise at strategies location. Be surely Mr. Obama is no idiot,
and anyone believing as such is a fool or living in denial.

A Drastic Scenario: Inside Obama’s Mind

It’s like a bad dream. Is Mr. Obama is saying to his Russian comrades,

In case I’m not elected or unable to steal the election,
let me show you the strengths and weaknesses at two critical national
security facilities. We can disguise our plan by calling it an
anti-terrorist exercise.

He thereby lets Russian Airborne troops and intelligent agents study
the facilities in what he and they can describe as a mock attack at our
CIA facility. Americans are too stupid to realize the true purpose of
this exercise.

These facilities house our main computer in Buffdale, UT, and our
main computer facility in Denver, CO. An elite unit will be able to
control the main runways and terminal at the Denver International
Airport. This would cut the United States in two parts and give our
American enemies an airfield large enough to bring in heavy equipment
from their satellites, Venezuela and Cuba.

Evidence for the Red Dawn scenario

Obama told Dmitri Medvedev:

After the election I’ll have more flexibility.

Barack Obama: preparing a Red Dawn?

Barack H. Obama. Photo: Pete Souza, January 13, 2009

What could be more revealing about his goal of transformation to a
communist state? His current policies are destroying what he considers a
state of capitalist pigs. Day by day he weakens our nation and aids and
abets those that would overthrow our country by force.

Obama has gutted the United States naval force while the Chinese
Navy, jointly with our Russian brothers, prepare and display a show of

Nor has Obama neglected his Islamic brothers. They have sworn to
destroy the great Satan and little Satan, Israel. Obama repeatedly
insults our allies and ties the hands of our ally Israel. At the same
time he invites the so-called religion of peace. the Muslin Brotherhood.
to the White House. So where does this man’s loyalty lie? What were
your words from Audacity of Hope, Barack “Hessian” Obama?

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

Does he, too, await the day to eliminate the infidels?

See also here, and read the Declaration of Independence.

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/05/01...

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  • Bali Defend ... 2012/05/02 14:34:10
    the only upside to putin is that he loves russia, which is more upside than obama has for old glory
  • sash 2012/05/02 04:50:40
    I loathe obama, he is the worst President this Country has ever had. I believe he is destroying this Country and our way of life BUT when it comes to ideas that he is going to become a dictator or put people in secet interment camps or get the Venezuelen and Cuban armies to come after us? I just wanna know, obama and what army because I cannot see our brave American troops and the American people taking that for a second.
  • Kevin 2012/05/02 04:48:55
  • stormy rae 2012/05/02 04:36:02
    stormy rae
    of course they have a plan, I keep askin who Hillary is coming back with
  • exhon2009 2012/05/02 04:25:59
    On planet of the apes the paes surround and annihilate a group of about twenty security forces and that is supposed to be the end of that civilization. The whole thing is too far fetched to be believable. As for Cuba and Venezuela, we have private militias that would wipe either of them out on our own soil.

    Sorry, I'm no fan of Obama but this is too far out there to pick me up as a subscriber. Write another article when he's ready to move the capital to Babylon. That will get my attention.
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/05/02 04:04:41
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Interesting, considering his open mic snafu, dontcha think?
  • mich52 2012/05/02 03:52:27
  • Bali mich52 2012/05/02 14:35:19
    learn russian pleather pants and then get back to us. te penymyetsa?
  • luvguins 2012/05/02 03:42:37
    That is as insane as birtherism is for you nutjobs. You righties really are getting desperate. LOL.
  • mich52 luvguins 2012/05/02 03:53:42
  • luvguins mich52 2012/05/02 04:31:57
    Yes, it is that they are right wing nutjobs....lol. right wing nutjobs
  • StevenR... mich52 2012/05/02 11:19:01
  • mich52 StevenR... 2012/05/02 12:49:38
  • Bali mich52 2012/05/02 14:36:03
    we already knew that....by the way, you shouldn't call yourself retarded, it is not pc.
  • Shadow13 luvguins 2012/05/02 15:13:43
    A sad result of the conservative echo chamber. The crazy gets louder and louder.
  • luvguins Shadow13 2012/05/02 15:20:45
    Mmm, always knew it was their lame brains....lol.
  • mountainman 2012/05/02 03:42:15
    Really sounds like they are though...
  • mountai... mountai... 2012/05/02 14:27:14
    And to think I first heard of this from a paper in England!!! This is NOT something the Administration in the United States of America wanted known. I guess that means our system of checks and balances has gone offshore with many of your jobs as well!
  • Jeh 2012/05/02 03:31:04
    Are you joking, that Patrick Swazye film (Red Dawn) was a bad action film, not a documentary. Why not say that Obama is in league with the Aliens from Independence Day and is building a Doomsday Device with Red Skull. Damn, sometimes the Right is very entertaining.
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/02 12:04:28
    Defend Western Civlization
    obama is currently funding Muslim terrorist and wants to share American Defense Secrets with Communist Russia
  • mountai... Defend ... 2012/05/02 14:27:38
    And to think I first heard of this from a paper in England!!! This is NOT something the Administration in the United States of America wanted known. I guess that means our system of checks and balances has gone offshore with many of your jobs as well!
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/05 02:55:15
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/06 13:02:39
    Defend Western Civlization
    obama is funding the Jew Hating Muslim brotherhood with business grants and hamas
    obama is making deals with the RAPIST leader of Communist Russia
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/07 06:40:14
    Jew Hating" and "rapist" (which is written in Caps so we know you are serious) is that necessary?
    1st the Muslim Brotherhood, didn't they come into power during the Egyptian revolution when the leader got ousted?
    2nd the rapist leader of Russia (notice I didn't need to say communist). Oh you mean Vladmir Putin. Ya he is a slimeball, but if you want to deal with Russia you must deal with him.

    What do you suggest Obama do when it comes to foreign policy? Just deal with countries that mirror American values because that is an increasingly smaller list every year.
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/07 11:24:48
    Defend Western Civlization
    wrong the TERRORIST Jew Hating Women Rapist muslim brotherhood is in power they are nothing but Terrorist in Suits
    Putin is a Communist in fact he was part of the KGB which is the Sword and Shield of Communism
    Putin is a TERRORIST Leader and is Raping the Freedom that the Russians did have
    obama is a GUTLESS LITTLE COWARD/Traitor
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/07 11:54:10
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/07 12:10:42
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see more hate from the obama Reich
    i am sure you would like to have me arrested for not worshiping the ground obama walks on but that's not gonna happen thanks to the 2nd Amendment which is the Teeth of the 1st Amendment
    the only way obama can win is by Illegals/Muslim terrorist or traitors
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/07 16:01:43
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/08 01:14:00
    Defend Western Civlization
    how liberal progressive Democrat Obama voter of you
    your Vulgar language is NOTED
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/08 11:21:19
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/08 12:00:30
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see the truth hurts

    Nonie Darwish at the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference
    gives personal testimony about the fear and terror that Muslim girls under the threat of honor killing face.

    Muslim cleric misunderstands Islam, says female education is "un-Islamic"

    He says he has plenty of authorities to back him up. And once again those who differ will not bother to offer any of their own to refute him. Now, why is that? "Curtailing ‘immodesty’: Ex-lawmaker ‘decrees’ against female education," by Muhammad Sadaqat for the Express Tribune, May 6 (thanks to David):

    Egyptian Comedian Sentenced to Hard Labor for Movie Roles...
  • Jeh Defend ... 2012/05/08 13:56:09
    Thanks Captain Obvious, guess what, I'm not a fan of Islam either. I like women.

    BTW, Thank you for not upping the ante on crazy.

    Okay, I'll stop being a prick now.
  • Defend ... Jeh 2012/05/08 14:15:12
    Defend Western Civlization
    then why back liberal progressive democrats then?
  • VICTORIA 2012/05/02 03:27:10
    Lol. I surely didn't miss this craziness.

    lol craziness
  • mich52 VICTORIA 2012/05/02 03:54:47
  • VICTORIA mich52 2012/05/10 01:02:26
    I see that!
  • Bali VICTORIA 2012/05/02 10:19:42
    you and your pals will be the first to choose your bunks at the new fema camps....you should be so proud.
  • Shadow13 Bali 2012/05/02 15:18:49
    Who do you think will be running them? The incinerator will be on line next week, and the shipment of rations will be arriving on Friday. My camp will be fully functional once the backhoe we use to dig the mass graves gets a new water pump.
  • Bali Shadow13 2012/05/02 15:24:20
    whomever is running them should be very worried to say the least.
  • VICTORIA Bali 2012/05/10 01:01:53
    probably- you never bothered to look at my profile, did you?

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