NYC recently rolled out its bike share program. Would you participate in a bike share program if it was available in your city?

ABC News U.S. 2013/07/06 02:10:28
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  • wamcalif 2013/07/07 05:30:46
    I have not signed up for NYC program yet, although it's a hit with tourists. I practically have to dodge them barreling down the sidewalk. We're going to have to do something about that. Not a one of them is wearing a helmet, and the max time per trip is 30 minutes. You either have to make it to your destination by then (LOL), or register the bike by placing it in one of the bike racks around town. If you have an unlimited pass, you can resume your ride. If you exceed the 30 minutes, you pay extra. They look like nice bikes, and the program is expanding to the outer boroughs. I think a yearly pass is only $25.00.
  • Sister Jean 2013/07/06 22:06:30
    No, because I use other modes of transportation.
    Sister Jean
    am too old
  • terrabytes 2013/07/06 21:54:31
    No, because I use other modes of transportation.
    I have osteoarthritis in both hips and cannot ride a bicycle
  • Faye 2013/07/06 21:53:01
    No, because I use other modes of transportation.
    I would sure hate to have to rely on riding a bike to get anywhere. My knees won't last even a mile....
  • Emiliano 2013/07/06 09:52:44
    No, because I already have a bike.
    Im not sure if im into the citibike thing or not. Biking in Manhattan is no joke, especially for tourists using the bikes, they need to be super careful. But they are EVERYWHERE, which is reassuring if i ever get a flat on my bike or if public transportation is a mess. Too bad we didnt have it in the days after Sandy.
  • Cogs 2013/07/06 03:00:46
    Yeah, definitely. I just wish the roads were a bit safer for bikes around here.
  • Commander McBragg 2013/07/06 02:23:38 (edited)
    No, because I use other modes of transportation.
    Commander McBragg
    You are not allowing for people who do not know what one is. If it has to do with sharing bicycles, I would just get one. They are not that expensive. If I shared one, we would probably be arguing all the time about maintenance, wear and damage.
    Last time I tried to use bikes, I kept getting flats. I do not live in the city. Many places are difficult to ride in without getting a flat tire which makes bikes incredibly unreliable for people who have important appointments and jobs with zero tolerance for lateness. And sometimes it will rain on your way back.

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