Nice Person of the Month ~ January 2013

Melizmatic 2013/01/18 19:46:35
Bacon Donuts!
Enough with the 'Bacon Fixation', Already!
Congrats, Sir Anthony!
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So this post is a bit late, due to all the post holiday hoopla and actual real life.

This member has a quirky sense of humor and an easy, self-deprecating manner...

Both of which are becoming very rare on this site.

(Not to mention he's got some really killer cheekbones, if the pics on his profile are legit.)


Basically, he's a cool dude with a seriously awesome

Without further ado, the the Nice Person of the Month for January is:

legit lolz basically cool dude awesome attitude ado person january


So give him a hand; cuz' it ain't easy bein' nice in 'SodaHead-land...'

The usual rules apply:

No politics, no religion.

Be civil or begone.

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Top Opinion

  • Sir Anthony of Camelot 2013/01/18 20:30:03
    Bacon Donuts!
    Sir Anthony of Camelot
    If anyone doesn't deserve this, it's him. He's boring and stupid!

    Thank you. From the depths of my empty head, it's really good to get this. I feel like a winner!

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