North Carolina House GOP introduces 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights'

Sawdust_128 2011/03/02 08:37:13
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RALEIGH – House Republicans introduced a bill this week that would reign in spending and limit increases to the state budget. Sponsors call it the "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" or "TABOR".

Their goal is to limit how much the budget can grow and to establish an emergency reserve trust fund. Republicans have introduced similar bills in recent years and say if those had passed the state wouldn't be in the budget crunch it is now.

"When the General Assembly, or any political body has money available to it to spend, it's gonna get spent. There is just not the discipline,” said Rep. John Blust, a Republican from Guilford County.

Advocacy groups like the North Carolina Justice Center oppose TABOR and say it would harm the state's public structures and long-term growth potential.

The bill is now in the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.

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  • Dixienc 2011/03/02 15:55:07
    None of the above
    Once again NC is telling it's tax paying citizens their tax refunds will be late. ANYTHING that can be done to curb the out of control spending that has gone on in this state under blue control for all these years is a great thing. We changed NC to a gorgeous shade of red in 2010, lets work to turn the Governors Mansion that same shade of red in 2012!!
  • Sawdust... Dixienc 2011/03/02 17:25:46
    There it is....
  • Cogs 2011/03/02 09:51:24
    Here we go again.....
    Lol, TABOR. My state has defeated that thing several times now. It's just an attempt to cripple social services and ruin state governments.
  • Sawdust... Cogs 2011/03/02 17:59:16
    As opposed to the progressive legislature in the state of Maine which has established a widelt recognized sentiment of distrust with it's own business community. So much so that the state is now ranked by Forbes as 50th out of 50 as a location to relocate or establish a business. From the looks of most things up there, especially with the energy costs "necessarily skyrocketing" (Barack Obama) not voting in TABOR as ruined your state. I am glad you are proud to be a broke progressive in a state that has one of the harshest regulatory environments in the county. And in the meantime, Maine lawmakers like Diane Russell (D-Portland) are out in Wisconsin supporting the Unions over the taxpayers.

    Oh yeah I forgot. People from Maine know everything, just ask them.
  • Cogs Sawdust... 2011/03/02 23:55:50
    It's true, we're pretty awesome.
  • Sawdust... Cogs 2011/03/03 00:21:35
    Well, that's one word for it..................
  • FanOreilly 2011/03/02 08:44:49
    None of the above

    excellent super rave

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