What the?

When we have to do all sorts of forms (and get duplicate prescription bottles) to have medications that are necessary for children to take during the daytime (and it must be via Prescription too .. verifiable with their MD)
when the Child can't even get ASPIRIN during the day ..
when the CHILD can be injured and the Parent isn't even called ..
(and we have to figure out that we need to take our Child to the Emergency room to get their Broken Bones set .. or get the wound on their head from PE class stapled)

These same SCHOOLS ..
are interfering with the PARENTAL CUSTODY ..
to .. withOUT our Permission ..
Issue Birth CONTROL and Morning After PILLS to MINORS withOUT parental Consent?

What the HELL is going on in the schools when ASPIRIN isn't allowed (even with our Parental consent) .. but BC and Morning After are issued to the minors and they don't bother to tell the CUSTODIAL PARENT????

(SICK SICK SICK .. and oh, so wrong indeed)