Nuclear: the sky’s the limit.

JodiHarris 2011/05/06 11:08:05
Italy’s rampantly manic prime minister Silvio Berlusconi recently
stated that there is no point in having a referendum over going nuclear
as the Italian people will just vote against it again. So I’ll go ahead
anyway because “We are absolutely convinced that nuclear energy is the future for the whole world”

is this the case? And has this man ever said anything even remotely
worth listening to? Does it really matter when he’s still in power and
may yet be voted in again? The words of a ranting lunatic are rather
inconsequential unless that man happens to hold real power, which
evidently he does, or let’s be honest, he’d be in prison by now.

should be shocked, shamed and shouting in fury at the usual lack of
democracy in all this. One thing is sleeping with under aged prostitutes
and stealing other people’s firms through bribing judges, another is
forcing nuclear on a seismic nation that, if the treatment of chemical
waste controlled by the mafia is anything to go by, should never be
allowed nuclear energy.

But then many nations with nuclear power
plants (think Asia) have major seismic centres and yet place their
stations by the sea ever ready for the ever present tsunamis.

So I ask, should Italy, or any other nation for that matter, go nuclear rather than green?

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  • Steelshrt 2011/05/14 20:22:35
    Nuclear is the only logical way to go. Safety protocols need to be tightened and made triple, quadruple redundant. The problem lies in $$$$.... They do not want to spend enough on safety, thus they go with barely adequated measures. Like anything else, proffits rule, safety be damned!!
  • wombat 2011/05/09 16:25:11
    Nuke technology is/was never save and will never be save.
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/05/09 07:19:10
    Myrle Hulme
    You would think that he has learned from Japan if there are earthquakes there is danger
  • cutter's falls 2011/05/08 13:16:22
  • Andrew 2011/05/08 05:58:55
    Nuclear power.
  • Bill Ward 2011/05/07 03:44:55
    Bill Ward
    As Japan has found out the hard way.Nuclear is not the way to go,there are better ways to get energy
    that are much safer and far less costly....
  • Matt 2011/05/06 18:04:33
    The only reason that we did not build Iran's nuclear reactors is that Germany underbid us.

    reason build irans nuclear reactors germany underbid funny nuclear reason build irans nuclear reactors germany underbid funny nuclear
  • Tom 2011/05/06 15:29:35
    Nothing like democracy in Italy.
  • DW 2011/05/06 13:10:14
    The fact that this guy is in office tells you a lot about the people of Italy but remember, we elected a whorehopper and a rapist (Juanita Broderick) to be President of the US for two terms. Everybody said, his personal life is none of our business as long as the economy is running OK. It's the denial syndrome when it comes to nuclear power, "that won't happen here" is how people justify building nuclear power stations. I think it's safe when done correctly and may be the most feasible source of energy going forward.
  • LVslotdoc 2011/05/06 12:12:42
    Italy is highly prone to earthquakes and volcanic upheaval. How about building a nice nuclear power plant right at the base of Mt. Aetna? Burlusconi must stand to make quite a fortune from the utility companies of he goes forward with this.
  • JodiHarris LVslotdoc 2011/05/08 08:55:58
    Well said and spot on:)
  • bill 2011/05/06 12:01:11

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