Nontheistic Gods

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  • digitalDave 2010/08/03 13:32:41
    Over the past 50+ years the self proclaimed "knowledgeable" scientific community has established a terrific tale, including embellished sizes and ages of the singularity.

    My question, who created the singularity, and wh?.

    It requires far more faith to believe in that line of "reasoning" than having faith in the Lord. singularity created singularity wh requires faith line reasoning faith lord
  • mrigor digital... 2010/08/03 19:33:28
    who created the singularity
    We don't know.

    Not knowing does not equate to evidence for your sky daddy.
  • digital... mrigor 2010/08/03 19:44:34
    You said it. You DON'T know.
    History usually works as evidence.
  • mrigor digital... 2010/08/03 19:50:29
    History usually works as evidence.You have data on singularity that the scientific community isn't aware of?
    Evidence (or lack of it in this case) trumps your wishful thinking.
  • digital... mrigor 2010/08/03 20:01:11
    I have evidence of Jesus, in writing and my walk with him, that trumps the idiocy of a singularity.
  • mrigor digital... 2010/08/03 20:18:53
    A book about an ancient man does not trump anything.
    Religion in general does not provide evidence for anything. Why is this so hard for you to accept? Just admit that you believe things because it somehow makes you feel good. Dogma rules your life.
    On top of this you have the balls to tell others (muslims) that their dogma is somehow less worthy than yours. Religious hypocrisy is hilarious.
  • digital... mrigor 2010/08/03 20:24:35
    Dogma, funny movie, I didn;s say less worth, I said less violent. The crusades was a response of the Catholic church turning the other cheek for hundreds of years while their women and children were being used as torches by the moslems.

    Pick up a book sometime, it might open your otherwise eceedingly and abundantly closed mind. And I do mean closed.

    Don't lose your head over it igor.
  • digital... mrigor 2010/08/03 20:02:17
    You're jumping the shark here kid. I'm done.
    jumping shark kid
  • mrigor digital... 2010/08/03 20:20:13
    Misusing a meme would be epic fail, and you just committed it.
  • digital... mrigor 2010/08/03 20:26:03
    Only in your selfish elitist world did I abuse this meme.
  • Leeaqua 2010/08/01 14:27:24
    The cosmic computer controls everything !
  • Braddock 2010/07/29 12:14:02
    Very well said, very interesting perspective.
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2010/07/29 00:20:25
    The title sounds like an oxymoron.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/07/28 18:22:20
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    I think I should read that book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I understand this guy's view of it, but it seems a little rebellious. I think if he cleared his mind of proving Christians wrong about their religion, he would be more likley to think about the flaws of society and community rather than Christianity.

    I don't think he knows that Richard Bach was Christian Scientist. And even if he wasn't a church member in later years, I can honestley say the only way I'll find out now that if he's a Christian or not is in that book. And if he is, then this YouTube guy has made a fool out of himself.
  • Essence220 some id... 2010/07/28 20:09:17
    Have you watched his entire series? at this point in the telling of the story of his deconversion, he is fresh from the horror of losing God as he knew God to be. his is only explaining why he is no longer theistic, not trying to tell others that they should do the same. Christian, Atheist, or Pastafarian, I think this man is wiser than a great majority of the world for letting his views be known and not pushing them on others. Nowhere in this or in any of his other videos has he ever told anyone to deconvert - he has only ever told people his reasons for doing so and why he thinks other people would benefit as well. Very unlike many Christians who push and threaten with hellfire and damnation if a non-Christian doesn't see the light and convert.
  • some id... Essence220 2010/07/29 09:35:56
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    No, and I don't plan on it. I know what you mean, but I don't care about what he says anymore after what I heard in that video. He's calling Christians mindless sheep following ... and yea, that is his own opinion, his own voice, I get that. But in that sense you can tell he's also trying to tell people to wake up from it all and look deeper inside the truth and get away from the sheeple... Oh wait he probabley is...


    Well anyway, what you said had nothing to do with what I really said, it's like you read the last sentance and that was if for you... Read my comment again, I don't feeling like talking about it all another time. Too tired to explain...
  • Pieter Joubert 2010/07/28 17:49:42
    Pieter Joubert
    I hate hearing blah blah blah with no substantiating evidence. I wish people would keep their theories secret untill they have something like proof for there theories.
  • DUGGINS 2010/07/28 15:12:22
    Somebody went to an awful lot of trouble and intellectual poppycock just to tell everybody that
    he doesn't believe in God. The person speaking could have been more credible if he had
    merely just said NO TO THE QUESTION.
  • mrigor DUGGINS 2010/07/28 16:19:17
    I enjoy the clarity of his videos and the meticulous details of the philosophical rigor he went through to arrive at his answers.
  • Essence220 DUGGINS 2010/07/28 20:11:34
    He is telling the story of his deconversion. if he just said "One day i decided not to believe in God," there would be no story. Yes, the answer to the question is no, but he decided to be thorough and tell the WHY and HOW of it as well.

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