Obama Abusing Power In Re-Election Bid?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/05/01 07:14:49

We’ve all grown accustomed to President Barack Obama spending our money like water but most of the time it is for his communist … I mean liberal … political agenda of creating a single class — poor. Because that is what happens when government try to make everyone have the same amount of stuff. Look at China, Cuba or the former Soviet Union if you want real-world examples.

Now, though, he has taken his spending to a new level. He is spending our money to enrich himself.

On a recent trip to three battleground states, Obama, spending more than $179,000 an hour to make the trip, attended campaign-like rallies trying to drum up support for a faux battle over student loan interest rates. There was no dispute, mind you. Republicans and Democrats alike were not going to allow the rates to spike and were working on a solution in the Congress, without controversy, to prevent that from happening.

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