North Korea Test Launches More Ballistic Missiles: Should the UN declare war?

Marilyn 2009/07/07 01:43:16
Yes, the United Nations should declare war on North Korea
No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
I think the UN...
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The UN Security Council has once more condemned North Korea for performing more missile tests, deeming North Korea an international threat.

Although North Korea has been banned from importing all but small arms, North Korea continues to perform missile tests. Seven ballistic missiles were launched on Independence Day (July 4th), violating UN restrictions.

Should the United Nations (UN) declare war on North Korea?
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  • BIG DADDY MAC 2009/07/08 16:29:04
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    no, since 1994 North Korea has been playing this game....they are wanting attention and want aid ....I ran into an article from a magazine called American Survival Magazine....They are no longer in business....Well, I found it at a used boodstore and purchased it for survival skills in finding food and water in the desert environment....it had a story form 1994 that describes that same senerio that is occurring right now.....But one never knows when the tricks he is playing will become actual war....All we can do, is keep recon reports up to date with the spy's that are in country....They are our silent warriors in the various hotspots in the world......
  • Michael Katz 2009/07/08 01:33:03
    I think the UN...
    Michael Katz
    The people of America have been fed lie
    after lie.When ever the Elite want war
    they pick some small country to demonize.
    The sheep are so dumb down from Nazi
    Fluoride and other chemicals in our food,
    our water,and our air that we accept
    everything they tell us with out questioning.
    We must wake up to their real agenda.
    If we don't,we will pay the price for our
    gullibility.The Elite are about to put armed
    soldiers on our commuter trains.If you
    go to you tube,type in to a search engine
    wonder why they are showing this to you
    or your children?They are conditioning
    the people for the coming of martial law,
    and the end of America.WAKE UP NOW
    before it is to late
    The Somatidman
  • Polaris 1 2009/07/08 00:47:51
    I think the UN...
    Polaris 1
  • jerrichard11 2009/07/08 00:29:30
    I think the UN...
    should blockade the country the way we did cuba and if kim does something stupid then we blow him back to the stone age
  • Bob 2009/07/07 22:06:05
    I think the UN...
    You can rest assured that the UN won't do a damn thing about North Korea no matter what North Korea does. The UN is worse than useless.
  • Bigoot 2009/07/07 15:34:46
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    We should be paying attention, but they have a right to develop technology as we do. The US tests missiles continually as does a lot of other countries.

    I believe we should have harsh material and money sanctions against N Korea and the UN should have some balls and enforce a unified front in telling N. Korea to back off. Unfortunately, the UN is a waste of breath so a number of countries will have to do it on their own.

    We do not need another war. N Korea is flexing their muscles to see how we react, and so far, they are winning and likely laughing at us.
  • Sandy 2009/07/07 14:22:54
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    I don't think war is the answer to everything...
  • FAN 2009/07/07 11:32:46
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    but they should pay attention ....!!!!!
  • Dee 2009/07/07 04:57:14
    I think the UN...
  • Elizabeth 2009/07/07 03:58:21
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    The UN is supposedly a peace making organization, so declaring war on any nation would be the height of hypocracy. As for the concept of declaring war on North Korea, then what? World War III?
  • docdj 2009/07/07 02:58:26
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    Um...Didn't we already go to war with Korea? No, must have been from watching re-runs of M.A.S.H. about a PRETEND WAR!!!!
  • johnnywoo 2009/07/07 02:13:31
    I think the UN...
    Not at this time,but i would keep my eyes on this country for sure!!
  • Kent the Roofer 2009/07/07 02:04:31
    I think the UN...
    Kent the Roofer
    The world should continue to isolate North Korea. If war is declared they will detonate a nuclear devise even if it has to be upon their own soil.
    No trade whatsoever.
    No diplomatic missions whatsoever.
    No humanitarian aid whatsoever.
    Their government would collapse within a year.
  • the Griffin 2009/07/07 01:50:05
    I think the UN...
    the Griffin
    . . . should do nothing.

    One of the primary reasons we had the creation of countries was to provide defense and protection of a group of individuals.
    All countries have the right and the duty to provide whatever defensive and offensive measures to protect its citizens.

    How can some countires deny other countries from being able to protect themselves if attacked or retaliate against an aggressive country?
  • James B 2009/07/07 01:50:45
    Yes, the United Nations should declare war on North Korea
    James B
    or at least act like it cares .
    do something , anything,,,,
  • darlene 2009/07/07 01:49:12
    I think the UN...
    I think we should place certain sanctions and restrictions on North Korea. No trading or buying from them until they comply with the United Nations protocol. sanctions restrictions north korea trading comply united nations protocol
  • largo1 2009/07/07 01:48:24
    Yes, the United Nations should declare war on North Korea
    Make an example out that fool.
  • Mecynogea 2009/07/07 01:48:41
    No, the United Nations should not declare war on North Korea
    what's good about war?
    that's stupid!
  • Andrea Mecynogea 2009/07/07 01:55:49
    But y should they attack us? No one liked 9/11....No one liked Pearl Harbor....those acts r why we have WARS. You dont understand how crazy North Koreans are when it comes to Nuclear Power and Wars!!
  • Mecynogea Andrea 2009/07/08 02:33:22
    i know but
    war's not good
    would you like to be killed
    by a bomb or killed by someone
    with a green outfit and a gun?
    i don't think so
    im totally against war
    just tell me
    is there something good about war?
    and if so
  • Andrea Mecynogea 2009/07/08 14:46:52
    I dont like war and I dont like fighting. No one wants to die. But we cant let them attack us. Did you like 9/11? Do you realize what else would happen if we didnt declare war?
  • Mecynogea Andrea 2009/07/09 02:21:59
    but they won't attack you!
    they're trying to let you know
    that if you or any country declare war to them
    they will screw you!
    i'm not american
    i'm guatemalan and i was
    like 8 years old when the 9/11 happened
    and now that im reasonable i know
    that it wouldn't like to anybody
    and i undestand that you love your country
    & you want to declare war because of that
    but you must undestand that
    nothing will happen if you don't declare war
    and now
    do you realize what would happen if you declare war?
    of course you will be okay
    but we don't
    if we are fucked now
    we'll be more fucked then...
  • Agent 42 Andrea 2009/07/09 13:26:35
    Agent 42
    there's no evidence that they are planing to attack any country, a pre-emptive strike is Only justified when there is concrete proof of a coming attack.

    otherwise starting a war now would just be a mess i'm sry to say.
  • Andrea 2009/07/07 01:46:18
    Yes, the United Nations should declare war on North Korea
    If someone threatens to shoot missles at you (if its minor), then whatever. Try to make peace if its a sane country, like england. But if its a kookoo country like North Korea...then WAR!

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