Obama already admitted using cocaine in high school and college. One of his first executive pardons as president was a man convicted for crack cocaine. Although Obama won't admit to being an illegal alien, think that's why he's giving them amnesty, etc.?

tncdel 2012/06/30 17:29:12
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  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/07/02 12:43:26
    YES [tell us why you think so].
    He just want to screw with the Constitution and head the USA down the road to Socialism.
  • Super_Doodles 2012/07/01 16:59:19
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Not illegal alien, he acquired citizenship through his mother. He's just not eligible to hold the office because he acquired said citizenship through laws/rulings that didn't exist when the Constitution was written (1898 recognized dual-citizens through the 14th amendment, and women gained the right to pass their citizenship in 1934...neither of which apply to the Constitution's nomenclature), so to assume that the founding fathers had that intention when they wrote the natural born citizen clause is just naive, or pandering to yourself
  • Super_D... Super_D... 2012/07/04 12:05:55
    Forgot to mention why I think. He's doing it for the votes, he's scared of losing his power and can't wait to give Russia that special treatment they were talking about
  • Farnsworth 2012/07/01 12:38:01
    YES [tell us why you think so].
    if A=C and B=C then A=B
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/01 12:31:07
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Giving them amnesty won't help him, because he's gone further than any illegal alien ever dared.

    No, what he really wants is a cadre of voters. I now begin to suspect that he wants to organize his own personal militia. He constantly alienates enlisted military service members /and/ the officer corps. So if he wants to declare martial law, I fail to see why the military would care to back him.

    He talked about building a civilian security force just as powerful as the military. Maybe this is it. Or so he thinks.

    He's really beginning to look like a clumsy, stupid crook. He has a lot of nefarious plans, but will fail miserably in their execution.
  • Nick Name 2012/07/01 11:29:54 (edited)
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Nick Name
    First, since this is a WND, Whirled Nuts Daily, story it already admits to being smear propaganda instead of actual news.

    Obama has pardoned 8 people. Most weren't drug related. The drug related ones were not for cocaine.

    A high school kid that drinks, smokes some pot and does a little coke?
    Oh my. There has never been another high school kid to do that. Obama is absolutely the only teenager to have ever done that.

    Obama laughing
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/01 17:02:00
    Same could be said of the current NY Times who have been proven wrong in their assertion that Romney did NOT outsource jobs overseas at Bain. Too bad lie-beral media won't cover that....and no, I did not get that from WND or Fox, it's coming from a NY Times reporter
  • Nick Name Super_D... 2012/07/01 23:48:37 (edited)
    Nick Name
    I don't really know much about Romney's career. I thought he was mostly involved in buy and selling companies. Something of a corporate raider. Those guys don't really long term build companies. They buy, fix it up and resell (sort of like flipping houses) or the break the company apart and sell off the pieces.

    If thats true I don't see Bain bothering with outsources jobs out of the country - that just seems more trouble than its worth for a company with no long term interests in sticking around.

    I also read a little more that none of the drug related cases Obama pardoned was cocaine. But one was involved in meth distribution.
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/02 10:39:19
    I'm just sayin, WND doesn't automatically lie. I do check the material most times, but NY Times is a supposedly reputable source, but they don't always conform to standards and ethics. WND does have some news you won't find, it just has a right-wing slant....hardcore
  • Nick Name Super_D... 2012/07/03 23:19:58
    Nick Name
    Websites with a slant makes me think of documentaries. A documentary can have a p.o.v. Doesn't have to be straight journalism.
    Extremely slanted websites, right or left or antique bard wire collectors, are like a documentary with an opinion.
    I just don't like them pretending its just news.
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/04 12:03:40
    It's quite interesting to read articles from both sides, I think. How does it not qualify as news if it has a slant? That's been happening in our country since the articles of confederation, though, not nearly as bad as today
  • Nick Name Super_D... 2012/07/04 20:20:59 (edited)
    Nick Name
    You know the answer to this. True journalism strives for objectivity.
    Part of the continual stench of WND is the continuous anti-Obama, anti-Liberals, anti-endeless list ......
    It doesn't take much of that attitude before it steps far, far away from journalism. At times Whirled Nuts Daily seems nothing more than a crackpot conspiracy site.
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/05 06:04:28
    Our culture has been far removed from an abundance of true journalism for a long time now. I have found that it is now a personal responsibility to achieve a balanced set of information. Also, you are taking what you believe about the site "at times" to be an overview of the site. It is definitely a right-wing site, and at times a little suspicious, but if you can't separate news from opinion you can't blame them. Understand, I am using "you" in the general sense and not directional towards you. I will say again, they do not hide the things major doesn't cover and can easily be balanced out by reading left-wing material in order to get the consistencies as well as differing opinions to get pros and cons of certain actions, policies and possible outcomes.
    What would you suggest as a single source to obtain true journalism?
  • Nick Name Super_D... 2012/07/05 22:40:35
    Nick Name
    Sounds like you just admitted the source site where you got info for this post is suspicious.
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/05 23:10:18
    Not at all, I didn't get any information here from any suspicious source. I am simply making the assertion that a source of news does not make the news true or not, and that any source cannot be written off because it is the source, nor can news just be considered true and accurate for the same reason.
    A lot of what WND does is linked to source they received their information from, just not all of it is a concern to all people. Some of the posts being suspicious does not speak to the site as a whole, and does not mean that it isn't true anyways. It is mostly blogs with infer an opinion, but still provide facts. Doesn't mean all facts are present, nor does it mean the opinion derived from said facts is accurate or not, it is simply opinion.
    Sounds to me like you are not interested in truth, just more support for own opinions
  • Nick Name Super_D... 2012/07/07 00:17:34
    Nick Name
    Saying WND isn't a suspicious source is just more crackpot nonsense.
    Bye bye.
  • Super_D... Nick Name 2012/07/07 00:21:12
    Ok dude, act like I wasn't the one that said that. But only times. You would do well to shed such a thick bias to your own opinion, it's quite debilitating
  • Southern Man 2012/07/01 01:35:48
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Southern Man
    No he just want's the votes and he knows it pisses off the Repubs he is so in love with himself he thinks nothing can touch him no matter what he does or doesn't do .... He is in for a big surprise ... I would love to see the look on his face when he get's it
  • Blade 2012/06/30 23:50:36
    NO [tell us why you think not].
  • MarinerFH 2012/06/30 23:39:32
  • Mike 2012/06/30 22:13:19
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    Strictly buying votes - he doesn't care about America he only cares about his version of Ameritopia
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2012/06/30 21:56:28
    YES [tell us why you think so].
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Knowing this clown he'll pardon himself in advance as he knows he's going down.
  • IC Freeley 2012/06/30 18:15:55
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    IC Freeley
    Obama got his coke from GWB and Glenn Beck
  • tncdel IC Freeley 2012/06/30 18:53:53
  • IC Freeley tncdel 2012/06/30 19:14:42
    IC Freeley
    You can't handle the truth!
  • Super_D... IC Freeley 2012/07/01 17:03:29
    Truth that he got his coke from W and Beck? Ha! Where do you get that? I'd love to check that source for myself
  • IC Freeley Super_D... 2012/07/01 20:13:32
    IC Freeley
    They're all cokeheads or ex-cokeheads in DC, that parts well-documented. About a Obama-GWB-Beck conspiracy... Well, when I see threads like these it's just too hard for me to take them srsly
  • Super_D... IC Freeley 2012/07/01 20:31:57
    Maybe the problem is with you then. If you can't take things seriously then why interject? The security and future security of this nation is no joke and neither is an illegal amnesty program that will hurt the people of this nation when they need help more than ever
  • IC Freeley Super_D... 2012/07/02 02:31:06
    IC Freeley
    Right, like the intention of the post was to inspire discussion as opposed to pigeonhole people into a self-high five. Anyhow, as a person who knows a thing or two about illegals (hello from California) there's only one candidate in my mind who has it right: Gary Johnson. We can't continue to ignore the problem, we can't continue to dole out entitlements and sanctuary cities, and anyone who thinks a border fence is a good idea significantly underestimates both the cost of such a project or the willpower of Mexicans (I'll never understand the lazy Mexican stereotype, ever.). We either need to implement a system that gets people documented ASAP regardless of their education or income level or need to significantly reconsider our roles in both NAFTA and the neverending drug war.
  • Souther... IC Freeley 2012/07/01 01:38:39
    Southern Man
    If that's true I bet it was the best coke money could buy ... Cause those Boys are connected
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/30 17:33:17
    NO [tell us why you think not].
    he's corrupt...

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