Arizona1950 2012/03/31 03:58:51

Little by little the subtle changes come until one day, and in the not too distant future, you will wake up to the United Socialist States of America

Do you really think you can defend your position of voting the DEM/GOP Progressive Party again which in essence is a vote against the Constitution, Fiscal Conservatism, and Personal Responsibility …

Which direction are you wishing America to move towards when you attack the only candidate who is standing up for the Constitution? Do you really think giving the One-Party System another chance is going to set things right?

Do you really think there will be a strong constitutionalist and fiscal conservative waiting in the wings for 2016 when you find things remained the same or became worse? Do you really think the Constitution can hold up under the abuse until then?

What will it take for you to realize that following the status quo (Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich) will only continue to condemn America? I fear it will be too late for this generation, my child’s, and in all likelihood my grandchild's as well by the time you all figure it out and/or wake up.

Perhaps when all the crosses are gone, riot gear is a daily standard for police, we have but the very slightest of freedoms, or when you have to line up for your weekly food ration will you stop walking around with eyes wide shut. Then will you finally learn when it comes to it really being all about you, and the only time it is all about you, is when it comes time for your vote.

So I ask, “Why you are so willing to give the DEM/GOP Progressive Party another chance?” November is just around the corner stay engaged and look at what is happening around you and to our Nation as the DEM/GOP Progressive Party moves forward. Pay attention! And do so as if your life and the future of America depends on it … because it does!!!!!

Vote Smart, Vote Proud, Vote the Constitution.

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  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/06/26 14:50:13
    Do you even know where Neo-Conservatism is on the Political Spectrum?

    Neo-Conservatism is far right of center - just left of Fascism.

    So you're a Neo-Con then? Well Sieg Freakin Heil to you! At least you'll get the trains to run on time.
  • Arizona... FAWKES'... 2012/06/27 01:20:58
    A neo-con is the new name or another name for RINO ... you should love them!
  • Stoney 2012/03/31 23:31:30
    I Vote ONLY...................
    Ron Paul
  • doc moto 2012/03/31 20:26:25
  • Arizona... doc moto 2012/03/31 20:44:22
    I like this one too ...
  • doc moto Arizona... 2012/03/31 22:08:11 (edited)
    doc moto
    I am going to toss that one out as music, with your permission!

    Good music too!
  • Arizona... doc moto 2012/04/01 04:00:42
    pass is around as many times as you like. :-)
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/03/31 17:00:22
    I appreciate those fine sentiments. Now if one of you would tell me just how confident Dr. Paul is of stopping the convention from getting to the first ballot, and of where he can go from there, I'd appreciate it. Is he still in this race? And I mean ALL in?
  • Arizona... Temlako... 2012/03/31 17:09:44 (edited)
    Why not get behind the Constitution and do so loud and clear so that the media and the voter fraud being perpetrated against the American people can no longer be ignored!!!

    Stand up for the Constitution or continue on your knees ... your choice!

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny"

  • Arizona... Arizona... 2012/03/31 17:10:27
  • Temlako... Arizona... 2012/03/31 17:56:03
    Like I said: I appreciate the sentiments.

    I'm sure you know that I have one, and only one, quarrel with your candidate. You see, someone who used to work for him, caught a hint of anti-Israel feeling from him.

    I need to know that, if he feels that the Constitution does not even allow him to ASK for a declaration of war, then he'll let those of us who want to, buy our plane tickets over there when, as, and if Israel calls for volunteers, as she did in '48.
  • Arizona... Temlako... 2012/03/31 20:19:49 (edited)
    You seemed to have misunderstood ... My intention is If people started uniting and letting the DEM/GOP Progressive Party know loud and clear that we are not going to lie down any longer there is little doubt that he will indeed move forward. As long as we have the Neo-Con voting against the Constitution the DEM/GOP Progressive Party, the status quo, wins yet again as they have been for the last 70 years.
  • Temlako... Arizona... 2012/04/01 01:11:33
    Oh, I understood, all right. And I want better candidates, too.

    For what this is worth, something fell into my lap--a new book that lays out some bang-up perspective on the Middle East. Suddenly your favorite candidate doesn't look so bad, after all.

    Because he would yank the rug out from under the UN alphabet soup that has been giving certain people a whole bunch of excuses not to settle their differences. And I do NOT mean the Republic of Israel.
  • Arizona... Temlako... 2012/04/01 04:07:22 (edited)
    Keep listening please. :-)

    Added: ... and reading.
  • Temlako... Arizona... 2012/04/02 00:22:56
    Here's my review of that new book I told you about:

  • Arizona... Temlako... 2012/04/02 01:14:21
    "It pleads the case for Israel, ... it warns that the attacks on Israel are part of a larger war against all of Western civilization. That is only a propaganda war today, but could break out into a shooting war any time. Israelis know this already. Americans, Britons, Frenchmen, and other citizens and subjects of Western republics (or constitutional monarchies) do not."

    Sounds to me like we should start taking care of our own and to do so there is no doubt in my mind we need a strong national defense and we need to keep our guns ... no doubt in my mind Israel is.
  • Temlako... Arizona... 2012/04/02 01:34:48
    Thanks for visiting.
  • Arizona... Temlako... 2012/04/02 01:35:44 (edited)
    ... okay. Thank you for the link. At least the author is more truthful than the majority of the candidates running ... he at least admits "it could break out into a shooting war at any time" ... everyone else but one say its a given and within the immediate future.
  • BlueRepublican 2012/03/31 16:22:13
    My friend, thank you. Keep getting the word out. These "old guard" republicans gotta go!
    How long are we going to tolerate these old geezers like McCain? Why is Rush Limbaugh still on air?
    Us young Republicans can't wait for you old, big spending, unconstitutional, big govt, gun-ho, childish neo-cons to GET OUT of the WAY!!
  • holly g... BlueRep... 2012/04/01 01:59:33
  • MichaelDillon 2012/03/31 15:49:21
    Dr. Paul RX for America. ron paul
  • Arizona... Michael... 2012/03/31 15:53:15
    He is our last link to the Constitution ... by 2016 it will be so abused if will no longer be recognizable.

  • 9th of 9 2012/03/31 13:19:44
    9th of 9
    Click the pic and see where you really are. 80% of you might want to turn around.

    the real political spectrum
  • Beat Ma... 9th of 9 2012/03/31 13:36:45
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    That just about sums it up. I'd say we've bee well into the Oligarchy stage for a while, and now it's rearing it's ugly head.
  • 9th of 9 Beat Ma... 2012/03/31 14:16:40
    9th of 9
    Natural progression into tyranny.
  • Arizona... 9th of 9 2012/03/31 14:41:45
    I will continue to stand ... I will not go silently into the Monarchy of the DEM/GOP Progressive Party.
  • 9th of 9 Arizona... 2012/03/31 14:45:36
  • Arizona... 9th of 9 2012/03/31 14:48:44
    :-) ...

  • Arizona... 9th of 9 2012/03/31 15:40:56
  • holly g... Arizona... 2012/04/01 02:02:54
    holly go lightly
    And I will not go either
  • Arizona... Beat Ma... 2012/03/31 14:40:41
    We are at our last stand ... looking at the graph above, we can keep going left into Monarchy or we take a sharp turn right towards the Constitution.

    We can't wait any longer. I doubt there will be anything left of it come 2016 if we turn our backs on it come November.
  • holly g... Beat Ma... 2012/04/01 02:02:06
    holly go lightly
    Long time and it is looking grim.
  • holly g... 9th of 9 2012/04/01 02:01:10
    holly go lightly
    That is some sad info.
  • 9th of 9 holly g... 2012/04/01 13:32:08
    9th of 9
    Indeed. But that is the natural flow.
  • Radical 1s1am1st 2012/03/31 09:14:03
    Radical 1s1am1st
    Vote Smart, Vote Proud, Vote the Constitution, Vote for Bill Maher in 2012.
    bill maher 2012
  • Arizona... Radical... 2012/03/31 13:36:54
  • Arizona... Arizona... 2012/03/31 15:43:59
  • Freedom... Arizona... 2012/03/31 22:17:18
    Freedom Mom
    Thank you dear friend.
  • holly g... Radical... 2012/04/01 02:04:49
  • Rodney 2012/03/31 05:31:55
    In as much as the position of President is hardly as important as Congress who makes, passes and spends revenue, it is far more important to see to it that we all support and campaign for the best, most conservative candidates for the House and Senate seats our states have to offer. Screw the presidency, it is just a popularity contest. A strong leader is needed, but if we have strong conservatives in both Houses then we can lead the president to where he needs to be led.

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