New Mexico Teen Shoots 5, including 3 Kids, while GOP Senator Says Gun Safety Not a Major Issue

ProudProgressive 2013/01/21 14:41:51
As the national debate on gun safety goes on, it seems that the Right Wing still has not gotten the message. They blame video games. They blame television. They blame an imperfect mental health system. They blame foreign gangs. They blame everything except the obvious - GUNS. How many more children need to get shot before the Right Wing realizes that, while all of the above factors are relevant and should not be ignored, the main problem we face in this country is too many guns and too little concern about what they can do.

Article excerpt follows:

A NM Teen Shoots 5, including 3 Kids, while GOP Senator Say Gun Safety Not a Major Issue
By: Jason Easley
Jan. 20th, 2013

On the same day it was reported that a New Mexico teenager shot and killed 5 people including 3 children, Republican Sen. John Barrasso said on CNN that gun safety isn't a ‘major issue.'

Transcript from CNN State of the Union:

CROWLEY: So, what big things? What big thing is going to get done?

BARRASSO: Specifically, have to deal with the debt, we're at $16 trillion. You want to continue with the social safety net: the good, the bad and the ugly parts of that, you have to have a vibrant economy. You have to have growth of the economy. But I need to see policies that will actually do that. We don't see them now.

CROWLEY: I spoke with David Plouffe in the segment before this. And he said that he is confident that there are enough votes in the House. And there are there requisite 60 votes in the Senate to pass universal background checks for gun owners and limiting the clips, those high- capacity magazine clips that I can fire of so many rounds to 10 and under. Do you think that's so? Do you think congress would pass a ban on those clips with ten or over and a universal background check is that going to happen?

BARRASSO: No, I don't think it will. And Candy, that gets beside the major issues this face American families which are jobs and the economy…

Meanwhile, it was reported today a New Mexico teen shot and killed 2 adults and children in a house outside of Albuquerque late Saturday night local time. Details are still being put together, but have authorities said that, "Each victim had been shot multiple times. Several guns were found inside the home, including a "military-style" rifle he said had been used in the crime."

This disconnect between these two events demonstrates just how far out of touch with reality, some Republicans are on the issue of guns. While Barrasso was repeating his rehash of Mitt Romney's failed talking point that the only thing the American people care about is the economy, three more children were killed in a mass shooting.

Sen. Barrasso is in for some bad news if he thinks this issue is going to blow over. Republicans can cling to their NRA talking points, but the mood of the country is the polar opposite of where the NRA is at. Republicans have been out of touch with rest of the country for years, but their opposition to common sense gun reforms could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Whether the question is fair or not, Republicans are going to soon start being asked, how many children are going to have to die before you take this issue seriously?

Read More: http://www.politicususa.com/nm-teen-shoots-5-inclu...

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  • Super ludum 2013/01/22 23:01:15
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/21 21:41:23
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Maybe the Democrats should ask why it is THEIR children doing the shooting?
  • dave b 2013/01/21 19:53:51 (edited)
    dave b
    I would bet that this kid was on anti-depressants, which seem to be a common thread with these shooters/killers. Is the government looking at that? No. Why? Because all they care about is guns.
  • Magus BN-0 dave b 2013/01/21 21:08:45
    Magus BN-0
    I would bet that the family this psycho kid murdered was his own.
  • patrick... Magus BN-0 2013/01/22 13:25:06
    If it was his own family, I read a study saying that when kids killed their parents in 9 times out of 10, the kids where victims of abuse. Anyway that kind of killing is not supposed to happen in healthy families.
  • rustyshackelford 2013/01/21 19:30:13
  • lee 2013/01/21 19:17:06
    god is a democrat... i'm sure of it.
  • patrick... lee 2013/01/22 13:25:45
    No, no. He his a mass killer. Remember the flood ?
  • tdterry1999 2013/01/21 19:09:25
    I sit my gun on the table.Ready to fire.I walk by it every day,It must like me.It has never took a shot at me.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/21 19:22:25
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/21 20:36:30
    Nope .And the gun still hasn't shot at me.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/21 21:57:27

  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/22 11:31:49 (edited)
    You need to worry about old lee and let me worry about me.And if someone breaks into my house they will not make to my gun.But what happens after that is not going to be pretty.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/22 17:58:29
    delusions of grandure.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/22 19:12:29
    Not me.Maybe my three dogs.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/22 19:14:36
    so you do have a dog...

    tisk tisk

    poor things, they have no idea what danger they are in.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/22 19:27:18
    I see you can't read very well.I have three dogs.My gun likes them also .It has never tried to shoot them.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/22 20:20:08
    i hope it stays that way... only for their sake.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/22 23:03:25
    you are too funny.You really think a gun will shoot someone all on it's own.Get Help.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/22 23:56:11
    they have been known to discharge when dropped from table height.

    one of your dogs could knock over a table when you are not looking at them...

    or are you going to tell me you have COMPLETE control of them like you think you over you premises?
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/23 00:48:28
    The bottom line is ,you nor the democrats can tell me how to run my house[you might think that] So where I put my guns is my business not yours,you are assuming that the safety is off,that it has a round in the chamber.That the dogs are allowed in the room where the gun is.So until you know all the facts ,keep the letcure's to yourself.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/23 01:21:56
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/23 02:43:50
    Unlike you .I have more than one room.I do not let the dogs go in every room.I said
    I sit my gun on the table.Ready to fire.I walk by it every day.
    Now show me where I said
    you gun is always "with in reach" and "loaded and ready to fire"
    Liberals are funny when they try to make you think they know everything.Just goes to show ,they don't have a clue.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/23 17:51:47
    you just said it AGAIN.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/23 17:55:29 (edited)
    As is evey gun.Unless we do like liberals want's us to do.break them down and Put them in a safe ,Which would make them as useless as a democrat.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/23 20:04:03
    also safer.

    what have you done to ppl to make you so afraid they are coming to get you?

    just curious.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/23 21:33:32
    You don't need to know that.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/23 22:58:36
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/24 11:03:48
    How freaking stupid are you.
  • lee tdterry... 2013/01/24 18:42:48
    i've been wondering the same thing about you.
  • tdterry... lee 2013/01/24 18:54:39
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2013/01/21 18:53:12
    This happened on Gun Appreciation Day and the kid used his father's improperly secured AR-15.

    Sad but poetic.
  • Texas Johnny 2013/01/21 18:39:48 (edited)
    Texas Johnny
    The facts are not all in, but I see you have played Judge and Jury before. What other guns were used? FBI stats prove long arms(rifles/shotguns) are used in only 3% of all firearm murders! Shotguns, hunting rifles, pistols? How many rounds from each weapon was fired?

    My daughters never knew I had guns in the house until they were 15! They are 18/19 now. They understand what firearms are and what their capacities are. They also know that in war, you may have to kill to survive in battle but it is a sick person that purposely kills another person outside the confines of war or self defense . What were the family dynamics that may have led to this tragedy? Abuse?, Drug Use?, Were these kids exposed to firearms in a positive way? I don't know and neither do you! Was the shooter on anti-depressants? All you got is that the accused used a .223 rifle with some cosmetic changes and no clue in the article as to the size of the magazine or how many rounds came from the weapon in question.

    May I direct your attention to these articles and see if your argument holds water. http://www.mikehuckabee.com/m...
  • lee Texas J... 2013/01/21 19:23:12
  • Texas J... lee 2013/01/21 20:13:42
    Texas Johnny
    Are you implying I have no credibility to speak my mind or the authors of the articles have no credibility? Either way , you are sadly mistaken and may I suggest a good long walk off a short pier to clear your head.
  • lee Texas J... 2013/01/21 21:58:21
    your's is questionable, but the sources you cited are absolutely worthless.
  • Texas J... lee 2013/01/22 22:20:50
    Texas Johnny
    And so is your opinion!
  • lee Texas J... 2013/01/22 22:25:00
    its worth more than huckelberries.
  • patrick... lee 2013/01/22 13:30:12
    With your answer, it's rather you being not credible. I would have expected a better constructed answer. Not just immature affirmations.
  • lee patrick... 2013/01/22 17:59:33 (edited)

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