Nelson Tsosie falls to his death?

Sami 2010/04/23 18:02:14
I was pretty shocked when i found out Nelson Tsosie died. My brothers friend told me since he lives in the Navajo Nation. After a few days people started to say 'someone' pushed him off but so far no ones if its true.
Nelson Tsosie, a two-time Indian National Finals Rodeo bareback world champion, International Indian Finals Rodeo world champion, and the Navajo Nation's very own Toughest Cowboy Champion, died April 10 in Sanostee, N.M.
He was 23.
Brenda Charley, Tsosie's older sister, said her brother slipped or fell from a mesa, falling about 100 feet to his death Saturday night. She said she wasn't sure if alcohol was involved.
As of Monday afternoon the incident was still under investigation by the FBI.
Charley said Tsosie went into Farmington Friday morning to run errands but never returned home, and was said to have visited a friend in Sanostee on Saturday.
Charley said the family was shocked that Tsosie, the second oldest child, had suffered such a death at a young age.
"The family, we're holding up. My mom is taking it hard and my dad ... we're all hurting but we're just trying not to show it," Charley said. "We just still can't believe it. He was just so young, his birthday was coming up on Saturday, the 17th, he was going to be 24. He will be missed; we'll always love him and we'll always remember him."
Nelson was best known for being the first Native American and Navajo in the Professional Bull Riding's Toughest Cowboy televised tour, where 12 bronc and bull riders compete to be named the Toughest Cowboy Champion. Tsosie competed for three years.
In 2005, at the age of 19, he won his first world title as the International Indian Finals Rodeo bareback champion. In 2007 he won the Toughest Cowboy title and also his first bareback championship in the Indian National Finals Rodeo.
In 2008, he won the INFR title for the second year in a row.
Nelson grew up in Burnham, N.M., but attended Newcomb Middle School and Farmington High School where he graduated in 2005.
He started training horses when he was about 13 and continued until his death.
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  • Gun665 2010/04/23 18:33:10
  • Sami Gun665 2010/04/23 18:35:51
    Saddly i've seen him only one time but my bro pretty much see him ride.
  • Natalie 2010/04/23 18:16:10
    omg he died. i'm tell my granpa he loves that guy. i hardly knew anyhing about him
  • Sami Natalie 2010/04/23 18:17:00
    I know i found out just yesturday!!
  • Natalie Sami 2010/04/23 18:20:24
    lol. hi btw, i dont say much to you these days or at all lol. HI SAMIII lmao. sorry im just hyper! =]
  • Sami Natalie 2010/04/23 18:22:31
    lol Its okay!!! I pretty much don't talk to people all that much! So are you still in London????
  • Natalie Sami 2010/04/23 18:29:07
    yup, i was meant to leAve like on monday or smething, but did you hear about that black smoke from an eruption or something so i guess i got an extra week here (not yay cuz i had enough of this place) but ill maybe be in Cali by sunday! WOOO
  • Sami Natalie 2010/04/23 18:31:49
    Yes i have heard of it and it grounded all the flights in Europe but so far they;re letting some planes fly again. As for me i would love to visite London and be out of skol!!!
  • Natalie Sami 2010/04/23 18:35:29
    true say. the people hear are great and that theyre really nice and everything and they actually dont have yellow teeth like on TV lol... but no offence to the british out their but i find the people kinda boring. i mean everyone is like at home alll the time,
  • Sami Natalie 2010/04/23 18:37:54
    Well isn't it lyk a crowded place with not much big open space?
  • Natalie Sami 2010/04/23 18:45:57
    its not that crowded but theres not much open space either. bout OMG THE CITY IS FULL OF PEOPLE!
  • Sami Natalie 2010/04/23 19:50:50
    I can believe that lol

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