Obama and his new "Propaganda Ministry". read below

mal 2012/07/07 11:58:30
4 Months to get rid of this group of communists America.. http://www.wnd.com/2012/07/spin-cycle-feds-enlist-journalist-...
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  • Ken 2012/07/08 16:49:55
    We need an all out offense to keep Obama busy on defense.
  • Tasine 2012/07/07 14:08:19
    There must be thousands working on Obama's handlers' plans to convert America to a tyrannical dictatorship, one that Karl Marx could be proud of. I hope they really do enjoy their time in power as I think it will come to an abrupt end.
  • mal Tasine 2012/07/07 14:11:15
    I agree
  • Rich Matarese 2012/07/07 12:12:46
    Rich Matarese
    Now, now. They're not "communists."

    They're FASCISTS. Let's maintain the distinction, with due credit given to the 20th Century's staunchly established fascist heritage.

    Crippling corruption in government spending? The "Big Lie" as a straightforward matter of government policy? The stench of politically connected "businessmen" sucking at the public trough?

    Welcome to "Liberal" fascism. Couldn't be anything else.
  • mal Rich Ma... 2012/07/07 12:22:52
    It's a combo of facism and marxism,a hybrid.
  • Tasine mal 2012/07/07 14:10:08
    It doesn't really matter - it's a distinction without much of a difference. All such governments are collectivists and redistributionists: steal from the producers and give to their friends or those who refuse to produce.

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