Note To Paulbots: You LOST. He LOST And You Fools Are Going To Destroy America By Letting A Marxist Run Wild.

zbacku 2012/07/16 04:42:17
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  • rocat 2012/07/16 13:57:59
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    casting blame on others...
    is a prog trait-

    snap out of it-
  • Waldorf 2012/07/16 12:43:52 (edited)
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    Those who never really wanted to work from within the Republican Party should please go away. Have fun indirectly helping Obama.
  • Dodgerfan 2012/07/16 04:51:40
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    Since there are only a handful of Paul "would be voters out here" we can't make up the ground Romney is loosing on his own. Go cry in your own beer and stop placing blame on those that tried to right the ship but you and the lame stream media wouldn't give the time of day.

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