Newt Gingrich Drops Out of the Race: Upsetting or Anticlimactic?

News 2012/05/02 23:00:00
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Realistically, Newt Gingrich hasn't really been "in the running" for president for the last few months, but the presidential hopeful held on to the GOP candidacy longer than Mitt Romney's primary contender, Rick Santorum. Maybe he was holding out for a freak accident, or maybe there were some behind-the-scenes reasons for prolonging his candidacy. Whatever the case, it's over now. Gingrich officially put an end to his 2012 presidential run.

He made the announcement in a hotel ballroom near Washington, D.C., but didn't sound too enthusiastic about Romney. He said, "Today, I am suspending the campaign, but suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship ... I'm asked sometimes, 'Is Mitt Romney conservative enough?' And my answer's simple: 'Compared to Barack Obama?' You know, this is not a choice between Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan, this is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical, leftist president in American history." Is the end of his "wild ride" of a campaign upsetting or anticlimatic?

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  • Mr.Reasonable 2012/05/02 23:57:39
    Anticipated, unsurprising, inevitable, about time, how did he ever become a serious consideration for nomination in the first place?!

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  • JoshuaGNorman 2012/06/01 01:57:36
    Gingrich was a RINO Globalist Straw running blocker for Mittens Romney.
  • Jabbo Jones 2012/05/19 05:33:10
    Jabbo Jones
    Don't know how he could have the nerve to even run, seeing how he left Congress in disgrace!
  • scottlanemitchell 2012/05/14 17:38:55
    About time
  • Lynda Deming 2012/05/11 15:00:59
    Lynda Deming
    He was never anything more than a stalking horse for Mitt. He caused just enough of the conservative votes to be split, giving Mitt the lead, and calling for Santorum to drop out since before the Iowa caucus. He continued to urge Rick to get out even though Rick HAD the support that Newt did not. Once he finally got Rick to quit it was safe for him to exit the race. He never had any intention of actually winning the nomination.

    The "republicans" pulled the same thing in 2008. There were 4 solid conservatives running, but with months of speculating and great fanfare, they shoved Fred Thompson onto the stage with much of the same lying rhetoric about his past as they did with Newt. Within a couple of days of the last conservative dropping out, so did Fred. This is not rocket science folks. We the People are willfully being duped.
  • AprilSkelton 2012/05/10 01:54:00
    It's a game. The best doesn't always win. If it didn't cost so much to run for office in this country, we would have a much better government. The position is bought and paid for.
  • SUNSHINEBOI 2012/05/09 04:59:56
    I don't know why the hell he got in the Race in the first place. His past record in public office and private life are both less than complimentary. First of all he was removed as Speaker of the House for ethics violations! Does he think we forgot? Really? And his womanizing and male chauvenistic pig attitude is ridiculous. What kinda moral values can he display??? Whatever NEWT; go sit down! NEXT!
  • PhantomDream 2012/05/08 16:13:01 (edited)
    Is this a surprise? Also, how can he possibly think the moderate conservative Obama is the most 'leftist' president we ever had? Haha. Only proves his 'sanity' and 'intelligence'
  • Gary 2012/05/08 14:20:58
    I'm sorry did I miss something?
  • Bobette 2012/05/08 12:41:21
    It seems that Newt lives in his own world which has little, if anything, to do with reality. It is frightening how he excuses everything in himself and finds it so easy to accuse others falsely.
  • Mr. Won... Bobette 2012/05/08 16:14:42
    Mr. Wonderful
    That's what all sleazeball right wingers do. Blame everyone else for all the crap they cause.
  • Lynda D... Mr. Won... 2012/05/11 14:42:34
    Lynda Deming
    LOL! I am sure you meant to say "That's what all sleazeball LEFT wingers do." Afterall after 3 1/2 years the far LEFT wingers are still blaming President Bush for everything!
  • Mr. Won... Lynda D... 2012/05/11 19:18:29
  • C. C. Rider 2012/05/08 12:10:23
    C. C. Rider
    The GOP and those who vote con dumped him long ago. IT was delivered by his overworked divorce lawyer...maybe THAT is why it took so long for him to drop out. He did not get the memo right away.
  • RoseyRhod 2012/05/08 09:27:53
    Why would it be upsetting? He's a complete douche nozzle.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/05/08 02:55:45
  • Dickens 2012/05/08 01:01:53
    ..did anyone honestly think this slimeball actually had a chance?? He's a john edwards-class scumbag...
  • BALANCED 2012/05/08 00:15:57 (edited)
    one corrupt zillionaire casino owner kept little piggy neutered in the race -
    one fkg moron supporting another !!

    leaving pig faced nuetered 4 million deep into DEFICIT SPENDING -
    yea the fkg fat pie hole clown spent money he didnt have -
    but he can fix the world in 5 minutes if elected -
    I elect neutered to live off his own feces for the rest of his short little fat life !!
  • mordenj 2012/05/07 23:35:38
    Anticlimatic for sure. He's less popular than Santorum or Paul.
  • zero 2012/05/07 20:18:02
    This is a headline question for 'news and politics'? That's pathetic.
  • rcardon 2012/05/07 19:05:57
    The man hardly had any support, his campaign was completely inundated in red ink, and the fact that he touted himself as a whistle blower at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac worked against him. He was behind before he even announced his candidacy.
  • rugrat1411 2012/05/07 18:20:12
    Good ridence, would never vote for this man, ever!
  • Tennyson James 2012/05/07 16:46:09
    Tennyson James
    And why does his hair look green in that picture?!
  • politicalsoldier 2012/05/07 15:34:50
  • Paul 2012/05/07 14:57:52
    Newt's campaign was never any more real than his wife's hair color...
  • Quazar 2012/05/07 14:35:15
    I knew it was only a matter of time until he dropped out of the race.
  • fortycal_sig 2012/05/07 14:23:40
    Was a foregone conclusion. From the start it was a two-person race between Establishment-pick Romney and Grassroots-supported Paul, with Santorum coming in an unelectable third because of the morality-legislating, uber-war-hawking aspects of his candidacy.
  • Veni Vidi 2012/05/07 14:21:19
    Veni Vidi
    His campaign was dying, it was time to divorce it!.
  • Jack 2012/05/07 08:06:41
    It was expected, not surprising and it was just waiting to happen. It's a matter of only when.
  • Mr. Won... Jack 2012/05/07 14:03:23 (edited)
    Mr. Wonderful
    The main problem with the clown called the Newt is that asswipe is so damn stupid he still thinks people give a damn what he thinks. This fool doesn't have the brains to go away quitely. All politicans have an excessively high opinion of themselves but this loser takes it to insane levels.

    Newt loves to pretend he's the smartest guy in the room, all the while showing he the biggest idiot. This clown is so stupid he didn't even manage to get enough people to sign his petition to simply get on the ballot in several key states.

    He first lied about then admitted he has a hobby of cheating on past wives. If that wasn't enough to disqualify this fool, he was caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar and a big enough dirt bag to steal from a children's charity, nailed for diverting funds meant for them to his general campaign fund and fined $300,000 on a boat load of ethics charges. So many his own political party kicked his fat ass out. This sleaze ball thought he could be president with that kind of a track record and he calls himself intelligent? You kdding me? I hope we've seen the last of this buffoon.
  • Paul Mr. Won... 2012/05/07 14:59:35
    How does the saying go... Newt is what a stupid person thinks a smart person should sound like.
  • harasnicole 2012/05/07 06:14:42 (edited)
    I haven't been keeping up with these things, but I do know that it was inevitable.
  • sally 2012/05/07 05:39:34
    We all knew this was going to happen.
  • joe mauro 2012/05/07 00:39:58
    joe mauro
    getting older
  • Pm 2012/05/07 00:39:27
    Looks like the GOP isn't interested in a leader.
  • Deere G... Pm 2012/05/07 02:46:10
    I totally agree....its very disturbing to watch the GOP party disintegrate in front of my own eyes....
  • Pm Deere G... 2012/05/07 05:50:55
    They are falling in line with the far right tea party types. Just as the democratic party fell to the lib side years ago. Now it's just the radical beliefs of opposite parties pinned against each other further dividing the country.
  • Mr. Won... Deere G... 2012/05/07 13:00:36
    Mr. Wonderful
    That's a joke. The GOP disintegrated way back under Reagan. All that's left now is radicals, fools and hot heads.
  • Deere G... Mr. Won... 2012/05/07 15:30:56
    And you don't call Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid radicals.........You have leftist radicals and you have some on the right.......that's why nothing is getting done.......there aren't any moderates anymore......Only losers giving away the country.....
  • Mr. Won... Deere G... 2012/05/07 15:51:30
    Mr. Wonderful
    Is it expecting too much for any right winger to shock everyone and stay on topic or is there something in your genes that makes you automatically ask ... what about ________ fill in the bank about some Democrat every time one yours gets caught screwing up?

    For the record I think BOTH Reid and Pelosi are political hacks and should also be kicked to the curb. Now just once surprise us and say you agree the Newt and other right wing sleaze like Mitch McConnel and Johnny Bonehead should be kicked out.
  • Mr. Wonderful 2012/05/06 21:27:04
    Mr. Wonderful
    Besides being a crook fined $300,000 on ethics violations and drumed out of his leadership role and forced to resign this shamless two bit loser and full time bozo is just a cluelss egomaniac he hung around months after it was obvious he couldn't win. Now that's a typical moron right winger for you!
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