Newark Mayor Cory Booker Is Melting Guns And Turning Them Into Bracelets: Awesome or Awful?

AdriHead 2013/01/22 23:17:11
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Talk about thinking outside the box... or maybe outside the metal? Newark Mayor Cory Booker is promoting a new jewelry line called The Caliber Collection, where all pieces are made with metal that's been melted from guns seized by the Newark Police Department, as part of the city's gun buy-back program.

Booker said that a big portion of the proceeds from this collection will go toward more gun buy-backs in the city. Each bracelet has the serial number of a seized gun, along with the word "NEWARK" written on its side. Do you think melting guns into jewelry is an awesome idea -- or an awful one?

The Newark mayor is promoting a jewelry line made with melted metal from guns seized by the Newark Police Department. "The Caliber Collection.
jewelry line melted metal guns seized newark police department caliber

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  • Marianne723 2014/08/13 05:32:42
    I wonder if the people that gave up their guns was told WHY there is a buy back program. People are sooooooo naive. Let me rephrase that...people are soooooooooo STUPID.
  • kobidobidog 2014/05/15 23:53:22
    The heart needs me melted changed from being cold and hard. Stone cold hearts kill . A person does not need a gun to kill. Guns are not the problem. Peoiple refusing to see Jesus in another person is the problem. Religious people refusing to see who Jesus was is the same problem. That is why they did what they did. Had they have a gun they would have hired a person to shoot Jesus instead of hiring a person to arrest Jesus.
  • ur XLNC-PWCM 2013/09/02 01:21:46
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    This so incredibly STUPID as to not even warrant discussion. This is yet another politician pandering.
  • Lynn DC 2013/03/06 15:55:43
    Lynn DC
    It's just more divide and conquer... You bring your bracelet and I'll bring my gun... civil war take 2.
  • gary.heil.399 2013/02/05 18:40:36
  • ᗩda 乂 2013/02/01 12:05:07
    ᗩda 乂
    So I'll be able to shoot people with my bracelet.
    Sounds cool to me all a bit James Bond.乂°‿^乂
  • Margaret 2013/01/30 23:44:01
    What a political play this is. Those guns he took from law abiding citizens(we know no nut job or criminal turned theirs in) could save a life. Now these nice folks are defenseless. What's the crime rate in his city anyway? Is it really that safe that these folks don't need protection any longer?
  • LMA 2013/01/30 18:57:14
    I don't think steel makes very good jewelry. In fact steel is used to refine gold, and lead.
  • MyKinKStar LMA 2014/05/16 02:52:31
    There are actually many steel jewelry lines now and it's quite popular. It wears well, with a look somewhere between platinum and silver, it's not very expensive and doesn't tarnish. It also comes in colors, from black to blue or yellow. The links show offerings from the home shopping channels, HSN and QVC so you can see for yourself: http://www.hsn.com/shop/state...
  • elijahin24 2013/01/29 20:35:32
    Let the gun-cultists cry.
  • Rosalie 2013/01/28 01:49:58
    I like that!!!
  • nickthestick 2013/01/28 00:49:48
    just adding salt to the wound, and alot of salt
  • JayRevolution 2013/01/28 00:05:29
    See you Conservatives, now you can keep your guns.
  • andrew.wilson.123276 2013/01/27 21:33:30
    This is just cuz the bracelets look like ass
  • JET 2013/01/27 16:51:32
    Typical, what a waste of a firearm. Of course these are probably guns from a gun buy back program at 400% above their value.
  • elijahin24 JET 2013/01/29 20:36:35
    I think guns are a waste of metal, and lives. So I love it.
  • JET elijahin24 2013/02/02 17:10:41
    Have a nice life, I just hope for your sake that no one ever violates your beliefs and uses a gun to save your life. If you survived the attack, you would probably sue the law enforcement officer of citizen that did. Judging from your attitude, keep rallying for others to lose the rights they cherish and someday you'll cry on deaf ears when you start losing your own rights. I guess people like you really do need the nanny state because you just don't have the intestinal fortitude to support yourself.
  • elijahin24 JET 2013/02/02 19:19:26
    Well, not surprisingly, you're completely distorting my position; but I don't care. I've long since stopped expecting zealots to consider logic and reason.
  • JET elijahin24 2013/02/03 17:15:09
    You have no logic, just enjoy being the liberal that you are and continue to deny rights to others as long as you have your way. That's the spoiled child mentality just like your fearless leader, obama.
  • elijahin24 JET 2013/02/03 20:43:09
    Of course you don't think I have any logic. You don't recognize logic. You've probably never experienced it.
  • JET elijahin24 2013/02/10 17:23:19
    Thank you, spoken like a true liberal. Enjoy your eroding rights as long as you have them. They won't last long in liberalland.
  • elijahin24 JET 2013/02/10 19:52:30
    They never existed in conservativeland, so I'll take my chances.
  • JET elijahin24 2013/02/24 16:03:25
    Good luck, you'll need it.
  • Rj Thib... elijahin24 2013/04/17 17:05:25
    Rj Thibodeaux
    I guess same thing can be said for "Zombie koolaid drinkers" huh?
  • elijahin24 Rj Thib... 2013/04/30 15:34:37
    Same thing. Both are true of Jet.
  • Dave 007 2013/01/27 12:33:25
    Dave 007
    These guns were owned by the bad guys. So someone would want to wear jewelry that murdered a person?
  • FlyGalsMom 2013/01/27 09:29:11
    The site Etsy (spelling?) makes jewelry~rings~ earrings and necklaces out of bullets~
  • Job 2013/01/27 00:30:08
    If the Nework Mayor wants to turn his gun and all the guns belonging to his security guards and police force into jewelry, -that's pretty awesome!!!!!! I would like a grandstand seat watching them capturing all their crooks and felons with a braclet around their wrists while the crooks have a gun. This would make great Saturday Night Live, TV.
    For me, personally, it would be pretty awful. I want to be able to defend my family, friends, myself and my property with a REAL gun. I got enough brains to know a littte bracelet will not do it.
  • elijahin24 Job 2013/01/29 20:38:03
    Have you ever had to kill in defense of your family, friends or self?
  • lena 2013/01/26 22:45:49
    and I don't like how lately we've seen celebrities wearing gun charms on their necklaces either...
  • ShadowKat 2013/01/26 20:00:08
    If he took my gun and turned it into a bracelet, I would cry. Literally, just sit down, and cry.
  • happyman 2013/01/26 17:41:42
    At least we know these bracelets will never kill anyone, and by the way the public sold their guns to someone that had a background check and passed. The criminals don't have them either.
  • charles nelson 2013/01/26 16:55:14
    charles nelson
    any call for plowshares
  • codie.paul 2013/01/26 16:12:32 (edited)
    Well what a close poll. I think they look really nice. I do think the prices are a bit too high though. But the idea is a good one. Its a good and interesting way to show your support for murder victims and your stand against gun violence. This should be a big seller. And i dont see at all how they are ugly. Some people are just stupid. Like saying bad things about Jesus. There are consequences. But seriously enough with the hatin and stupid irrelevant comments.
  • MeiLin 2013/01/26 14:49:53
    Up next: Swords into plowshares.
  • sabretruthtiger 2013/01/26 13:18:29
    Sigh. Here's where it's really at. The whole gun debate is orchestrated by the globalists by staging all these shooting sprees and pushing for disarmament through their whorish mainstream media. It's all about disarming the population in preparation for pushing through their Orwellian world government and implementing draconian martial law and reducing population through war, engineered starvation, viruses and executions.

    Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao all diarmed the populations before murdering millions, disarmament always precedes genocide and tyranny. These low IQ, moronic, weak, gutless, sycophantic simpering whorish liberal pieces of sewerage jumping on the disarmament bandwagon have no logic to their arguments.

    The logic is simple,gun laws are laws, criminals don't obey laws therefore it serves only to disarm innocent civilians. Criminals are left to wreak havoc, that includes the biggest and most dangerous gang, the government..

    The kind of people supporting disarmament are the same idiotic useless eaters that don't realise that 911 was a controlled demolition, the same morons that believe in man made global warming despite all the science showing it to be a scam.
    These people should be shot in the stomach.
  • Silverl... sabretr... 2013/01/27 03:40:00
    *Sigh* Here's where it's really, really at. The gun "debate" is orchestrated by the US arms manufacturing industry. They just want to make another $6 billion this year too.

    "... should be shot in the stomach" Lordy, lordy.
  • Mark 2013/01/26 12:46:13
    Neat idea.
  • Transquesta 2013/01/26 08:19:45
    Here's hoping he'd have enough theoretical bracelets to throw at the hypothetical intruder who happens to break into his metaphorical house.
  • Jaiheena Star 2013/01/26 08:17:38
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