Now that Obamacare has passed, shouldn't Rush keep his promise and move to Costa Rica?

C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2012/06/30 13:58:51
Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a prescription drug addict
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  • Mrs. maggot 2012/06/30 20:14:41
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    Mrs. maggot
    Obamatax hasn't been passed, it has just taken one more step down the road to defeat.

    Now that Obamatax IS the biggest tax increase in the history of the world...does that make Obama the biggest liar in the history of the world?

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  • JP 2012/07/18 15:15:46
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    Rush Limbaugh is a plague upon America and we would be far better off to be rid of his disgusting remarks. He is the true definition of a BLOVIATED FOOL, OR THE LAST STOP IN THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. I am delighted his current wife woke up and realized that all this pigs money cannot rationalize staying with him. She will probably have to go into a relocation and new identity program after the embarassment of having been married to him. YUK is all I can think when I see or hear this man jumping up and down in front of the microphone spewing his spit strewn venom from his big fat stupid mouth. Ask me how I really feel?
  • Jrogers 2012/07/18 03:03:56
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    They have their drug addict Rush and we have our Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart is kicking Romney's but tonight about that tax information he is refusing to produce
  • Michael McFascist 2012/07/07 23:35:42 (edited)
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    Michael McFascist
    Oliver Cromwell said it best

    "It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

    Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

    Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

    In the name of God, go!"

    it goes equally well for anyone threatening to "Go Galt"
  • dallas 2012/07/07 22:55:04
  • marylou5 2012/07/06 00:58:18
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    Another stupid biased liberal poll...don't you people ever run an honest poll..with the answers "un...skewed"?
  • j2 2012/07/04 01:28:30
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    In reality, I don't care what Rush does. He's certainly not a "go-to" person as far as I'm concerned. I won't see any more or less of him if he becomes the nose cone for the next Mars shot.
  • KrSpo 2012/07/03 18:21:38
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    Yes, PLEASE!
  • GOP Poison 2012/07/03 01:34:08
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    GOP Poison
    I think he will moce to Costa Rica like he promised right after Hannity undergoes water boarding for charity like he promised.
  • ReconMa... GOP Poison 2012/07/04 05:44:18
  • marylou5 GOP Poison 2012/07/06 01:02:57
    And right after Obama admits he is a Muslim, hates America, is racist and bigoted, is a pathological liar and intends to destroy the Constitution!
  • GOP Poison marylou5 2012/07/06 13:16:34
    GOP Poison
    You need to understand the lunacy of those of your ilk. Democrats dis-liked Bush and dis-like Romney for what they have done.You people that border on insanity hate the president for what you THINK about him.He is a muslim and had his children baptised christian because it was all just part of a grand conspiracy of course,he is racist and bigoted even though his family members are white,wants to raise taxes even though he LOWERED them,he wants to take away our guns even though he has NEVER mentioned it, he is Muslim even though he has killed more al-quaeda leaders in 3 years than Bush did in eight and took out Bin-Laden.
    And you wonder why people think you tea partiers are nuts.
  • marylou5 GOP Poison 2012/07/06 16:41:37
    Good grief..have you been hiding in a cave or just reading OBAMA's web site?
    He is Muslim...once a Muslim always a Muslim..it's in their holy book the Koran!
    He refuses to denounce the Black panthers crimes.Racism
    He disses the white Boston police with no facts and has to resort to drinking beer to get the racist egg off of his face Racism
    He stated in his book that he wants nothing to do with his white half. Racism?
    He insinuates himself in the hispanic Zimmerman tragedy again without fact. Racism at work!
    He has increased food stamps and entitlements to blacks to enslave them for votes, He supports Planned Parenthood which will abort black babies until the blacks are extinct.
    He created trillions of dollars in debt, with the stimulus fiasco.
    He created the Solyndra fiasco with tax payer dollars.
    He gave us ObamaCare and tried to pass it off as NOT a tax!
    He's sent bilions of your tax dollars to Muslim countries to build mosques!
    He put the economy in the toilet because he is clueless how to create jobs.
    He is champing at the bit to involve us in a war in Iran to declare martial law and cancel the elections!

    You are an Obamabot and nothing I say will open your closed mind!
    And we are way off topic.
    Run along and wallow in your ignorance!
  • ReconMa... marylou5 2012/07/07 01:51:18
  • marylou5 ReconMa... 2012/07/07 04:17:01
  • ReconMa... marylou5 2012/07/07 04:52:07
  • ReconMa... GOP Poison 2012/07/07 02:07:52 (edited)
  • GOP Poison ReconMa... 2012/07/07 18:36:44
    GOP Poison
    The links are not authorized by yahoo.
  • ReconMa... GOP Poison 2012/07/07 23:33:01
  • belle 2012/07/02 20:26:59
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    Why should he go none of the celebrities that threaten to go if Bush was elected broke their promises. Beside Obama is still a bigger promise breaker then Rush will ever be, Stay put Rush millions love you.

    lets look at all those celebrities promise breakers that threaten to leave if Bush was elected,
    Some of the celebs were: Eddie Vedder, Alec Baldwin, Kim Bassinger, Robert Altman, and Pierre Salinger. Only Pierre made good on his threat and moved to France .Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins I think made a similar remark, so go.

    So what do you called these people that broke their promises?????
  • GOP Poison belle 2012/07/05 13:45:55
    GOP Poison
    I would call them liars.............SOOO what should we call Rush and Hannity?
  • belle GOP Poison 2012/07/05 15:17:18
    call them what you please, you will anyway.
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/02 18:29:48
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I'll take Rushbo's humorous statement about moving to Costa Rica over OblameO's serious staement about not raising taxes of any kind on the middle class and his further statements that Obamacare wasn't a tax any day of the week.

    Of course the left will completely ignore all of Obie's broken promises while bitching and moaning about a comedic gesture.
  • GOP Poison CMackle... 2012/07/03 01:39:38
    GOP Poison
    Actually,the Romney campaign manager as well as his legal advisor has said that the SCOTUS got it wrong and it is NOT a tax.They said that on July 2nd,2012
  • Footage 2012/07/02 17:22:51
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...
    Only if Alec Baldwin is going to keep his promise and move to Canada when Bush won in 2004, and Janeane Garofalo would keep her promise to crawl on broken glass and apologize to Bush when the Iraqi's celebrated the fall of Saddam.
  • ★Calliope★ Footage 2012/07/02 23:31:57
    bahaha.. fat chance - he's safe :P
  • GOP Poison Footage 2012/07/06 21:16:27
    GOP Poison
    This may be hard for you to comprehend but I am not one of those"he did it too"guys.Most of the democrats I know will condemn democratic politicians for the same thing as they will republican politicians.Every time one of your guys screw up all you hear is "what about this guy or that guy. If Alec Baldwin or any other celebrity said they would leave the country if something they did not like came to pass,then they should. For someone to sit and say that it is OK for them to lie because someone else did would make me as juvenile as republicans.
  • Footage GOP Poison 2012/07/06 21:28:16
    I'm not saying "it's okay for them to lie because someone else did it." I'm simply saying if we're going to hold our entertainers to their silly proclamations let's have the same standard apply to all. Personally, I don't think any of them should leave the country just because they said something stupid. Anyone who says "Yes" to this question should hold everyone to that same standard. I don't see why that's a problem for you.
  • GOP Poison Footage 2012/07/06 21:38:52
    GOP Poison
    It is NOT a problem for me. The people that said they would leave the country if Bush was re-elected should leave.Period. But if you want to say they should not because it was just a stupid statement that is your right. You can believe this. You will not hear me listening to any of these celebrity liars for my political advice and if anyone listens to Limbaugh or Hannity after their lies about what they would do is a fool
  • Footage GOP Poison 2012/07/06 21:45:04
    Now that I agree with. Anyone who takes their political queues from an entertainer is a fool. That being said, everyone says stupid things, and I don't expect any of them to be accountable. It's my public officials that I hold to a higher standard.
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2012/07/02 16:33:37
  • Pat 2012/07/02 05:36:05
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    The would be a true blessing for this country. The sooner he leaves the better.
    true blessing country leaves
  • findthelight2000 2012/07/02 04:21:21
    Yes, Rush should keep his promise and move to Costa Rica!
    But we don't really believe what a conservative promises..., do we?
  • ★Calliope★ 2012/07/02 03:30:22
    No, Rush should stay here in America and be known as a promise breaker and a ...

    Obama lied too.

    Should he move to Costa Rica with Rush?
  • ReconMa... ★Calliope★ 2012/07/02 16:35:02
  • ★Calliope★ ReconMa... 2012/07/02 23:29:35
    Ugly natured, ugly mind, no honor. That's Obama.
  • ReconMa... ★Calliope★ 2012/07/03 00:00:40
  • ★Calliope★ ReconMa... 2012/07/03 00:02:35
    He's a joke all right. Now if only he was funny.
  • ReconMa... ★Calliope★ 2012/07/04 05:47:21
  • ★Calliope★ ReconMa... 2012/07/04 22:59:44
    I'll take your word for it my dear friend.

    I find I can't get past his ugly no-honor nature to even try n find the funny :P
  • ReconMa... ★Calliope★ 2012/07/04 23:04:43
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