Newsweek Calls Obama the 'First Gay President': Did the Magazine Go Too Far?

News 2012/05/14 19:00:00
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It was kind of a big deal when Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to openly support gay marriage -- enough for the some to joke that he was "coming out of the closet," so to speak. But Newsweek took it a step further on the cover of this week's issue, dubbing Obama "the first gay president," along with an image of the president under a rainbow halo. It's a striking statement, no matter what side of the conversation you're on. But is it going a little too far?

Andrew Sullivan, an openly gay Newsweek journalist, wrote of Obama's announcement, "Like many others, I braced myself for disappointment. And yet when I watched the interview, the tears came flooding down. The moment reminded me of my own wedding day. I had figured it out in my head, but not my heart. And I was utterly unprepared for how psychologically transformative the moment would be. To have the president of the United States affirm my humanity — and the humanity of all gay Americans — was, unexpectedly, a watershed." Still, was Newsweek's cover a little too risque?

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  • Tink123 2012/05/14 19:33:12 (edited)
    LOL - uh, yeah.

    Edit -
    I don't know about it being too "risque." But "The first gay president" leaves one with the impression that he himself is gay. Pretty sure that would come as a shock to his wife. lol

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  • pat 2012/05/16 18:39:05
  • Pee,wee pat 2012/05/16 21:45:05 (edited)
    oh and they will get it, the rag
  • FromJesus'sPerspective 2012/05/16 18:23:10

    Brown is typical, just another poorly executed attempt to emasculate President Obama. If this is Brown's way of tapping into pop culture, she has lost and lost even more credibility with me frankly. She would be better served refocusing magazine covers and content on opinion and commentary, period. No wonder this rag has enormous financial liabilities. Since the merger I thought Newsweek was supposed to take a look at the bigger picture, provide deeper analysis, and connect the dots! Despicable.
  • Ayushee 2012/05/16 18:03:26
    They doesn't have the right to disrespect anyone!
  • 001 2012/05/16 16:10:08
    Not funny. Magazines seem to like that kind of sh*t.
  • zari 2012/05/16 15:51:44
    Yes, it is an insult!
  • Maxine 2012/05/16 15:31:51
    Yes--as a straight person--if it was't an election year I would have respected him for his stand about gay marriage. Now I believe that it is just for political gain. I do not trust him--he changes too much.
  • PM Maxine 2012/05/21 13:11:53
    Actually, in an election year, this is taking a huge political risk, not the other way around. Whatever introspective thoughts that he may have had to have a change of heart, are more likely to be looked at as for political gain rather than actually having a self asserted change of heart on the subject, hence it is more of a risk to come out now than after the election.
  • Carlos benoit 2012/05/16 15:19:04
    Carlos benoit
    Maybe not; Who knows what skeletons lie in one's closet, Look at what we found out about John Travolta--- (who would have guessed)?
  • cyn 2012/05/16 15:18:01
    Yes, because he is not gay. Nobody is asking any religions to marry same-sex couples. It should still be a marriage because making it anything else would not give the couples that married people enjoy right now. They are still committed to each other and deserve all the rights. Keep religion out of it.
  • Steven 2012/05/16 15:16:59
    I say yes not only because it's nonsense but it's inaccurate. He's straight. Unless Newsweek knows something we don't?

  • Brendan Byrne 2012/05/16 14:48:55
    Brendan Byrne
    People are to sensitive. Give a conservative a reason to gripe and he will thank you for it.
  • Dana Tracy 2012/05/16 14:05:28
    Dana Tracy
    I think they should interview Larry Sinclair, if anyone knows what Obama is it would be him. Also....After seeing the press conference that Sheriff Joe Arpaio held in Maricopa County -- it became obvious that a crime has been committed. Not only is the birth certificate fraudulently manufactured... but it was clear by Sheriff Joe's findings that the Selective Service card was fraudulently forged and manufactured. This is no longer about the minutia of the birth certificate any more. If the Selective Service card is a fraudulent produced document then by law -- it is illegal for Obama to hold ANY public office position... not even allowed to be Senator. There needs to be a congressional hearing held on this. When will that happen?
  • Edie Dana Tracy 2012/05/17 01:42:20
    If Obama can get enough backing his background will never come to the front. When I was asked for my transcripts after college it was such an honor to show them there was no way I wanted them hidden. The only time I tried to hide something was a guy that my parents would not approve of he did not last long they were right. So is Sheriff Arpaiol.
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2012/05/16 13:46:17
    What went to far is the Halo because Obama is no Saint. He is breaking God's rules. And if he tries to get congress to pass a same sex marriage bill that will be breaking the 1st amendment " Congress shall make no law respecing an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free ecercise thereof,...".Same sex marriage goes against a lot of religions cannons and people's religious values.
  • ashlyn lady_c5... 2012/05/16 15:29:15
    In what way, and please make this clear for me, does anal sex between two males or dildoing between two females establish a religion or prohibit you from exercising yours?
  • lady_c5... ashlyn 2012/05/16 15:42:31
    I was not talking of the sexual act (which should stay behind closed doors). I was talking about "same sex marriage" which goes against the Bible when it states that marriage is between man and woman. GOD established this with Adam & Eve back in the Garden of Eden. Most established religions will not violate GOD's law and the government has no right to ask them to. If homosexuals want a civil union (not marriage) that will give them the same rights as a married couple fine but how many heteral sexual couples just live together without getting married? I don't hear them complain about not having the same rights as a married couple.
  • GloriaR... lady_c5... 2012/05/16 22:33:15
    I don't think Gay marriage is a religious issue at all. It is a legal issue. I don't know how people who are religious think they have the right to decide what is or is not legal.
    Beyond that....who gave them the right to judge others? Some verse in the bible is supposed to be proof that it is against God's rules? Some things I remember is that we are not to judge, that is left to only God. God is Love. God welcomes all of his children. I pray to God that he forgives all of the haters in this world that use Him as an excuse to do it.
    The last thing is that - RELIGION WAS CREATED BY PEOPLE NOT GOD. Maybe gays know the true word of the Lord!
  • lady_c5... GloriaR... 2012/05/17 00:05:46
    The Bible is the Word of GOD and He is the final judge. Where in my statement did you come up with the idea that religious people either judge or hate gays. Yes GOD loves us all but one has to accept Jesus as his saviour and repent of their sins (even christians). Jesus told the adultress to "go and sin no more." I never said anything about judging. I only stated Marriage is for a man and a woman.
  • GloriaR... lady_c5... 2012/05/18 17:49:03
    Let me restate: this is a legal issue, not a religious one. The bible should have nothing to do with the legality of something.

    Are you saying then that gay people are sinners and need to repent to save their souls? Is that not judgmental?
  • lady_c5... GloriaR... 2012/05/19 05:45:33
    If you truely read my statement I said we are all sinners. As far as marriage religion tops legal since GOD ordained marriage before the government did. GOD over rules government any day of the week in my book.
  • GloriaR... lady_c5... 2012/06/02 15:30:35
    IN YOUR ORIGINAL STATEMENT......" And if he tries to get congress to pass a same sex marriage bill that will be breaking the 1st amendment " Congress shall make no law respecing an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free ecercise thereof,..." "
    FROM MY REPLY......Let me restate: this is a legal issue, not a religious one. The bible should have nothing to do with the legality of something.

    Whether the bible came first or not is completely irrelevant. This country is run by laws that follow what the Constitution states. Making same sex marriage illegal IS prohibiting gays from practicing their religion. If it is passed this will not interfere with established religion. They will still be able to choose whether or not they will allow it in their churches. That is what it concerns. The freedom of choice.
  • Steamtrain 2012/05/16 13:43:50
    I don't read Newsweek.
  • Harry Balzac 2012/05/16 13:36:57
    Harry Balzac
    He was abandoned by both his parents. First his father left. Then his mother dumped him on her parents to be raised. When he was young in Indonesia he was raised by a queer. What a surprise that some fag Irish drunk thinks he is the first gay president.
  • Bett17 2012/05/16 13:03:34
    Misleading I'd say. Save those words until a openly gay man is elected president. I guess will be a little while into the future...
  • Ukie 2012/05/16 12:51:27
    I don't know if the magazine went too far. What I do know is that Obama is the worst excuse for an American (p)resident in our history. He is "Limp-Wristed that's for sure!!
  • John Franceschi 2012/05/16 12:51:14
    John Franceschi
    President Obama's solution is to force ALL churches to marry gay people whether its against their religion or not. The REAL solution is to get the government out of marriage COMPLETELY.
  • Mike 2012/05/16 12:30:42
    I don't expect anything less of them.
  • BRIDGET 2012/05/16 12:21:55
  • jean 2012/05/16 11:50:20
    Yes, I think this sells magazines but in no way is this a respectable depiction of the president. As a happily married man with children at no time has anyone questioned his sexuality. This cover is outrageous! Haven't we learned to disagree with someone without then launching a personal attack? Poor cover choice to put it midly.
  • Harry B... jean 2012/05/16 13:38:40
    Harry Balzac
    It is not an attack DOPEY! They are PRAISING his political stand. You are DUMB!
  • Drake 2012/05/16 11:38:25
  • Grammar Freak 2012/05/16 08:53:11
    Grammar Freak
    James Buchanan was the first gay president.
    Had they added the word "support" somewhere in their title, it would be fine.

    His job is to protect & defend the Constitutional protections of everyone in the US, not simply those he, his party or other people agree with. This is the first time I have seen him support the Constitution since he's been in public office.
    Because marriage licenses are issued by the government, the government should not be allowed to discriminate. Churches should never be forced to perform wedding ceremonies for people they do not believe should be married. However, government cannot discriminate. They are two very separate things.

    The cover is simply lame.
    It's sad, in my opinion, that such publications stoop to such low levels to get attention by trying to shock. I find it pitiful & very telling of their character as well as that of our general society to buy into such crap.
  • Jacob Giampavlo 2012/05/16 06:12:58
    Jacob Giampavlo
    WHO CARES. Everyone needs to have equal rights. I could care less who gets married to who. What people do in their bedroom is not my business. Lets focus on stuff that should matter.
  • Grammar... Jacob G... 2012/05/16 08:32:35
    Grammar Freak
    I agree.
    In this world, where there is no end to people just looking for reasons to hate each other, when two people find love, bully for them!

    What the world needs now, is love, sweet love... it's the only thing that there's just too little of.

    I think it's better to make love than to make bombs.

    Ron Paul 2012
  • Bob DiN 2012/05/16 06:00:46
    Bob DiN
    You mean people still read Newsweek?
  • jool 2012/05/16 05:53:43
    Maybe that is why Michelle always seems so pissed off!
  • Bob DiN jool 2012/05/16 06:02:04
    Bob DiN
    Maybe she caught him with Larry Sinclair again.
  • jool Bob DiN 2012/05/16 06:09:24
    uh oh!
  • Bob DiN jool 2012/05/16 06:19:57
    Bob DiN
    You think she gave him a beating?

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