NJ Exit Polls: Hillary Clinton Leads Chris Christie in 2016

Mopvyzo USA 2013/11/06 23:58:24
Wednesday, 06 Nov 2013 09:52 AM
By Lisa Barron

It was no big surprise that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was re-elected Tuesday, beating Democrat Barbara Buono in a runaway predicted in numerous polls.

But Election Day exit polls showed that if the 2016 presidential race were held today, he would lose to Democrat Hillary Clinton in his own state.

The New Jersey exit poll, conducted for the National Election Pool by Edison Research, found that...


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  • XZQZQ 2013/11/07 20:23:41
    Christie is being groomed as the GOP Nominee in 2016 by the Dems & media, to lose to the Democrat nominee, whoever it is...
  • Sotto Voce 2013/11/07 19:51:46
    Sotto Voce
    Christie's the best that the Republicans have.

    ...and the Republicans are firing arrows into his back.
  • Kurt 2013/11/07 16:07:37
    Sorry but I do not believe the media and their so called honest polls.
  • GOP Poison 2013/11/07 13:44:34
    GOP Poison
    Hillary will be nominated and will run roughshod over anyone the republicans decide to put up. I look for the tea party to run someone as a third party because of their hatred of Christie. I am told that Christie cut one billion with a "B" from education and laid off 6000 teachers in New Jersey. Then has the audacity to have Shaquille Oneall on telling how much Christie has done for education in New Jersey. I will give him credit for giving the president props during hurricane Sandy because that is what men do. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are not real men.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2013/11/07 07:16:37
    Monika Monika Monika Monika
  • Red Branch 2013/11/07 03:05:29
    Red Branch
    It is too soon for this.
  • sjalan 2013/11/07 02:13:12
    Very interesting. Even after all the garbage that the Rabid Radical Right have thrown at her the exit polls in NJ still show her in the lead! against a governor that just got elected of the opposite party. WOW!
  • jacktown kid 2013/11/07 01:12:04
    jacktown kid
    I totally agree
  • Space Invader 2013/11/07 01:02:32
    Space Invader
    no worry; we aren't gonna worry about an election......we are getting ready to see the most colossal war; devastation ever brought against the Middle East and the world....so Hillary can just pack up her over-sized depends..cause H Rap Obama is the last resident as president of the US of Apathy...
  • betz 2013/11/07 00:51:35
    For goodness sakes we have a prez who is out of control or should I say not in control of anything, a healthcare bill that is sinking like the Titanic and they are polling people to see who they are going to vote for three years from now? Focus people...focus....Let's hope we still have a functioning country in which we will be able vote in 3 years because we're going to hell in a handbasket right now.
  • norman 2013/11/07 00:23:40
    Gee, I guess I'll be holding my breath for the next 3 years.
  • CA Gal 2013/11/07 00:22:21
    CA Gal
    Well of course she does! She will be our next President :) hillary 2016
  • Kurt CA Gal 2013/11/07 16:08:47
    If it happens, just 4 more years of tyranny.
  • CA Gal Kurt 2013/11/07 16:43:16
    CA Gal

    noun: tyranny; plural noun: tyrannies

    1. cruel and oppressive government or rule.

    Obviously you do not understand the meaning of the word. President Obama and Democrats are far from being cruel or oppressive. It's the right wing that want to dictate what a woman does with her own body, oppress minorities by hindering their right to vote and telling a person who they can or cannot marry.

    You DEFINITELY do not understand the meaning of the word!
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/11/07 00:16:37
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Blue, blue, blue state so not surprising. What is surprising is that Christie crushed the dem candidate as if he had no opponent.
  • Giantsfan Jackie ... 2013/11/07 04:12:14
    Only to you it was surprising. They thought he might win with 65% or more but 60% was a great number. He's the best the repubs have but all they talk about are the freaks, Paul and Cruz.
  • Jackie ... Giantsfan 2013/11/07 05:20:58
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Okay, he crushed his opponent in a blue blue state - that is always surprising.
  • Giantsfan Jackie ... 2013/11/07 13:31:34 (edited)
    Not this time it isn't surprising. I'm happy for him in NJ and feel sorry for him when it comes to the national republican party. There is no room left in the party for common sense non ideologues in the party now. And that hurts all of us.
  • Jackie ... Giantsfan 2013/11/07 15:18:29
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    There is none in either party and I agree we need some common sense - I am sick to death of the constant smears and inflammatory name calling from left and right.
  • Giantsfan Jackie ... 2013/11/07 16:56:41
    Now we agree on something.
  • Billy M 2013/11/07 00:06:40
    Billy M
    35 vs 42 state rankings NY vs NJ. How about someone in the top 10 or at least something that person has done to try to bring up the ranking.
  • Mopvyzo USA 2013/11/07 00:05:16
  • MidnightCowboy 2013/11/07 00:05:10
    It goes without saying that New Jersey is a Blue State.
  • Jackie ... Midnigh... 2013/11/07 00:17:33
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Agree, if she hadn't would mean democrats should just fold up the tent.

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